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The Intruders of Hawaii Motorcycle Club is an island wide club open to all riders and all types of motorcycles.

Our Club does not discriminate against any member and/or applicant based on age, ancestry, arrest and court record, disability, handicap status,

national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The Club is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and pleasurable environment for all of its members.

Our Club is also dedicated to operating in a manner which does not jeopardize the lives or property of the general public. Therefore individuals who use

controlled substances, or alcohol, engage in illegal activities and unsafe practices at Club rides and/or activities are not tolerated.

Our Club strives to be a “Brotherhood & Sisterhood” of bikers that take the motto of “Ride with Pride” to heart. As a member you would be welcomed into

a family oriented atmosphere, with a variety of individuals of various professions and positions within the community at large. We are supportive of our other

Island Clubs and hope that your affiliation with our organization will not be a once in a while deal. The Club would like to see you relentlessly go the extra mile

for your fellow bikers and causes we support.

If you are interested in learning more about the Intruders of Hawaii you may contact our President at INTRUDERS OF HAWAII also visit our flickr – Photo Album










Also visit our flickr – Photo Album


SUNDAY JULY 30, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

What a great summer day in Hawaii Nei!

In the circle today was da v/p Kimo, Marc, Red, Dman and Kanuk. After some alohas and a prayer, off we go ! We head the South side bound. Red explained he would be peeling off from Hawaii Kai as we continue to our first stop in Waimanalo! It looks to be one hot day as we run into the Hui Makai club as we pulled into Jack n the Box. We talked story,  catching up on news. After our little break only 3 of of us going around as we head out continuing on to Kaneohe and into Temple Valley, next stop Kaawa 7-11 for hydration stop and bathroom. After we arrived, I went for water with Ray H. and Kanuk stayed by the bikes visiting. After that quick break we are ready to roll. I asked for any lunch votes so off we go. Since no one had any lunch suggestions, I pulled into Turtle Bay! Easy Peary, had a great lunch the 3 of us then time to ride! Next stop Haleiwa, another 7-11 for gas stop and last leg of ride! Traffic was a little crazy as tourists and locals wanted to check out the darn turtles causing bit of bottle necking and what not but we managed to get passed them and the surf spots without melting from the heat and sun. And finally into Haleiwa we roared… pulled in, went to the side as no need gas… Ok everybody ready, Varoomba as we head Snake road bound, what a nice day!! Mahalo to you all. Those who read the bio thanks for your patience for the last couple months but we should now be current! Until next week, check your bikes before Sunday ride. Be well and God Bless! Mahalo and Aloha, da V/P Kimo


SUNDAY JULY 23, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

What a beautiful day to ride! This morning in the circle, me da V/P Kimo, Genny, Kabul, Marc, Red and Henry. After. Greetings and visiting, the ride chosen, We headed north shore bound by way of Kunia. We headed into Haleiwa for a coffee stop. The traffic was mild as we entered the North Shore. After a quick stop we then headed to Ted’s Bakery for our coffee fix. We talked story, grabbed our snacks the we’re off. Next stop after Sunset Texaco was lunch at Times in Kaneohe. Everyone had some lunch an cooled of Another good day with 4 going H3 West, 1 going the Pali. Mahalo for everyone who came out today to ride.

Just a note: A few of us from our Intruder Club and a few other Clubs and a whole lot of other folks helped us to spread our dear friend Ronald Spencer Sr.’s ashes at Kai aka, S. Cove Park. We gave him an honor guard ride to Laos n back, then flowers and ashes were spread, our good friend on Gods Squad!  God Bless Henry and his Mom and family, we love you and yours braddah! Get well soon!

No big island trip reservations for 2017. Please support your local Intruders! New riders prospects freeze over! Contact the v/p or any officer for more info! Aloha da v/p Kimo


SUNDAY JULY 16, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

It was a “Crazy day in Hawaii Nei”! While it was beautiful on our side, I received reports of downpours in town but we headed to our Intruder meeting place anyway. Marc, our Road Guard Captain was having problems with his bike at the gas station off Booth Road. Today at the spot was me the V/P, Genny, Ray H., Kanuk and Henry. The Mo’Opuna’s annual Bike Blessing is today at the F.R.A. while the Pacific Knights are having their School Supply Drive at the same time. After hearing from Marc who let us know he was having his bike towed home so we headed out to the event. It was a very good turn out! We got signed in and found that it was a Q & A mystery ride till the blessing started. We took off heading for the spots to get our answers for the sheet. It was crazy and Henry and I went off the route twice. We then got headed to Kakaaka  but looking at our time, it was almost 11:00  so I told Henry we needed to head back so we can get a good parking spot for the blessing n festivities. Lunch was bbq short ribs, rice and corn with refreshing bottled water, yum! Marc had showed in his 4 wheels to deliver his school supplies as he got his wristband yesterday! Hot hot hot! Jus as we got our food the kahu started the blessing so we went to our bikes for the ceremony. It is another year as we all stand together no matter who, shoulder shoulder and receive our blessings for this year! Met a cool guy “Eric”, who road a real nice soft tail deluxe with flames n tiki graphics. Even tho there was only 2 of us Intruders there, we represented our club and our patch that has been around a long time! Hear! Hear! Intruders! Mahalo everyone who keeps the faith going every week that’s you! Mahalo and Aloha Da V/P Kimo



SUNDAY  JULY 9, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Today in da circle were yours truly, your V/P, Marc, Ray, Genny & Kanuk. What a beautiful day to ride, hot but nice! We road south side and stopped by Diamond Head lookout. I had stepped in a big pile of gum and got it all over my right side, what a mess. Amy pulled up n we all talked story for a little bit then it was “varoom” and we’re off. Waimanalo was our next stop, it was smooth sailing. After some more talking story and snacks at the girls opted out and headed to H-3. Marc, Ray and I headed for Kahuku. Shizam, it’s 90 degrees and HOT! Got to Kahuku, ice coffee time! Next stop Haleiwa 76, once there the guys were reving and opted out of lunch. So we high tailed it up snake road, waved at the bikes at Kemoo Farms and divided at the H-1. Aloha my braddas! Want to send out special prayers to my friend Spencer Sr. who passed on July 3rd. Prayers going out to his Ohana! He loved us too! Mahalo for all who came out to ride. Don’t know where everyone was but Sunday is our ride time. I hope to see ya next week! Next week is the bike blessing so try to attend. Mahalo n aloha V/P Kimo


SUNDAY JUNE 25, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! In the circle today were da v/p Kimo, Genny, Marc and Red. After a little morning greetings and a prayer we headed to the freeway H-3 bound to the windward side, heading to the north shore way, it was a beautiful day indeed! Summer is here. We rode like the wind, Genny on the dyna for the first time around the boot.  After shooting out the tunnel and making our way Koolau ranch Chinaman’s hat park we pulled in for a manizzle, then off again we flew like the wind made it to Kaaawa 711, took water break, Marc and Red turning around family things to do, Gen and I continued all the way home! Mahalo to you my friends who always come out to ride! Until next week god bless! Aloha da v/p Kimosabe


SUNDAY JUNE 11, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Another beautiful day in Hawaii nei! This morning’s ride was a little different we were meeting in Kapolei to meet up with the Koa Punas and other clubs gathered to do “Tigers” run! As Genny and I merged from Mililani freeway to H1 Waianae bound I saw Intruder colors ahead so we sped up and joined 3 of our riders so 5 of us so far first stop gas station Kapolei, then we headed to Cinemax movies theater parking lot a lot of clubs in each row as we rolled up and parked next to reds bike he walked up same time Pacific Knights next to us, alohas people cruzin all around greetings of aloha n what nots the run sheet was lagoon park, Kapiolani college Diamondhead, Waimanalo beach park, we cruised all the way to Hawaii kai marina, gas pulled in for a drink, rest of the riders wanted to peel out so end of ride for some’ Gen and I continued to the party, it was a good time for everyone especially Tiger. We left the park shortly after tiger got there, we had another stop up the road to attend. Mahalo for everyone who came out to play Da v/p Kimo, Genny, Marc, Red, Henry, and Barbra….until next week stay safe! Check your bikes, its summertime! Mahalo for today! Alii’s steak Fry next week see ya at Zippy’s! Aloha da v/p Kimo p.s. Aloha to our Prez & first Lady traveling in da Americas! Aloha oi!



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! Today is the S.B.U. fund raiser n poker run. Da Prez wanted us to show up early.

When we arrived, he and all the crews had it going on, everything was set, the poker sheets were going out tents going

up for the food, the bar inside was busy, the Prez told us Intruders do the run enjoy the party if he need us he know where to find us.

The day was great, good weather for the ride, a lot of friends, music, food, good fun mahalo Prez!

The SBU board all that helped makes the event smoother n fun!

Please tell all members next week we are meeting at Kapolei theater parking lot next to

K-Mart 09:30am, bikes roll out at 10 to Waimanalo beach park, should be big train! Anyway all mahalo so much!

Prez and Sparky for all you do for all of us! Please have a wonderful vacation! In da Americas, will keep the tribe riding like the wind!

So from the circle today Da Prez & Sparky, da v/p Kimo,Genny, Henry, Marc, Kipp & guest riders Mike & Micki be safe, and God Bless !

See ya next week in Kapolei! Mahalo & Aloha da v/p Kimo


SUNDAY MAY 28, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! A salute to all our armed forces and all branches of island police forces that have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms!

God Bless Them all! In the circle this morning was da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Genny, Marc, Red, & Ben. God bless the dayz riders on the island and away we went to

H-1 to H-3 to the other side of paradise …nice day we rolled all the way to Hauula 7-11 took a break,  Back on the road we rode to Teds’s Bakery and regrouped.

Next jump was to Haleiwa 76, little gas n lunch stop was hailed at killer tacos, little kaukau all good we all jumped back on the road headed for

  snake road  zoomba zoomba we flew zoomba zoomba, passed Kemoo farms schofield barracks then off we peeled intruders to the right ,

intruders to the left, aloha oi! Mahalo for all of you who came to ride today! Until next week, we meet at FRA early to help set up for poker run…be well,

GOD bless. aloha da v/p Kimo


SUNDAY MAY 21, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Haouli la Hanau Happy Birthday Prez! Beautiful morning 😊in the circle today were Da Prez & Sparky, v/p Kimo, Genny, Red, Marc, Henry, RayH, Ben, Barbra,


guest riders Ms Andie, Hotcakes and Mike. Aurighttt today is the “ride for the fallen” put on by the “Iron circle” so first stop will be at the

Iolani Palace were we can meet up with all the other clubs, after a blessing for us n da island awayyyyy we go!

Pulled up to the palace a lot of bikes were parked all over, we parked, people shaking hands shoulder taps and alohas, we got checked in for the run,


we opted out of the first stop at platinum bar, too many bikes small place so we continue south went thru Waikiki,

Diamondhead, Kahala, Aina Hina, Hawaii Kai, Portlock, and thru the canyons n ocean cliffs just beautiful day!


Emergency vehicles at baby Makapu going on we made it to our spot at Waimanalo center, took a break then made way to the next stop of the run,

we made way to H-3 and headed to FRA pulled another card, then off to Cycle City Harley last stop Montgomery Motors, Stafford’s on vacation,

but the place was rocking! Music, bikes, food n fun great end to the ride mahalo for all who came out to ride today!

Remember parade ride next Saturday in Waikiki, be at Saratoga 5:15pm by post office, check your bikes out, so you can ride safely!

Until next week be safe n” ride into the wind” da v/p Kimosabe!


SUNDAY MAY 14, 2017

Aloha it’s Intruder Sunday!

It was a very small circle today consisting of Genny, Ben the Professor and V.P. Kimo. Happy Mother’s Day to our Intruder and Ohana Mothers and all of our families and friends…

After a brief meeting we headed west bound and threaded our way to Yokohama. After a brief stop we’re off. It was decided we’d follow the Professor back to his neck if the woods.  

Once in Makakilo we tagged along to the Professor’s house. Stopped in for a visit with his boss Gail. After a brief it was end of ride.We heard the prez tango’d with a big 4 x 4 piece of wood

while in route at 4:30 a.m. to the triathlon he was supplying bikes for. He was fortunate it didn’t cause him to wreck but it did crack the rim clear thru.

His trike transported back home on a flatbed. It turned out to be a nice day. We saw the Pacific Knights as they passed us headed Yokohama way! Mahalo to my riders,

until next week be well. Aloha, Da chameleon V.P. Kimo


SUNDAY MAY 7, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends

Alrighty, alrighty ALRIGHT, Sunshine’s out and welcome to Intruder Sunday!

S.B.U. day so we cruise there first to pick up da Prez Ray -n- see what’s up in da biker community.


The circle today was Prez & Sparky (welcome back Sparky, V.P. Kimo, Marc, Henry, and Ray H, Jim “Coop”, Bridgett, & Ben.

A quick Intruder meeting was held and everyone was together, da Prez gave me 8 tickets for the upcoming Tiger Wong ride to sell.

Please support the ride! Cost is $20.00 which includes lunch. It was announced that the Big Island Riders going for the Annual Labor Day Ride will have to go to

Kawaihae again as the Hilo Port is still closed! Young brothers has requested orders for containers and as it stands we only have one (1).

Please let me know who plans to attend and how many bikes are being shipped as paperwork has to be submitted ASAP.

After greetings and short announcements we sped off to the south side winding our way to Waimanalo.


We ran into Iceman (Steve S.) passing thru Hawaii Kai on his bike and he signaled to jump in and joined the crew to our first stop.

Once there we had a nice pit stop with select few grabbing quick snacks and drinks as I enjoyed my nice large chocolate ice cream cone, yummm!

Some of us headed Kahuku bound while others headed off for personal time. As we headed into Sugar Mill for another pit stop, the

Big Fancy Tricked Out Trucks were partying as we arrived there. Loud music was vibrating with a BBQ going on. Spinouts with the monster trucks were entertaining,

making our mufflers on our bikes sound non-existent….


We enjoyed the break then time for go. Da Prez, Sparky & Marc turned around heading Kaneohe bound.

Ray and I continued on to the North Shore and stopped at Haleiwa 76, gassed up and continued on around. We split at Kunia!

Another great ride and boy did I get some sun, “fun in da sun”! Mahalo to all who made today special. Until next week, stay safe!

Remember to always Check your bikes and see you next Sunday!

Mahalo ~n~ Aloha,   V.P. Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family &Friends!

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! Its SBU day. I called Marc and asked him n whoever else was at Zippy’s to meet Gen n I at the F.R.A. which was very cool.

Said alohas to our other club friends then it was time gather our plans in the circle were da Prez, Kimo, Genny, Red, Marc & RayH.


Announcements n a blessing n we were off to the H-3 windward bound, when we reached the other side we stopped at Swany’s 7-11 and low n behold,

Ben and Ron were standing across the street, they had family obligations and were doing their own little ride! God bless Big Ron n family!

So after the break we headed north shore bound. Pulled into our stop at Kahuku sugar mill. Talked story with a cool couple from da “Sons” after that,

da Prez n Marc n da couple headed back Kaneohe bound, Red & Ray, Genny n I continued to go thru the north shore.

20170402_114603 img_1420img_141920170402_114610

Stopped for lunch at “killer Tacos” after snake road and end of ride! Whohoo another great adventure with the wild ones! Mahalo for all who came out to ride!

Dues are due for you late bloomers! Until next week be well n god bless! Aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! In the circle today were Da Prez, Kimo, Marc, Henry, Ron, RayH, Ben, n Kimo Miguel joined us today!

Aurighttt! Papa G and Aka stopped by for a little while. We had our announcements and a prayer and it was off to the north shore.


Road to Kunia and cruised snake road onto Waialua and into Haleiwa the back way to the bridge, turn and passed all the beach goers n

surf shops got to the signal to make our left towards north, but traffic was backed up, was pass the light, field decision! Turn right! we rolled thru

Wahiwa and jumped on the freeway, heading to H-3 traffic was thick something going on H-3 was shut down,


as was Likelike and the Pali traffic was going every which way we stayed on freeway all the way to town pass Kahala and road to Hawaii Kai gas station.

Regrouped decided to forgo lunch, end of ride some of us headed west, the rest went right, good ride regardless!

Mahalo to you all who came out to ride! Until next week stay safe! Check your bikes for issues and be ready next week!

Mahalo and aloha da v/p kimo



Aloha Intruder family & friends! Today in the circle were da Prez & Sparky, da v/p, Marc, Red, Mark & Didi, Ron, RayH, JimC, Bridget and Ben.

Today was a beautiful day in paradise, after announcements n a prayer we went south shore way. Diamondhead lookout for regroup.


Once there Roy and a couple Mo’opunas stopped by n joined the pack…Waimanalo was our destination, stop and what a nice ride it was getting there!

Today was a short ride, everyone had stuff to do so end of ride. A few of us would head H3 back n all other riders peeled their ways…


even a small ride is big with the Intruders love you all! Mahalo Red for always helping out in road guarding!

Until next week stay safe be well! Check your bikes! And next week let’s ride! Mahalo n aloha da v/p



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! This morning in the circle was da Prez, da v/p, road Captain, Sgt of arms, Genny, Barbra, “Dennis akafire dog”, JimC, & RayH.

You know who we are, each week the same people bringing you the island view on Sunday from a motorcycle point of view.


After announcements and a blessing we headed out west towards Kunia to north shore, snake road to Haleiwa, first stop Haleiwa coffee gallery.

Fire Dog use to ride with us 10 years ago, work took him to the mainland, but still has family here. Ok first stop the gallery Haleiwa people out everywhere,


bikes running good, next stop sunset chevron for those who need gas…zoom zoom we pulled into the gas stop a couple riders gassed up next stop Teddy!

Coffee and a piece of pie did me good, the day was warm, couple pals showed at Teddy’s Dean and Kazu of Hui Makai.


We talked with them a little bit then off we went next stop papa oles cause Dennis hadn’t been there in 6 years,

we got there n it was a little busy but everyone got something n had lunch. After the club continued around the island,


Genny and I turned around n headed north shore bound, mahalo to all who came out to ride! Stay safe! Until next week, keep up the bike and

see ya next Sunday mahalo n aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! Today in da circle was da Prez & first Lady Sparky, da v/p Kimo, Red, Dmann, Kanuk, RayH, Bridget, JimC, & da Professor (Ben).

After some morning alohas. Before long we were having the day’s prayer blessing and away we went.

Heading to windward side, H3 to Kaneohe Bay marine base, turn around and meet up on the right side lookout spot.


You can see part of the marine base and quite a view of Kaneohe bay. I took a couple pics then off to the north shore we went, pulled off

Kamehameha hwyway in rolled thru Kaneohe Heeia pier. The boat harbor n onto the north shore hwyway, we stopped at the 7-11 in

Hauula for a little bit then decided to roll to Haleiwa 76 and we choose a lunch spot from their the ride was great! Not too much traffic,

we cruised right along Waimea was a little congested but we continued to the 76 station, Red and I were road guarding Ray H and Kanuk were secondary back up,

varoomba, varoomba we went…lunch was called at Mililani Ruby Tuesdays, I called Genny and she jumped on her bike n met us for lunch.


It was great good food! Good service! Good company! After lunch we all split different ways, another great ride with the Intruders of Hawaii!

Mahalo for all who came out to ride! Some of you who haven`t paid your dues pls contact one of the officers n make arrangements Mahalo!

Until next week check your bikes out, so next week you will be ready for ride!!! See ya next week! Aloha Kimo Ur v/p



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

This morning in da circle was da V/P, Genny, Henry, JimC, Bridget, Red, & Ben. gave a prayer for the day n off we went, south bound.

Red and I in the lead doubling as road guards too. We headed up Nimitz to Waikiki, Diamondhead, we stopped to regroup for a few minutes,

then zoomba zoomba off we went thru Kahala n onto Kalaninanaole Hwy heading thru Hawaii Kai, Portlock n up to

Hunama Bay ocean cliffs all the way blowhole. Sandys a lot of bikes were huddled around a tree, windy Makapu side rolling.


Tatu Crew passed us heading Sandy’s direction. We continued to first stop Waimanalo, and here we come! Had a short break,

then called lunch at Times Coffee shop! We rolled thru Kaneohe n stopped at our spot, lunch was great as usual.

Mahalo everyone after 3 rides went back towards H-3. Other 3 continued north shore bound,

hide ho and away we go! Mahalo to all who came out to play, until next week aloha da v/p



Aloha Intruder Family n Friends:

In the circle this morning were Da Prez, Kimo, Red, Marc, Genny, Kanuk, Henry, Mark & Didi, and MarkF & Ben.

Today we went H-3 to the lookout on the right side, glad to be out riding today! Brought out the newest bike in da fold the road king I was riding.

Rode in secondary position while I get use to the ride. Mark n Red road guarded today. Mahalo guys good job!

The day was beautiful, after our break we headed towards Kailua n ended up at our spot in Waimanalo, ran into some of friends

from the Hui Makai and talked story for a little bit. We continued towards the south coast way Makapu,

Sandy, n up the coast hwy, again blue waters blue skies just wonderful! Lunch was called at MickeyD at

Aina Hina so we all pulled in there, some of us continued west while the rest enjoyed lunch another great day!

Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Until next week stay safe!

Check your bikes and show up for Sundays ride mahalo n aloha Da v/p Kimo




Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

This morning under the tree was da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Genny, Marc, Red, Henry, RayH, Kanuk, Ben & Dandy.

Henry was sporting his new black charger, yes da hemi one beautiful car congrats Mr H.,

Beautiful day, after brief announcements n a prayer, we took off heading Northshore bound by way of Kunia.

First stop Dillingham airfield. Great ride, we stopped by IOH memorial and paid our respects to our fallen bruddas.

Then it was off to the glider place for a pit stop n some laughs! Off into the north shore we went varoomba varoomba Intrudes ahoy! 

Pulled into sunset chevron to regroup, some got gas; lunch was called at turtle bay for lunch and a great lunch we had!

After lunch the crew continued around the island windward bound a few of us headed back to central side!

What a great day! Mahalo for all who came out to play today! Until next week be well! Have a blessed week!

And check your tire pressure, oil and signals! A little bike maintenance goes a long way!

Mahalo n Aloha da v/p






Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

This morning was beautiful day n Hawaii nay! In the circle this morning was da v/p Kimo, Marc, Henry, Genny, Kanuk, Dandy, and RayH.

We went to FRA to meet the Prez & Sparky. Dean, Ted, & Kazu stopped by Zippy’s to say aloha.

Once we were at the FRA more friends from other clubs were there and aloha’s to all! Then it was time to ride, south shore was decided.

So varoomba, varoomba we went up Nimitz onward to Waimanalo first stop. Nice ride, there no incidents!

After break, we went to Times Coffee Shop in Kaneohe for lunch. We continued around the island n stopped at Kahuku Sugar Mill.

Now there are close on Sundays. The Pacific Knights were there getting ready to peel out.

We talked to all, and then part of our tribe turned back, the rest of us continued around the island.

It was a beautiful day! Mahalo for all of you who made it special!

Ok riders, check your bikes, keeps it going! Hope to see more riders come out this year! Until next week be safe! N GOD BLESS.

Mahalo n aloha da v/p Kimo







Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Today is our annual toys for tots parade. Kanuk, Genny and I pulled up at Magic Island at o dark thirty.

The Prez & Sparky rolled up next, good morning already time to get tents up.

Members started rolling up and joining in getting ready for all the bike clubs coming. Andy Bumatai and da Captain were the DJ’s.

We had the Marine Brass Band rocking as usual. Roland and da H.P.D.were out in force, helping traffic, food, truck, Tshirst and water stations.

Toy drop, bikes getting lined up the toys for tots 2016 was Rollin! A squad of friends from Japan rolled up each year, more n more joined this year they came in force.

Wanted to say mahalo to all who helped, our crew, Mo’opunas, Pacific Knights and everyone else you’re the best! A lot of fun before the start of the parade,

once commenced we paraded thru Waikiki waving to all the people lined up along the street, aloha! Aloha! varoom varoom the rain started but it was dry all morning so it’s a blessing.

We cruised to the shell dropped off toys and for some of us, smiled, our worktime was pau, the parade was a success.

 Mahalo to you all, happy holidays! And much love to you and your families aloha da v/p k.