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The Intruders of Hawaii Motorcycle Club is an island wide club open to all riders and all types of motorcycles. Our Club does not discriminate against any member and/or applicant based on age, ancestry, arrest and court record, disability, handicap status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The Club is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and pleasurable environment for all of its members. Our Club is also dedicated to operating in a manner which does not jeopardize the lives or property of the general public. Therefore individuals who use controlled substances, or alcohol, engage in illegal activities and unsafe practices at Club rides and/or activities are not tolerated. Our Club strives to be a “Brotherhood & Sisterhood” of bikers that take the motto of “Ride with Pride” to heart. As a member you would be welcomed into a family oriented atmosphere, with a variety of individuals of various professions and positions within the community at large. We are supportive of our other Island Clubs and hope that your affiliation with our organization will not be a once in a while deal. The Club would like to see you relentlessly go the extra mile for your fellow bikers and causes we support. If you are interested in learning more about the Intruders of Hawaii you may contact our President at INTRUDERS OF HAWAII also visit our flickr – Photo Album









Also visit our flickr – Photo Album



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday ride 2018! My how time flies… when we arrived this morning at the spot was so surprised to see all da bikes in the stalls, Intruders to the right, intruders to the left, been  awhile…in the circle this morning “da Prez & lioness, v/p Kimo, Red, Marc, Geneva, Kanuk, Barbra, Bridgette, JimC, BobC, RayH, Ben, & Andie. After a lot of announcements, mentioning the elections coming up, and general membership meeting coming up on the 27th! Be there! We decided southbound Waimanalo first stop…Marc and I were road guarding back up was RayH & JimC thx guys! We headed for south beach routes and made our way thru town, nice to have a lot of bikes on the road again! We had a beautiful day to ride… the waters were blue, people out, what a difference a day makes….we pulled into Waimanalo plaza got parked,  shortly after our friends the “Kanakas” rolled up in force. We talked story with some for a bit then we got back on the road and headed for Kailua…. Went on all the back roads ended up in Lanikai, choke traffic, but we headed into the horn by the numbers single file,  people looking, varoomba varoomba we went.. We continued out of the loop and up and down by the beach. Aloha “HPD” officers on quads giving shaka on the right n tickets we kept going towards Akahi plaza n Andie bikes stalled…we pulled over n assed the situation….Got going again, going up Kaneohe Bay Dr up to Kamehameha and the bike crapped out again. We were scattered here n there but seemed to help out keep riding, Andie n Barb took off to get the bike home the rest of us went to Times Kaneohe for some good grind n talked story n some laughs! Welcome back to da Prez & Sparky! End of ride…Mahalo everyone! Remember check your bikes before riding, air pressure, gas n see ya next Sunday.  Aloha for now da veep Kimosabe


Sunday January 7, 2018

Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

Back again in 2018, welcome to Intruder Sunday! In the circle today were da v/p Kimo, Marc, Geneva, Kanuk, RayH, JimC, Bridget, boy it was chilly for those us riding in from central. Not as bad as da Prez is suffering thru.  Ok we said prayers for all the people down with the black majoog, the Bombay flu and mumps and set out south side, Waimanalo first stop…it was a chilly day, anyway but nice conditions….had a little congestion up Diamondhead road, but other than dat we were good to go. The  coastline was beautiful I noticed 3 riders at Sandys and we waved n continued up the road got to watch out for road conditions potholes all over.  We pulled into Yokozuna plaza, parked by Jack’s, as we put kickstands down, some bikes pulled up. Roy n da Mo’opunas smiling “Happy New Years!” talked story for a little bit, nice to see them! After break the regulars continued around the horn.  Next stop  Kahuku sugar mill. We encountered a few blessings along the way, got hit by some sideways rain, then stopped. Cool day…started raining, so we jumped on our bikes n headed to Haleiwa….some weird traffic in Kahuku, a van from BYU was upside down on opposite side.  Once pass that we made good time…had lunch at Killer Tacos, was a good time I tell ya! Ok riders we headed for snake road in up pass Schofield army base n pau, end of ride the rest of us headed for Mililani! Mahalo for you my friends who came out to ride today! God Bless all our other members still out drome the holiday’s n sick call list until next week get your flu shots! If Ur under 60 get a mumps shot! Feed your souls Amen! Grateful to be Grateful aloha da V/p Kamillion



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Happy New Year’s Eve! Last ride of the year! Hope everyone is having a great holiday! Well today the faithful 4  is in the circle this morning da V/p, Geneva, Kanuk, & RayH, after the blessings we mounted our bikes and headed to the freeway Hi to H-3. First stop Heeia Pier, it was a cool morning and we roared thru the tunnel n onto the other side of the island and made the pier in good time. Not too much traffic, only people fishing were there and our 2 buddies always there talking story, they remarked they remembered the dayz when we would pull up with a lot of riders,” I told them we still going! After a fast kind stop, we headed towards north shore, next stop was at Kahuku, we are making good time it was early still, after some coffee we continued Northshore bound, luck was with us and we rolled by the hot spots “surf city “and made it to Haleiwa shortly after noon, was going to breakers bar n rest, but they were packed, the girls suggested the coffee gallery for sandwiches n coffee, dilly! Dilly! Said I and away we walked, got lunch for four under 30 bucks n the tree area was vacant, great choice, lunch was a hoot! After… I asked the crew to continue a little longer since it was last ride of the year so we continued to Waialua n around to the drop zone, gave a salute to our fallen comrades sign, plenty gravel in that spot, still beware and we continued around to the glider area…. A lot of memories of the year … happy all that rode this year were safe and no mishaps! Want to make our annual big island trip this year! Hope more riders come out to ride on Sundays but grateful for those who came out in support of our club! Happy New Years! To all our members off island and for those here next Sunday first rides of 2018 be there! Mahalo n aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Mele Kalikimaka e haouli maka hiki ho! This morning in the circle were da v/p Kimosabe, Geneva, Kanuck, Henry, RayH, JimC, & Stafford pulled up in his new 3 wheeler from Polaris, wow it looks like the bat bike, anyway nice to see everyone, getting started Ray’s bike alarm went crazy, da girls jumped into action with da guys n we worked on the situation for about an hour then alright we fixed it away we go! Short ride for some, after the blessing we headed out Southside cruzin thru beach spots Waikiki, Kahala, made our way thru Hawaii Kai Porklock, Sandy Beach, Makapu then rolled into Waimanalo Yokosuka plaza, da Hui Makai were there a few riders, Dean was with them he says aloha to all especial our Prez n first lady in da Americas! We had our break instead of heading to H-3 we turned around an cruised the back roads back thru Hawaii Kai to the harbor, rolled to H-1. Aloha Henry, he pulled out in Kaimuki the rest of us headed west! Good ride no rain n not too chilly so perfecto.  Mahalo, another great ride with the “IntudersofHawaii” until next week stay safe GOD bless and see ya next week! Aloha da v/p



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Tizzy a beek a boo in Hawaii nei this morning.  Wet here n there n cold up central but I went to the spot n joined those who could make it out today! Da Prez n Sparky are off island for the holidays! Mele Kalikimaka to all and Haouli maka hiki ho! In the circle this morning were, da v/p Kimo, Red, Mark, Kanuck,  BobC, Ben, Dmann, south shore to Waimanalo was called some riders had to peel early the rest of us would do the island. The day was beautiful, cruzin thru Waikiki. I was taken back by all the high end stores back to back to Diamondhead, varoomba varoomba we went! By the numbers without a hitch we cruised thru Waikiki n up at Diamondhead. We ran into Henry, who had misplaced his keys and had to attend to his bike, but wanted to meet up with us and say aloha! Away we went Waimanalo bound…. The “Sons of Hawaii” were parked at Waimanalo Beach Park we waved as we passed; we pulled into Yokosuka plaza home of Jack in da box”. Kanuck, BobC, and Ben n I would be going around the island after break……. And away we went, Papa oles for lunch was our next stop….great kau kau, hardly any people perfect….after headed to north shore, beat most of the traffic, what a beautiful ride! Made it around to north shore went back roads thru Waialua to snake road n continued thru the mountain into Scofield area then Mililani bound mahalo to you all! Happy holidays! Still going to ride next week Christmas Eve morning, meet at the spot same time! Small ride for aloha oi😊 until then be safe n see ya soon Aloha da v/p Kimosabe!



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

First off let me wish all a Mele Kalikimaka! E Haouli maka hiki ho!!! Whoah what a nice Christmas Party we had Saturday night! Kudos out to Bridget and her team for organizing the event. Mahalo to everyone that made the night special! A lot of fun! Ok now Sunday was Honolulu Marathon day, a lot of our gang work the event, so when I showed up at the spot and I was the only one.  I knew it could be a short ride, but as a couple manizzle went by, Ray H, cruised in, the Kanuck, then Barbara! Ride on!  After a few laughs n a blessing we took off for H-3 n didn’t stop till we got to Kahuku Sugar Mill!  What a nice ride it was, we had a short break then decided to have lunch at Killer Tacos in Haleiwa.  We zoomed thru the north shore easily, not too much traffic, called Genny and she said she would ride to meet us for lunch. Varoomba varoomba we went pulled into the little taco place n had some kau kau. Mahalo Kanuck for the treat! After that, now one more in the pack we headed for snake road n homeward bound. Thank you my Intruder family for always showing up and making the rides special! The Prez N Sparky are flying out for the holidays. God Bless and say hello from us! So come and ride Sunday my friends there always be someone to greet you! God bless have a merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year! Aloha n Mahalo your v/p Kimosabe~



Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

Welcome to Intruders Sunday Ride! In the circle this morning were da Prez, Da VP, Geneva, Marc, Red, Henry, Barbra, Coop, Bridget, and Ben. Happy Thanksgiving! To all God bless you all n get ready to be healed! Thank you Jesus! The holidays are getting started have a blessed one from all of us Intruders of Hawaii, after announcements n a prayer for all we set out Southside, next stop Waimanalo. It was a good ride and once we got there Gen n I had to go the rest of the group I think went Kailua side for lunch at Times! Until next time happy thanksgiving love to all your families! Aloha da v/p Kimosabe



Aloha Intruder family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday ride! At first jus a couple riders were talking when we pulled up then more arrived one by one, two by two Intruders in da house! In da circle this morning da Prez Ray, da v/p Kimo, Geneva, Marc, Kanuck, JimC, Bridgette, Iceman & Dee, Dmann, RayH, aurightttt ride on! After the announcements about Christmas Party on the 9th of Dec at Princess Kaiualani Waikiki, dinner starts at 6pm. Poc Bridgette or Prez for headcount, away we go! Eastbound Diamondhead next stop, it was a nice day, we talked story a little bit at Diamondhead,  a pic or two then off we went Mark, JimC,  Genny n I helping road guard, off to Waimanalo we headed….the coastline was beautiful blue waters as far as the eye could see. On the right traffic light, as we passed Sandy’s, waving at some bikers at the spot. We pulled into Waimanalo in good time, McDonalds Iceman’s favorite stop, I like the local store next door all kinds of goodies their local kine! Some riders went to Jack in da box area, for gas up, we met up with them shortly, everyone regrouped and most riders had Sunday things they like take care of, so 4 of us decided to keep going around, I looked at the Doppler n the rain looked like it was going over the Koolau n up H3 area so we continued around the island Kahuku next stop, there we let the girls decide a place for kau kau, the decide on “farm to table” jus pass Kahuku on the left nice place for organics salads, fried banana bread with Carmel dripped on it , we all found something nice, property big area for sit benches shade nice stop, once back on the road we went all thru the north shore came up thru Waialua to snake road and up thru the pineapple fields to Scofield base, ran into Kazu, Dean n some of the Hui Makai passing  Kemoo Farms, aloha shout, aloha everyone! We peeled our different ways! Great ride! Great day! Mahalo for you! Who came out to ride! Until next week check your bikes! Battery cables! Tire pressure! Oil level, fluids! Keeps ya on da road! Mahalo n see ya next week aloha Da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder family & friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday Ride! It was a cool ride in from Mililani this morning perfect riding weather. This morning in da circle was Da Prez, da veep, Geneva, Marc, Red, Kanuk, Ben, JimC and Bridget. We send prayers to heal our first lady Sparky “speedy recovery” n god bless! Had a blessing

for the day, route was called H-3 to Kaneohe to the pier. Was a little wet coming thru the tunnel on H-3 but all made it safely! While at the spot one of my good friends Eric road to the pier and visited with us on his newly acquired bike, good to see him! We had a nice first stop break then back on the road next stop Kahuku sugar mill, oh boy did we get it on the way to Kahuku it rained cats n dogs all over da place. We stopped in Kaaawa to do foul weather

gear, but still it came down cleared a little by the time we made it to Kahuku. We decided to have lunch at turtle bay country club. It was a good time thx Prez for surprising us with lunch on him aurighttt. After da kau kau, we headed thru the north shore making our way to snake road.  I blocked the road at snake mistakenly blocking a  HPD in a truck who knew as I was holding up traffic he blared his siren but let us go when he saw what we were trying to do, thank ya Jesus for no ticket! Aurighttt we headed up n out of snake road, passed Kemoo farms schofield base n waved aloha as some peeled right the rest merged onto the freeway “ end of ride” still in progress be safe my family! Mahalo to those who came out to ride! Always special Sundays with you! Aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

This morning at the spot were da v/p, Geneva, Henry, Red, Kanuk, JimC, Bridget, Dmann, and Professor. After some alohas we gathered in our circle. I let everyone know we would meet da Prez at Cycle City and start our ride from there. We shared a prayer then rallied to stage for go… We made it to the Harley shop in good time. Da Prez was outside talking to some dangerous curves riders. After we gathered once again n chose our route to ride … Westside it is, Yokohamas here we come…we rode the back roads thru Nanakuli to the Waianae coastline… we stopped at the last 7 -11 on the right side in Waianae. Then off to yokes, it was beautiful there, hot but beautiful. Da Prez had a little gas issue with his bike, then Dmann had gas coming out his pipes, but we all got on the road again, end of Westside ride! Another great ride with the Intruders of Hawaii! Mahalo to everyone who came out today! Until next week stay safe, be great, those who need prayers you got them! God bless you! Aloha n mahalo da v/p Kamillion



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

This morning it was crazy weather, wet n windy, when Gen n I pulled up, only Red was there. Da Prez had S.B.U. business with another club out in Aiea. So we called “rainout “when da Prez got in touch I told him pau due to rain. Well as usual riders started pulling in.

Well 3 more this morning in da circle, was da v/p Kimo, Geneva, Red, Kanuk, JimC, Bridget, Dman. I said since we had A.W.R. all weather riders, so I called south shore way, stop at Diamondhead, then onto Waimanalo, once there Jim & Bridgette went on their own, Da Prez pulled up, but he was going to take care of Sparky! Hi Sparky! Heal fast love you! Well after the Prez went, us 3 decided to go around instead of heading back …next stop Kahuku somewhere in between, we got hit by a torrential storm for a few miles when we pulled into Kahuku we were wet! Onward we go Haleiwa next stop, we had kaukau at killer Tacos!  After lunch we hit up snake road and into Mililani end of ride. Another great ride! Mahalo to all who came to ride! Until next week be safe and god bless to all! Da v/p Kimosabe



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! This morning as I pulled up, the club was already moving to stage up. I joined in as road guard and we went to Lava Riders event at Cycle City. The Prez had SBU business to attend to. We got there and no one got poker sheets, meaning we do our own ride then go

back if we want to join at Cycle City. Those present da Prez, Red, Marc, Henry, Dmann, Bridget, Cooper, Barbra, RayH, and Da v/p.  I bought a shirt. I looked at the spot where we had parked n the bikes were moving had to run in get started n catch up to the club. We were heading to Northshore Teds was called. We ended up at Haleiwa coffee spot. The Prez had to turn around n go back to event SBU business so him and a couple riders went back, we were going to continue to Teds. The rest met up at Ted’s, the group decide to hale to times Kaneohe for lunch. I opted out and went my own way, thanks for everyone who came out to ride until next week be safe mahalo n aloha da veep Kimosabe


SUNDAY OCT 1, 2017

Aloha Intruder family & friends: This morning in the circle were Da veep, Geneva,  Kanuk, Marc, Red, Ben. This morning is SBU day and da Prez said to come by, didn’t know if he was riding or not, but we gathered our bikes after alohas n a prayer for all n proceeded to Nimitz to the F.R.A. Once there we

got parked then chummed with all the other clubs gathered there. I talked with Donavan of the Koas, Zeuz  n da Pacific Knights Gerald from Worldwide Tigers! Too many more to name…the Prez came out and after not seeing him a couple weeks we all gathered around n talked story, his hand was mo betta n he could ride…we  went north shore way , first stop coffee shop in Haleiwa , ohhh what a good time … good break weather great we talked for a

minizzle then time for go , Sunset Texaco next stop , anyone need gas  can then we go Ted’s for pit stop, their after a snack and more Riga more, lunch was voted in at papa oles Laie ,and away we went … varoomba varoomba ….got to papa oles and much to our surprise n pleasure not too busy! Everyone got something for lunch after a little rain started a few of us decided to go back to central the rest would go right continue towards the windward side… we hit some traffic but made good time thru the north shore, we bypassed Haleiwa and cruised thru da pineapple fields to schofield n up to Mililani…another great ride mahalo everyone who came out to ride! Until next week pull out da ol tire inflator check da tires…. Check safety check n registration … check oil …. Take flashlight n inspect break pads…now Ur cooking! Until next week mahalo n aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family &friends:

It was a little drizzly in my neighborhood, so I put on my chaps n leathers n headed out to meet at our spot. When I pulled up, I noticed a black pope mobile and blast from da past, it was gene da “cowboy” came by to say aloha and meet up with da Prez. I informed everyone of da Prez, z mishap n big hand, and we prayed for him! In the da circle for a speedy recovery! In the circle were da v/ p “Kamillion”, Marc, Henry, Kanuk, Red, RayH. After announcements n a blessing, we peeled out south shore side Diamondhead lighthouse first stop, then continue to Waimanalo for pit stop n regroup. It was a beautiful day peekaboo style! Once at nalo a few riders from da aloha run pulled in, we talked story with some of them, only Kanuk, Ray and I continuing around the island, and away we went.  Henry and Marc merged onto the pali, we continued into the windward side, being 3 machines we road “like the wind” and was at Kahuku sugar mill before too long, chilled a couple minizzle  then called” Haleiwa  76” next stop, decide lunch there, so again varoomba varoomba we went …the day was just perfect, surf traffic was kind to us at both spots thank ya Jesus! We rolled into Haleiwa in good time, there in the shade was all da b-team I went over then we were all talking n laughing! Again prayers to heal from friends to da Prez! Ok  time for a quick lunch I called L&L up the road and that’s where we went, had a good break  then time for end leg of ride, we took back roads in Waialua to get to snake road then headed up the snake road and end of ride! Another great one! Mahalo to you all for coming out! Get mo betta Prez! Ray say why no call! Ok nuff thank ya Jesus could have been worse, for now be well stay safe! Come ride next Sunday and help support your local Intruder M/C donations excepted and shirts are for sale buy buy buy aloha & mahalo da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder & Friends!

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! I know our site has been behind this summer but everyone is back on board and our travels are up to date! What a glorious day it is today. We were running a little late,when we arrived our crew was waiting for us and any other late comer. Thank ya Jesus! In the circle today were da Prez, Sparky, Kimo, Genny, Marc, Kanuk, RayH, and da professor Ben.

   Today’s route chosen was north shore bound by way of Kunia. First stop sunset Texaco, then Teddy’s. Once settled at Teddy’s we all talked about next stop for lunch, the girls were all giddy, and wanted toride around the island,  so vote was for “ brick oven” in Kaneohe. Next pit stop was Swanzy Beach 7-11, nice stop before continuing around to the windward side, and zoomba zoomba we went.   Got to Kaneohe in good time, not too much traffic today.  I think bikes don’t come back till tomorrow from big island Labor Day run, anyway had a cool nice lunch their nice wait staff!

Good grinds, drinks and da games, good time, after it was aloha. Most us went to H-3 and headed back to the Westside.

   Mahalo all who came out to ride today! Until next week stay safe! Love deep! Give thanks to the lord! Mahalo n aloha da v/p kimo



Labor Day 2017 well Intruders the big island crew is home this year, when we pulled in the spot, a tike and a couple bikes, cool ride on! We enjoyed talking story a little, later than usual, no one showed up so we took off to the west side Yokohamas bound, today’s crew da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Genny, & Kanuk! Happy Labor Day lets ride! We made it to Nanakuli, then the Prez trike overheated, we chilled and got it going and filled, them back to Kaneohe. We had lunch at the Buffalo wings in Kaneohe stop, we then made our way back to the west, mahalo to all who made today special! Until next week stay safe, be well, come ride next Sunday! Mahalo n aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder family & friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! Strange not be on the big island this time of year, but let’s see what the club does when were off island! In the circle today were Da Prez, Sparky, da VP, Genny, Kanuk, Marc, Red, Henry, RayH.After SBU finished, we headed out south shore way, Waimanalo next stop, as we rolled  thru town and the beach areas the bikes running well. People out having fun, no worries about North Korea acting up ya! Zoom zoom we go, it was a hot day when we pulled into the Plaza ready for something cold for drink. Then regroup, what’s next stop?

   We agreed  Kahuku sugar mill, then turn around and charge H3 to west side homeward bound, so after da break some headed right some went left and the rest of us continued unto the other side of the island, nice hot day, grateful Kahuku sugar mill store was open today so we could get cool drinks. Da Prez, Sparky and Marc when doubling back, Ray, Gen, Kanuk and I would continue Northshore bound. We were hoping no surf traffic, but ran into some anyway, didn’t stop for any lunch, made it around snake road and pass schofield.  Ray peeled at Kunia and us three headed for Mililani. Another great ride, mahalo to all who came out to ride! Tomorrow is Labor Day and were riding see ya at zippy same time aloha da v/p Kimo






Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Today is our annual toys for tots parade. Kanuk, Genny and I pulled up at Magic Island at o dark thirty.

The Prez & Sparky rolled up next, good morning already time to get tents up.

Members started rolling up and joining in getting ready for all the bike clubs coming. Andy Bumatai and da Captain were the DJ’s.

We had the Marine Brass Band rocking as usual. Roland and da H.P.D.were out in force, helping traffic, food, truck, Tshirst and water stations.

Toy drop, bikes getting lined up the toys for tots 2016 was Rollin! A squad of friends from Japan rolled up each year, more n more joined this year they came in force.

Wanted to say mahalo to all who helped, our crew, Mo’opunas, Pacific Knights and everyone else you’re the best! A lot of fun before the start of the parade,

once commenced we paraded thru Waikiki waving to all the people lined up along the street, aloha! Aloha! varoom varoom the rain started but it was dry all morning so it’s a blessing.

We cruised to the shell dropped off toys and for some of us, smiled, our worktime was pau, the parade was a success.

 Mahalo to you all, happy holidays! And much love to you and your families aloha da v/p k.