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The Intruders of Hawaii Motorcycle Club is an island wide club open to all riders and all types of motorcycles. Our Club does not discriminate against any member and/or applicant based on age, ancestry, arrest and court record, disability, handicap status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The Club is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and pleasurable environment for all of its members. Our Club is also dedicated to operating in a manner which does not jeopardize the lives or property of the general public. Therefore individuals who use controlled substances, or alcohol, engage in illegal activities and unsafe practices at Club rides and/or activities are not tolerated. Our Club strives to be a “Brotherhood & Sisterhood” of bikers that take the motto of “Ride with Pride” to heart. As a member you would be welcomed into a family oriented atmosphere, with a variety of individuals of various professions and positions within the community at large. We are supportive of our other Island Clubs and hope that your affiliation with our organization will not be a once in a while deal. The Club would like to see you relentlessly go the extra mile for your fellow bikers and causes we support. If you are interested in learning more about the Intruders of Hawaii you may contact our President at INTRUDERS OF HAWAII also visit our flickr – Photo Album






Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Another beautiful day in paradise, and that’s all complimentary when you live in Hawaii. The summer weather is upon us, with temperatures in the 80’s and a bit of the trade winds to keep us cool amidst the rising humidity. I arrived at the Bat Station, at the usual Bat Time, as we are rotating our meeting place every other week. Today we met up at the Hele Hele gas station in Mililani. I just took a moment to find the definition for hele ( pidgin english : move, come, go) and ( Hawaiian to English: pathway,  route, road, way to go) and here’s an obscure one (Wiktionary: a girl with a high voice). With that out of the way, today’s riders are Kimo , Kanuk (me), Marc and Henry. We decided to head north, and then who knows. We left Mililani and hopped onto the H2 going north towards Haleiwa. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, but then every Sunday, there seems to be a bit more than the previous one. With just the four of us riding, we made good time, and had no problems along the way. Our first stop was at the 76 gas station, where Marc gassed up, and we decided our next stop. The roads were beginning to fill up with more traffic, beach goers and surfers, and what have ya(s). This is all kinda expected when you live on an island. So there is no use in complaining, or trying to avoid, it’s just part of the deal. We put our water bottles away and got back on our bikes, ever ready to continue our ride. La’ie Point State Wayside was our next stop, which we haven’t visited in awhile. It is a popular place that is easily missed, due to being located in a quiet neighborhood, off the regular road. It has a spectacular ocean view, along with a small offshore island sea arch. Kimo took his usual club pictures, along with the selfie group shot. We hung out for a few minutes, enjoying the view, and deciding on the next stop. Swanzy Beach Park was to be our next stop, but we bypassed it due to the crowds of people, and some other reason ! So, we continued on down Kamehameha Highway until we pulled into Kualoa Regional Park. We have stopped here a few times, and there is usually ample parking, and plenty of space, so we can keep the “ 6 foot “ distance from other groups of people. This park is opposite the Kualoa Ranch, which was one of the filming locations for the Jurassic Park movies, definitely one of my family’s favorites. No dinosaurs today, but there were hordes of people to avoid. This place is also popular for the small basalt island Mokoli’i, also known as Chinaman’s Hat. While there, we took our pictures, drank our water and decided the next destination. We have a tendency to stop at the same places, on our Sunday rides, and so Jack In The Box in Waimanalo would be next. This made for a nice ride, going down Kahekili Highway, and bypassing most of Kane’ohe and then reconnecting with Kamehameha Highway, then Kalaniana’ole Highway. We arrived in Waimanalo with our appetites beginning to stir, and picked up a snack “mini tacos” at Jack In The Box, which weren’t that bad. The day was beginning to heat up, the temperature was rising, and with our bikes beckoning , we got back on the road. This had been our last stop, and instead of reversing, and going home via the H3, we decided to continue on around the island. At least while you’re moving on a motorcycle, it isn’t as hot, and that always improves the mental mood of the club. Because until you have had the opportunity to sit in traffic for a while, as your motorcycle’s engine heats up, and you begin to feel like your cooking, moving is very important. So we moved, and with only four of us, we could move faster. We passed Sandy Beach Park, where there was a lot of action going on, with the waves giving as good as they got. It’s a very popular place for boogie boarders, if that is the correct term to use ? Anyway, we continued on, enjoying the views as we passed the many lookouts along Koko Crater. I noticed that Hanauma Bay State Park was still closed, unlike the rest of the island beach parks, that are currently open and packed. We continued on through Hawaii Kai, Kahala, and then onto the H1 west bound. Henry veered off when close to home, then Marc made for his exit, which left just Kimo and me. We hightailed it through town and then Aiea, and Pearl City, getting off at the H2 interchange, heading north to Mililani Town. I rode back with Kimo to his place, wanting to check in on Genny. We filled her in on the ride, and talked about the ongoing situation. This pandemic has been going on for a while now, and as the different stages play out, we all can’t help but wonder when it will be over. As I witness the openings of more and more stores, businesses, and restaurants, and let’s not forget my favorite “bars”, I can only pray that we haven’t jumped the gun here. Because every day when I read the news, local or national, I’m hearing that the number of people testing positive for COVID-19, is growing. Now I like my freedom as much as the next person, but at what cost does it come down to? This coming holiday weekend, July 4th, will probably determine the answer to my question. Because on Memorial Day weekend, the crowds of people seemed endless, there wasn’t a parking place to be had on the North Shore, and I would assume that it was like that island wide. So this weekend, I am holding up at home, with my immediate family. I will ride this coming Sunday, because there is no issue of a six foot distance, between me and any other motorcycle rider. I hope and pray that you and your family and friends stay safe this coming week, and that we don’t find ourselves having to be ordered back inside. Please remember to be respectful to those that you meet along your path, we are all in this together.

Leslie A.K.A. Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


I start this bio with an apology for not being able to perform my duties for the last two weeks. The first Sunday ride on June 7th I had family obligations and had to bow out, which I did after some guilt-tripping from my eldest daughter. I must have taught her well, because there are very few things that come between me and my motorcycle. The second Sunday ride on June 14th was due to “issues” with my bike. I was awaiting a new rear tire that I ordered online, to be delivered. It arrived on Thursday June 11th, and I contacted my mechanic to let him know it came in. I was trying to coordinate this with the 40,000 mile service needed. So, once given the okay to bring in my bike, I arrived the following morning. I always try and get these service calls taken care of, as soon as possible, cause ya just never know. So I left my motorcycle there along with the new tire, and the two saddlebags that needed to be reinstalled, thinking it wouldn’t take too long to complete. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again! I amaze myself that I go into these situations all positive and probably a bit blind to the numerous possibilities that usually happen to me and my motorcycle. Well, I received a call late Saturday morning from the mechanic, confirming the details for this service appointment, which I happily explained and then hoped for the best. I was reassured that I would hear from him, or one of the other mechanics when it was complete. So, the rest of Saturday passed, then Sunday, then Monday came and I was becoming more irritable by the minute. The last thing I needed was to piss off my mechanic, and have to find a new one. I did get a call, was told of a possible charging issue with the regulator, and that they would confirm and fix it as soon as possible. Late that Monday afternoon I received another call, all was good, it was a loose negative ground wire that was causing the problem. My bike was ready to go! Yeah, cause if you know me, and my motorcycle, you are intimately aware of the many issues I’ve had with it, over the last eight years. Now let’s get to the fun stuff, riding with my fellow club members.

It’s Sunday June 21st and I’m meeting up with Genny at the Hele Hele gas station in Mililani, with Kimo sitting out this Sunday. He too, is experiencing issues with his bike. He is also awaiting a new rear tire to be delivered, sound familiar? The first one sent was the wrong size, so now he has to wait for another one. I’m sure most if not every rider has been in this situation, waiting for parts to be delivered, and that’s if you can find a company that delivers to Hawaii.  Well I got to the gas station and found Genny just finishing up filling her gas tank. I pulled in and topped off my tank and we decided to take the H2 South into town, to meet up with the rest of the club, at Zippy’s on Dillingham. We pulled out and headed down Lanikuhana Avenue towards Meheula Parkway, when we saw Ben riding in the opposite direction. Well, with no cars on the road in front of us, we did a quick u-turn and returned to the gas station. Ben wasn’t aware that we were alternating our meet-ups every Sunday; good thing we passed each other on the road.

So with Genny and Ben,  we headed into town and made our way through the obstacle course of cones and plates that now comprise Dillingham Avenue. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and with green lights all the way there, what more could I ask for. We arrived to find Marc our Road Captain and Henry already there, eager to get their ride on.  After a quick discussion we decided to ride towards Diamond Head and then Waimanalo. Henry had forgotten his riding glasses at home, so we made a short detour there first. We took a lot of back roads,  which I always enjoy, but won’t be able to remember. After this quick stop, we headed out towards the backside of Diamond Head then got onto Kalanianaole Highway. The day was beautiful, with the summer weather upon us, temperatures in the mid 80’s, not that hot, at least if you keep moving. We made good time and had no problems on our way to Waimanalo. We enjoyed a nice little break there, filled up on liquid, and some shade. We decided to keep with our backroad theme and continue through Kailua and Kaneohe, then head home. It was Father’s Day, so we all kinda expected a shorter ride.

As Genny and I veered off towards the H3, which would take us home, we put some speed on it and flew up the mountain towards the tunnel. The Ko’olau Mountain range is incredibly beautiful, with tropical plants covering it’s sides, giving way to endless hues of green. I never tire of looking at this side of the mountain, and appreciate the view that it gives. Our ride ended at Genny’s house, where we shared our day with Kimo. It’s never easy being on the sidelines, when your heart aches for the road, to ride along with your fellow club members and enjoy all the little moments of each ride. Because every ride is different, even though it comes to riding this way around the island, or that way around the island. This island, as well as all the other Hawaiian islands seem to contain some of the most picturesque places in this world. We are all truly blessed to be able to live here, and experience the natural beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.

The pandemic is still alive and apparently thriving, whether it’s due to our inability to remain apart and isolated, or some other reason. There are many reasons to remain separated, and I try to do my part, yet still find myself missing the interaction with others. My family and I did dare to eat out this past week, and though it was nice to sit down to a hot, freshly cooked meal, by someone else, it felt very strange too. I’m not sure how all these new cases are going to impact us, and if we have to return to a more stringent isolation mode, yet we will all go through it together, with six feet between us. I will end this bio with my usual blessings to you and your family and friends. Stay safe and stay healthy, and be respectful of all those that you meet. Warmest Aloha’s Kanuk, Bios


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Here we are again…welcome back to Intruder Sunday! Today’s spot was Mililani Hele’ gas station. In the circle today was da V/P Kimo, Henry, Marc, Ben, Coop, and Bridget. Today’s route was opted to H3 to Maunawili mountain roads to Waimanalo. Had a break then small kine then back on the road. Sandy Beach was packed. There were squads of bikes lined up with the Buffalo Soldiers as we blew by waving “Aloha”, stayed on the road. We decided no lunch as we were waving aloha to riders peeling off here and there. Some rides have been fast during pandemic not trusting large gatherings just yet. We pulled over on H3 because da professor (Ben) was far behind. We talked about it and decided no more pulling over. If a rider falls behind, know next stop and will have to catch up! Pandemic is still alive and taking victims so stay smart, stay safe, wear mask, no touch face, no touch nothing except your throttle. Ok my friends each week it’s different. We see the perspective of how the people are protecting each other, our beaches and parks. Thank you everyone who came out to ride. It’s our choice to ride safely as possible on Sundays. We’re alternating between Kalihi and Mililani. If anyone’s interested to ride, call Kimo! That’s all I got right now, boy did we ride like the wind Sunday! Looking forward to next week’s ride and its only Monday. Until then stay safe, Aloha and Mahalo, V/P Kimo


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Tiz I again, Kimo’sabe standing in for Kanuk as she had things to attend to this Sunday, so I said I could handle the bio this week. Today’s riders were Kimo, Henry, Marc, Ben, and Coop & Bridget. Lately due to the pandemic we have been riding out of Mililani as most of us regular riders from around that area. We head North Shore and around the area when we were allowed to leave the house from lockdown. This week we hit our regular spot at Zippy’s on Dillingham. We have not been here since March! The pandemic has made a lot of changes for all! After a prayer we headed up Dillingham to Costco area to Nimitz to avoid road construction around our normal route. We go left and boom, on our way up Ala Moana. Small kine people out, can’t tell tourists from locals with all the masks on! Definitely a lot of people not wearing masks on the beaches. Waikiki was different; Kalākaua was boarded to Kilani St. by the HPD substation. Still people hitting the surf, first big swell happened this weekend then the protest! And the virus is still out there. Just road my bike and kept my eyes on the road and the pack. We moved thru Waikiki, heading up Diamondhead and into Kahala. Our plan was Waimanalo first stop so we were rolling thru Kahala up to Kalanianeole in Hawaii kai Manaloa bay then Port lock, Hunama Bay, so nice to see everything!! Some of us have been riding social distance not fast island riding. Lunch restaurants are just now getting started up again; anyway we made it just past Makapu, then choke traffic forever. We finally turned around and went to Sandy’s Beach where we met a few riders chilling‘there. We let them know something had traffic snarled to Waimanalo Beach Park. Forget dat route, we all decided to head back west. When backing out to roll out together, Bridget had a slip n roll. She was fine and bike ok and away we went! Another chapter in da Intruders of Hawaii’s adventures. Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Aloha to our Prez & Sparky on da mainland. For now this is:  Da V/P Kimo  Over n out stay safe out there!


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Today we rode without Ray, our club president and his wife Sparky, who are currently in Ohio, and hanging with Spark’s family for about six months. We all met up at our new Bat place, aka the Hele Hele gas station in Mililani, at the same Bat time, 9am. For today’s ride we have our leader and VP Kimo, his trusty sidekick Genny; Cooper the Sergeant of Arms and Bridget the secretary; Marc our Road Captain; Henry; Ben; myself and a guest rider Stu. Just so you know, a guest rider applies to any nonmember motorcycle rider that wants to ride along with us. We spent a few minutes shooting the breeze, and discussing other alternative meeting places for our Sunday rides. Nothing was decided, other than that the majority vote, when taken, would determine our decision. We decided to head north, and ride out to Dillingham Airfield, with Cooper and Bridget leading, and Kimo and I as road guards.

Luckily there weren’t as many people out as last week, so our ride over there went quickly and uneventful. We pulled into the entrance of the airfield and rode down the back side, keeping a close eye on the gravel and potholes. We were planning on pulling into the parking lot of the glider office and having a quick restroom break, but the gates were locked up. So we continued on to our next stop at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, next to Haleiwa Elementary School. We pulled in and made our way to the end, where the public restrooms were, and parked. The weather was heating up, and the trade winds were just barely keeping us comfortable, at least while standing in the shade. We spent a bit of time there, talking, catching up on each other’s lives, and then deciding our next stop.

We hopped on our bikes, pulled out of the park heading down Haleiwa Road. The beaches were just beginning to fill up, and there was more foot traffic heading in all directions. The ride so far was going smoothly, yet I was beginning to notice that my rear tire was low, and that I would need to add some air to it soon. Since our next stop was to be the Texaco gas station, I continued on, and would add some air then. When we pulled in, there was already someone using the air/water dispenser, so I waited. I would have to borrow $1.50 in quarters, since I only had my credit card, which Ben gladly supplied. After getting the quarters from the cashier, I pulled my motorcycle up close to the machine, then with both Ben and Genny helping, proceeded to fill up my tire. The air ran out about a few PSI(s) short, but it was enough to keep me on the road. Thanks to my fellow riders, I was good to go.

Our next stop was to be Swanzy Beach Park, and that allowed us a nice run from here to there. Of course as we proceeded through the north shore area, we experienced the beginning of traffic slowdowns, beach goers and surfers crossing roads, and a lot of the pre-pandemic issues, as well. It wasn’t that bad, but I’m pretty sure it will return to the normal sluggish stop and go, which can make you feel as though you’re cooking from the inside out, or the outside in. It tends to be one of the few drawbacks riding a motorcycle that is air-cooled. If you stop moving and your engine is running, usually very hot, then you begin to feel like you’re on fire. This is a definite summer time hazard, and not to be taken lightly, at least on my Harley. We finally got to Swanzy Beach Park, dismounted and looked for some shade. After hydrating and making calls to Mother Nature, we felt much better. Our next stop would be heading in our own directions, which would take us each home. The ride had gone well, and we were all getting a bit over heated, and decided that we would call it a day. Our goodbyes were said, and so we all headed for home, with another great ride under our belts. As the weeks pass and our restrictions begin to ease up, I hope that we can stay healthy and safe. There are a lot of unknowns that we will soon be facing, and not just us, here in Hawaii, but in the whole world. I don’t have the answers to the many questions I would ask, as if there was someone to ask in the first place. I just know that I will continue to strive to keep myself and my family safe, to make decisions that not only benefit me, but my community too. There is way too much violence happening, and not participating is hardly the solution today. Being complacent isn’t going to bring about change, but neither is destroying lives and property. We need change, and as uncomfortable as change can be, it is necessary if we want to retain our humanity. So, think about yourself, your spouse or partner, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your aunties and uncles, and especially your sons and daughters, and grandchildren; because they are our future. They will be living in this world long after us, and leaving it this way is irresponsible and unacceptable. As usual, I will continue to pray that your God looks out for you and your family. Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

After last week’s ride, I was beginning to believe that our club was taking their first real ride together, I wasn’t wrong! The club is up and running, or riding if you want to be more specific. Each week on Sunday mornings I gear up and can only hope for the best, that I won’t be the only one riding that day. Today’s ride was and is the last ride, before our club’s president Ray and his wife Sparky leave for Ohio. Their cross country lives, between Hawaii and Ohio have become the norm, which leaves us to carry on without them.  We are all okay with that, because we all understand that our families come first, and that some of our Ohana live on the mainland. For today’s ride we have our President Ray, and his wife Sparky; our Vice President Kimo and Genny; Marc our Road Captain; Cooper our Sergeant at Arms and Bridget our Secretary; me Kanuk your Road Guard; Henry; and Ben. Now this is a line up worth shouting about, cause with all the hubbub going on with this pandemic, getting together with ten or less people is mandatory, so we continue to stay within the guidelines and still keep that six foot distance, which as a motorcycle rider isn’t that hard. We all have our face masks, or riding sleeves to keep ourselves and each other safe too. The smile on my face is evident, and I see that I am not alone, in missing my Intruder family. Let the ride begin. We are still meeting at the Hele Hele gas station in Mililani, which provides plenty of space for us, and luckily it is only a few blocks from where I live, how convenient . Once we were all there, we spent a bit of time, yes longer than usual, catching up on each other’s lives. This day is normal but not, because we are all caught up in a situation that affects each and every one of us. There is normal, like before, and now, normal in a whole different way. Yet, I know that most of us are yearning for familiar connections, where we can feel safe and secure, without all these new boundaries. So with the intros and connections reestablished, we decided to head north toward Haleiwa. Let the Memorial Day ride begin, and hopefully provide all of us with some wonderful new memories. We arrived in Haleiwa and made our way to our normal stopping place, at the North Shore Marketplace. The ride over was smooth, with no major traffic or obstacles to detain us. We hydrated and spent a few minutes chatting and deciding on our next stop. It was decided that we would try to meet up with some other riders at the Texaco gas station, not far from Ted’s Bakery. As we left Haleiwa Town, the traffic was beginning to pick up, and more people were either heading for the beaches, or already there. This part of our ride is always tricky, because of the road conditions. There are numerous pot holes, long trenches of irregular pavement and of course our favorite mixture of gravel and sand. These obstacles are a motorcycle rider’s nightmare, and as a Road Guard, keep me in a state of unending pointing and posturing to point them all out. It’s a truly humbling and educational method to improve your skills and awareness of what’s around you. Luck or not, we all survived the gauntlet of hazards, and made it to the next stop. While some of our riders filled their tanks with gas, the rest of us sought some shade, and a quick drink. At this point Jack and Roy showed up, and decided to join us on our trek around the island. With everyone ready to go, the engines were started, some of them humming and a few were even growling. Ya just gotta love the sound of a finely tuned motorcycle engine, and how each and every one of them is just a bit different. On a good day, it’s like listening to an orchestra tuning up, then finally letting loose, and making music that lifts your heart. Okay, I may be taking this a bit far, but then again, it’s the way I feel about riding and everything that goes with it. So either you embrace this, or stop reading and find something more mundane to do. We are heading to Kahuku, and planning on another regular stop at the Sugar Mill. Not much there at this point, the gas station and its general store closed, even before this pandemic started. But, it has lots of parking, and also restrooms for those who need them. I believe our next stop would be in Waimanalo, and yet it didn’t quite work out that way. As we continued riding around the island, you could see that a good majority of our population was also out and about. The roads were becoming crowded with traffic and the beaches were packed, more than I’d seen in a very long time. For the most part, this wasn’t too much of a problem for us. That is, until we reached Valley of the Temples, and then all sorts of singular incidents happened. The first situation happened at the intersection by the Memorial Park Mortuary entrance. There was an influx of traffic, lane convergence and us trying to stay together. We were able to cross the intersection and then move ourselves into the single lane, yet to explain all the different movements involved would be impossible. We were all together, except for Ray and Sparky, who was one vehicle ahead of us. It was when we came to the next traffic light, that things started getting confusing. First there was Cooper and Bridget motioning that they were taking off, that went fine. Then, the light changed to green and some of the other club members started to move, and next thing I know, Ben pulls up to Kimo, says something, then takes off, not sure where he was going.. I am there watching some of our members leave, and watching Kimo turn tail and head back the way we came, and still not sure what is going on, or what had been said to Kimo. The next thing I know is that I’m pulling over to the center median, along with Roy, Jack, Marc, Henry, and Genny. We’re all sitting there trying to make sense of what happened, and where Kimo went, where the rest of the club went, and what we were going to do. I found out that Genny had an issue with her bike, right after the last intersection, and she had pulled off, and then caught up with us. This I hadn’t seen happen, and after a couple calls, we found out a little more of what transpired. Ben had told Kimo that Genny was having problems with her bike; so naturally, he turned around and went to help her, not realizing that she was already back with us. We finally reached Kimo, explained what happened, and that we would wait for him, where we were. The rest of the riders with us would meet Ray and Sparky at Burger King in Kaneohe. So, Genny and I waited for Kimo to return, and then the three of us met up with the remaining club members. After all this confusion, we decided to keep to our original plans, and go to Waimanalo. There were no further complications, and we made it to Jack-In-The-Box all together. Some of the riders entered the fast food restaurant, and ordered a quick bite to eat, or something to drink. Our local homeless man was there, like he’s been there almost every week, and seemed to be happy to see us. But, that may be more to the pint of vodka he was pouring into his sprite bottle. Either way, the man was yakking up a storm, whether you wanted to listen or not, and I find it best to let people be the way they are. This was our last stop for the ride, and we all said our goodbyes, and hopefully seeing each other next Sunday. Ray and Sparky will be gone for a few months, but the rest of us will continue riding, as usual. It was a good day, in spite of the minor mishaps, and we all got home safe and sound. This job writing the Intruder Bio has been extremely entertaining, and allows me to interact with you all, on a level that I really didn’t see coming. Like everyone else, staying at home and isolating from the population around me, has left a significant void in my life. But now, I am finding this a perfect outlet for my riding and creative needs. I look forward to putting our weekly rides onto paper, sort to speak, and share my perspective on how things went. Yes, I also enjoy being able to comment on other topics, when given the opportunity.  But please know that I am not here to judge, or make up things, or even overlook what does or doesn’t happen out there. So, with that being said, I will wrap it up for now. As usual, may all the Gods watch over us, our family and friends, keeping us safe and ever respectful of those in our lives. Kanuk over and out.


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

I want to start this Bio by thanking my Intruder family, for the support that we show, not only to each other, but especially all the people that we come in contact with. During this pandemic, we have each had to shoulder the impact of lost jobs and income, for ourselves and our family members. There are those of us with medical issues that are at greater risk, and continue to stay home, rightly so. We have and continue to struggle with the repercussions of isolation, not just from each other, but from friends and family members. Sometimes at night when everyone I love is home safe and sound I am humbled by how much that means to me. There was a time early on in this pandemic, where I had to forbid my daughter from entering our home, and it caused me a great deal of heartache. I haven’t had the chance to talk. Or text to all of my Intruder family members, but I wanted to let you know that I am keeping all of you close to my heart, and if there is anything that I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Alright, let’s get this ride on. This past Sunday was special. Because we, eight members showed up to ride, and I think that says something in itself. For those of you, who can’t or won’t ride, please know that your presence is missed, but understood and accepted. Today we have our president Ray and his wife Sparky riding, Kimo our vice president and his faithful companion Genny who gave up a morning to sleep in, thank you. Then we had our sergeant of arms Cooper, our secretary Bridget, and then Henry and myself. I was the first person at the new meeting place, which I refer to, as the same bat place, and same bat time. As the riders showed up, I found myself with a very happy grin on my face, knowing that my love of riding, especially with The Intruders of Hawaii, was reawakening! We spent a little extra time sharing our experiences during the last month or two, and then decided on our route for the day.
Well we got ourselves into some order of riding, yet I ended up going in the opposite direction, and had to make a few quick turns through the parking lot to get back in place as a road guard, sorry about that. Yet, soon enough we were humming right along, heading north on Kamehameha Highway. Our first stop was to be Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, the same place for the last couple of weeks. We got there safely, regardless of the ever present potholes and deteriorating state of our roads, which we all has to deal with. But we pulled in and found a shady spot to park our bikes, drink some water and confirm our next stop. This weekend was the first time when all restrictions on our local parks and beaches were lifted. Yes, there were more people out, more traffic on the roads, but at least we were together, and doing what we love.
Our next stop was to be the gas station, right by the turn off for Laie Point lookout. Well it seemed as if Henry’s bike was still acting up, and we pulled off by Shark’s Cove amidst the congestion of people vying for parking spaces. After a short stop Henry’s bike was returned to working order, and off we went. The weather was heating up, the traffic was returning to its normal pace, and we just kept riding on. At our next stop, where we hydrated, very necessary at this point, we agreed that we would continue on to Kualoa Regional Park. Bridget was pleasantly surprised to find an “Intruder blue” face mask at the gas station there, which she purchased and showed to the rest of us. Ya just never know what you’re going to find, or run into. We proceeded around the back side of the island, and at some point traffic was coming to a standstill? Unsure as to the cause, we held tight and were inching our way with everyone else, then out of nowhere, there were hotrods, dune buggies, classic VW’s and souped up trucks that were seemingly everywhere. My eyes were literally popping out of my head; too many to see at once, especially while trying to control my motorcycle. It was an incredible road show, and for what reason. Maybe just for the love of being outside again! Anyway, we got through that with only a quick separation of bikes, and proceeded on to our next destination.
This was to be our last stop, with each of us pairing up and going our separate ways. We all had a great time, riding and socializing with each other. This is what it’s about, sharing and being a part of something greater than you. We had our first official ride together, and hopefully will continue this coming Sunday. I want to thank everyone who showed up, and let them know that I appreciate their company, and their friendship. For the members of our Ohana who weren’t there, please know that we were thinking of you. Your spirit is alive and well, and we look forward to when we are all back on the road, together. May the Gods continue to watch over each of us, and our families, keeping us safe and healthy during this time?

Aloha and Mahalo,
Leslie aka Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Mother’s Day today, and this mother wants to ride. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and just right like the mama bear in the nursery rhyme. I arrived at the gas station first, and then Ben, Henry and Kimo were our riders today. At first we were going to do the same route, as we had for the last couple of weeks, but then Henry’s bike was acting up, bad bike! So we decided to follow him back to his place, making sure he got there okay.
We headed south on the H2, then took the exit for Waikiki, weaving around the pot holes, and road craters that seem to get bigger and bigger each week. Kimo and Henry were out front leading, with me next, and Ben bringing up the rear. We rode through Waikiki, where there was little traffic and even less people. As we passed the beach area, we began to see more people around. The surf was looking good, and there were plenty of people enjoying the waves, in one form or another, we continued on, up through Diamond Head, and stopped for a quick break at the look-out. I took a look at the beach below, and saw what most of us take for granted, the incredible aqua blue Pacific Ocean, with clear skies and perfect waves that seemed to flow back and forth so effortlessly. There were plenty of people around, walking, jogging, riding bicycles, and doing what you normally expect. I wondered if the people around forgot that there is a pandemic going on, but then again, I was out there too. Henry’s bike seemed to be running better, so we continued on to Sand Beach, where once again there were lots of people out enjoying the day, We ran into a few friends, Jack and Martha, and spent a few minutes catching up, Even though Henry’s bike was running better, he decided to call it a day, and took off for home. Our next stop was in Waimanalo, where we just stayed long enough to quench our thirst, and Ben decided to cut out when we passed through Kaneohe. That left just Kimo and I to finish the ride, and we continued around the back side of the island. We stopped in Kahuku for a water break and planned to make one more stop at Green World, for a quick cup of coffee. That didn’t happen, too many people there. But we completed our ride, and got home safe and sound. This pandemic has forced all of us to make changes in our lives and how we do things, and yet we still have the freedom to decide how far we venture out. As I enter the store each week to shop for my family, and see everyone donning their masks and gloves, I feel as though I am living in some parallel universe. Mind you, in spite of the seriousness of the situation, I can’t help but laugh at the sight of so many people entering the bank with masks on, which are now mandatory. I am not making fun of this, but am trying to balance out the temporary insanity of what we are now calling normal. I suppose that it will take quite a long time before most of us feel comfortable, safe and able to return to our prior lives. I am lucky, because I can still put food on the table, feed my family and pay my bills. I will end this in my usual way, praying that you and your families remain safe and free from harm, to watch out for each other, and lastly be respectful of each other. Aloha and Mahalo, Leslie aka Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Another fine morning, with clear skies and the trade winds blowing, perfect for riding. Today and all future rides are starting from the Hele Hele gas station in Mililani, since our usual meeting place at Zippy’s on Dillingham is closed. For today’s ride we have four riders, Kimo and his partner Genny, Henry and me, Kanuk. We filled our tanks and decided on the same route as last week. With just the four of us, there wasn’t a great need for road guards, so Kimo and Henry rode in front, and Genny and I rode behind them. Our first stop was at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, where we entered and with no HPD this time monitoring the area, found quite a few more beach goers and surfers already enjoying the day. We only spent a few minutes there, and then hopped back on our bikes and rode through Haleiwa Town. It seems that as each weekend passes, there are more people out and about, today was no exception. Even Turtle Beach had some tourists lolling around, but luckily where as we normally end up in a congested stop and go roll, we cruised right on through. As we passed all the popular surfing areas, I was able to see that our surfing community was alive and well, catching the swells and doing their thing. The beaches weren’t packed, but there were definitely people out there, strolling around, and swimming, fishing and just enjoying the ocean in their own ways. Our next stop was at Kahuku Sugar Mill, and even though there were some lunch wagons up and running, there wasn’t a lot of activity, at least at that time. But, I did notice that the Lunch wagon trade seems to be holding their own, still open and eager for business. Most, if not all of the restaurants we passed were closed, and that left very few options for where we or anyone else would eat. Yet, this was not a problem for us, since we kept our focus on riding, and not our stomachs. Up to this point, we were crossing paths with other motorcycle clubs, and gave them our “shaka” sign as we went by. It seems as though, as the weeks pass by, more and more riders are getting back on their bikes, some with their club members, and some just riding solo. I fully understand the need, at least to get out, feel the wind on my face, the rush as I open my throttle a little bit higher. I’ve had many discussions with my husband who is a surfer, and as I listen to him describe “riding a wave”, I fully relate to that feeling, but doing it on the road instead. Aloha and Mahalo, Leslie aka Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

For the record, last week on Sunday the 19th, I went on a solo ride around the island, I was counting other riders that were out as well. From Mililani to Haleiwa I counted 22 other motorcycles on the road, plus two that were pulled over, assuming they were having technical issues. From Haleiwa to Kaneohe, my count went to over one hundred riders on the road, and I stopped counting. I made my one and only stop around Makapuu, where I spent a few minutes enjoying the view, and hydrating. I was all alone, well surpassing the six feet of isolation that was being suggested. I continued on, passing Sandy Beach and then unexpectedly being turned around at the first lookout point, not sure why, but just following directions. Instead, I got on Kealahou Street and got myself back onto Kaianianaole Highway heading west. Then I headed home to Mililani, feeling better and knowing that I wasn’t the only one missing my Sunday rides. Okay, after last week’s ride, I decided to go out again this Sunday. But this time I was not riding alone. I met up with Kimo, the Intruder VP and Henry at the gas station in Mililani. Yes, it is the same Bat Station, and same Bat Time. Our usual meeting place, Zippy’s on Dillingham is boarded up and no longer open. Since it would just be the three of us, we didn’t waste time. Just hopped on our bikes and headed towards Haleiwa. The weather was perfect, just enough cloud cover to keep us from overheating, and a gentle breeze to send us on our way. The first stop was at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, now open, and being watched by our local PD. There were at least a dozen cars parked throughout the park, with people walking around, and some surfers enjoying the waves. We didn’t linger long, just enough to decide on our next stop, and admire the view for a few minutes. As we were exiting the park, three police officers arrived on ATVs, apparently having some type of business to attend to. Our next stop would be the Sugar Mill in Kahuku. From Haleiwa to there, we passed more riders than I could keep track of, even some other clubs were out enjoying the day. With the city and county parks being reopened, there were a lot more people on the roads, and quite a few enjoying the beaches. The surf was up, so there were plenty of surfers out enjoying the waves. We arrived at the Sugar Mill to find about a dozen other riders taking a break, as well. Kimo being the VP approached the other riders, sharing the aloha, while keeping the distance required. Everyone seemed in good spirits, appreciating the day, and being back on the road again. We decided our next stop would be Kualoa Regional Park, got back on our bikes, and headed there.
The weather continued to be cooperative and we enjoyed the ride, with minimum traffic. As we reached the entrance to the park, I couldn’t help but notice a lot more riders out. There were a few clubs already there, milling around and doing their thing. Though I wasn’t seeing a lot of social distancing, at least most of them were wearing some sort of masks. Once again, Kimo did his meet and greet from a distance, and Henry and I just stayed put, and gave the shaka. I walked out towards the beach, where I enjoyed the view of Chinaman’s Hat. We were making a lot more stops then we usually do, but who am I to complain. I was just happy to be out riding again. So, our next stop would be at the Jack-In-The-Box in Waimanalo. We hopped back on our bikes, and continued on our journey around the island. We took main roads and back roads, straight aways and curvy ways. It didn’t really matter which way we went, we were all just out there doing what we love to do, ride.As we approached the next stop in Waimanalo, we came upon a hoard of mopeds that were gathered around the gas station there. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there were literally fifty, maybe more of them. We pulled in, went around and parked next to the Jack-In-The-Box, right next to the policeman, who was also parked there. I wasn’t sure what to make of this strange occurance, and figured that this was just a random moped club out on a ride, just like us? Well, we decided to stay and grab a bite to eat, and yes we kept our distance from the moped riders and each other. Our bikes were parked at least six feet apart, though that was probably unnecessary. After a quick bite to eat, we decided our last stop would be Sandy Beach. But before we left, we witnessed the mopeds depart. It was extraordinary that none of them ran into each other. They left in what felt like a multitude of sounds, and exhausts that I can’t say was enjoyable on any level, but to each their own. We rode on to Sandy Beach, where once again we came upon more motorcycle clubs. They also seemed to be out enjoying the day, with some wearing masks, and some not. We spent a few minutes talking and catching up with each other. Then we said our goodbyes and took off for home. I suppose that we all determine the amount of risks that we want to take, and for that freedom, I will continue to be grateful for. The fact that I’m healthy and able to ride at my age, seems too good to be true. I am taking this Coronavirus seriously, and trying to do the right things, like wear a mask, wash my hands, stay six feet apart, and whatever else is necessary. Yet, I find that riding a motorcycle has and continues to be a form of therapy for me. It has kept me sane and in touch with the fragility of life, which for me is important. I don’t know how long we are all going to be doing this social distancing, but on a motorcycle, I always stay at least six feet apart from others. May the Gods continue to watch over each and everyone of you, keeping you, your family and friends healthy and safe. Warmest Aloha, Leslie aka Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

I’ll start this bio by explaining the need for all of us to be responsible out there. As a motorcycle rider, a six foot distance from others isn’t too hard. This morning would really prove no different than any other for me. The weather was clear, with a splattering of clouds floating around, and the roads outside were dry. I met Kimo at the gas station, and we continued to Zippy’s on Dillingham. When we got there, Henry was the only one there. We checked with Ray and a few others to see if they were planning on coming out, all declined and we chose our route. We decided to ride out towards the north shore, going down H1 west, then onto Kunia Road. There were few cars on the road, but still, people were going somewhere. We went through Haleiwa, noticing that all the city and county parking lots were chained off. Yet, this was no deterrent to the many surfers that thrive here. The roads were filled with cars parked on the sides, then the surfers probably walked to their favorite beaches. As we continued through Haleiwa, Sunset and on, the roads were filled with the parked cars of surfers. We stopped at Ted’s Bakery during one downpour, trying to decide, whether to turn around, or not. We decided to continue, and the rain eventually tapered off.
I noticed that as we continued riding around the island, that a lot of businesses were closed, or only doing take-out, and that all the public restrooms were closed! This proved more problematic than anything else. But, there were still people driving around, surfers surfing, some families enjoying the beaches, and bikers riding. Yet, there were no crowds, as is usually the case on the weekends. Things were beginning to change. Our next stop was at Heeia Kai Small Boat Harbor, where we found a few people fishing off the docks, and a couple tourists mulling around. We didn’t stay long, just a quick stop, and hopped back on our bikes. Our next stop was at Jack In The Box, for a quick take-out lunch. This was nearing the end of our ride, when we would separate and head home. We cut through Hawaii Kai, Aina Haina, then back onto the H1 heading west. Once again we got caught in the rain, yet it was still good to be out and about. Henry got off at his exit, and Kimo and I headed for Mililani. I’m not sure how much things will change between this week and next, but I hope to keep riding. We are each dealing with this “social distancing” in our own ways, and yet have to find a way of keeping ourselves healthy and sane. For me, my family and friends are a huge part of my support plan, and I am thankful to each and everyone of them. But, if I’m honest here, riding my motorcycle has become almost a necessity for my own personal well being. So, as long as I don’t pose a risk to myself, my family and friends, as well as my island family, I WILL continue to ride. Thank you all, and may all our Gods protect us, and keep us safe. Aloha Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

When I looked at the weather forecast on Saturday night, I prepared myself for a rain out on Sunday’s ride. Yet, when I woke up Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised by the blue skies and dry roads outside. I received a text from Kimo, saying that he would meet up with me at the “same Bat place, at the same Bat time”. For those of you old enough to remember the old Batman series on TV, starring Adam West, Alan Napier, and Cesar Romero to name a few of the cast members, this was a regular part of the spiel you heard throughout the show. Anyway, I had my one cup of coffee, got dressed and made my way down to the garage. I started my Harley and waved goodbye to my newest and youngest neighbor, 18 months old Na Hoku, and her mum. Off to the gas station to fill up my tank, already on reserve and wait for Kimo to arrive. The ride into town went fine until we reached the Dillingham exit, where the road construction continues to worsen, basically forcing us to ride in single file. We got to Zippy’s in one piece, knowing that this was probably going to get worse, before it got better. Henry and Marc were already there, and as it went, no one else showed up. Ray our club president sent a text, that Kaneohe was rained out, and that he and Sparky were opting out today. So, that left Kimo, Marc, Henry and myself to decide on where we would ride. To keep things simple, we decided that we would head to Waikiki, then Diamondhead, and stop at Sandy Beach Park for our first break. From there we would decide which way to go. Now as I have noted in earlier rides, and even today, our ability to go from one place to another has been determined by the construction that seems to be engulfing our island. But, we finally got ourselves going in the right direction, after some unexpected road closures. If anything, this whole deconstruction / reconstruction is giving me a whole new perspective on roads I have rarely if ever ridden on before. Thanks! With just four of us riding today, we moved in and out of traffic and did not get separated at any given time. Waikiki was busy with pedestrians walking down Kalakaua Avenue, occasionally giving us a welcome “shaka”. The beaches were filled as usual, with visitors and eager surfers, hoping to make the most of the day. We rode past Diamond Head Lookout, and ended up detouring at Wai’alae Beach Park, where Henry determined that his bike was acting up. We decided that we would follow him home to Kaimuki, making sure he got there safely. Then Kimo, Marc, and I hopped on the H1 and headed home. Up to that point the weather had been pretty good, but you could see the clouds building into something that demanded a bit of respect. Within a few minutes of Marc taking the Pali exit, Kimo and I hit the first of three separate down pours. Each one seemed to be more adamant then the previous, but as seasoned riders, we took our time, flashers on, and made it back to Mililani in one piece. I accepted Kimo’s offer of a hot coffee, since we weren’t going to be doing lunch, and called it a day. Since the ride ended shorter than usual, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few personal thoughts. Living on an island took me some time to adapt to, yet adapt I have. I have been in Hawaii for over thirty years, I got married to a local man, gave birth to five children and have come to love and respect the islands and its people. Yet, I find myself praying to any and all “Gods” that we all survive this new virus, without shedding our humanity. Being on an island at this time may have its benefits, by limiting our exposure to others around the world that has been more greatly affected, and then we have been. But, it may also test our capacity to work peacefully together, and not panic. Even though I am just one person, I hope that I can lead by example and help those around me. Until next week, may you and your Ohana remain safe and healthy. Aloha and Mahalo, Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Aright then, I will attempt this bio one more time. I finished the first only a few hours earlier and proceeded to push the send button, and it went somewhere? Who knows and at this point I’m tired of looking into the “cloud”. Let us just accept the fact that I am not very computer literate. With that being said, I will apologize for taking so long to submit this bio. Though I have no valid reason, and apparently I’m not being graded for this, so I say that, we should all be happy that it gets done. The morning was brisk, with bright blue skies and cumulus clouds lazily hanging above the Koolaus Mountain range. The weather forecast is the same as it usually is, possible rains, possible not, throw in a bit of the trade winds and you got yourself another day in paradise. I got my usual cup of coffee, dressed and made my way to the garage. My Harley was there along with the Dyna, and a broken down Vespa, don’t ask, it’s not mine and I’d sooner have the extra space. I started my bike, and hopefully not disturbing those who like to sleep in, left my neighborhood. I arrived at the same gas Bat station, at the same Bat time. This will be explained sooner or later. Kimo our valiant VP and Genny arrived filled their tanks and we took off for town, to meet the rest of the club. We took the H2 south, then the H1 East, and got off at Dillingham Boulevard. The roads have not improved any, and if anything, have been spreading out in no particular pattern. But we anticipated this and weaved through the endless pot holes and steel plates, arriving safely at Zippy’s.  Today’s group included Ray and Sparky, Kimo and Genny, Henry, D.Mann, Ben, and me. We decided to pull a chip out of a bag with a member’s name to determine where we would ride today. D. Mann won. The ride would take us through Waikiki, past Diamond Head and out towards Waimanalo. With so many decisions on where to go, ride this direction or that, the choices are endless. Okay, I know my sarcasm is a bit much, but sometimes ya just want to ride a road you haven’t ridden a thousand times. But in defense of my own self here, at least the views are priceless, and I “never” get tired of our mountain ranges. We saddled up, a common riding term, even if you’re not riding a horse and made our way towards Waikiki. Henry was happy with his new front rim, wider than the one that was damaged a few weeks ago, and hopefully better suited to our constantly changing road surfaces. We rode down Kalakaua Avenue, through Waikiki, stopping and starting, and I believe to the lookout, for our first rest stop, so far so good. There seemed to be a lot of action down there on the beach, at least from my vantage point, and wished all the surfers a good day. We got back on our bikes, now heading to Kahala and getting on Kalanianaole Highway. We could now pick up a bit of speed and cruise for a few minutes. As we approached Hanauma Bay we got into a single file and made our way around the point. Sandy Beach was hopping and popping, giving those body board riders a righteous time. We continued on to Jack in the Box in Waimanalo, for our next rest stop. Henry took off, back to town, Kimo and Genny would soon take off for family obligations, which just left five of us. We now headed for Kaneohe Marine Base Lookout, via Enchanted Lakes and the back side of Kailua. Another quick rest stop, then we took off for Windward Mall in Kaneohe for lunch at Big City Diner. One good thing about Windward Mall, they have motorcycle parking, close to the entrance we normally use. We were seated fairly quickly, given our menus and drink orders taken. This is when things start getting amusing, at least in my eyes, cause things never, hardly ever go according to plan. I’ll make this quick, I ordered ice water; I received a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. D. Mann ordered a coca cola, he received colored water, cause at that moment all the soda dispensers decided to stop dispensing. Then Ben ordered Loco Moco, and when the waitress removed the menus from the table, she left a trail of gravy that a garden snail would be envious of. But, we’re not finished yet. Ray ordered a chicken sandwich with fries and while eating his chicken sandwich, proceeded to pull a piece of paper out from it. Though the piece of paper was missing a corner, with teeth marks telling all those at the table, that he had already eaten some of it. The waitress was very apologetic, and removed this offending dish, then replaced it with another, along with a very large helping of fries. Fries being the universal food that tames us all, maybe.The ride ended after lunch, with all of us heading in our separate directions. I made it home safely, and emptied my pockets to find that day’s treasures. If you don’t know me well, I am a scavenger at heart and today’s treasures consisted of one drill bit, a glass marble, and a small gold pendant in the shape of a feather. I wish you all a wonderful week, and that you and your family stay healthy and happy.
Aloha and Mahalo until next week, Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Today’s ride was canceled due to weather, and as things go, it was probably a good idea. Half the day was wet, windy and downright nasty, and the rest was toying with me to gear up. But, each time I started to get ready, the weather changed. Now I don’t know if any of you know this, but I have been having a few challenges with my new and first laptop. It’s not like I’m some uneducated person. But all of a sudden I’m experiencing some frustrations in doing this blog. Yet, if I am anything, I am stubborn, and won’t have a machine call the shots, unless it’s my Harley. I already wrote this bio a few days ago, and I don’t know what button I pushed, but I haven’t a clue as to where it went! Maybe the iCloud has it along with the two thousand pictures I took while in Italy? Like I said, there are just some areas here that have reduced me almost to a sniveling idiot. On the bright side, instead of riding this past Sunday, I was given the last minute task of getting a birthday cake for my soon to be granddaughter. No big deal right, well that is usually how my life rolls, ya gotta work for it. So after going to Times supermarket and waiting at the bakery counter for twenty minutes, I decided to save time and do the rest of my shopping while this lady finished her bakery saga. I got everything and the three different ice cream flavors to cover all my family’s tastes, and went back to the counter. Yes, she was still there, with a seemingly endless need of bakery goods. The ice cream was starting to melt, so I put it back in its original section, not to gently by that time. I paid for my groceries and decided another market would hopefully prove more helpful. I then drove to Safeway with my previous groceries in the back of my car, and entered the store. Behold, there were two birthday cakes left and I got in line to do my grandmother’s duty. I was number three in line, and by the time I made it to the front, both birthday cakes were gone, really? But, as my mum always said, “there is always a silver lining”. I looked over to the far corner, and I spotted a very familiar color combination, orange and black. I believe a double take was truly made, because before was a Harley Davidson cake, orange frosting with black piping, and a miniature bike placed on top. Oh wait, this isn’t my birthday, so I sadly put it back and asked the baker if they had any other cakes with chocolate on chocolate, and to my surprise they did. I grabbed a new supply of ice cream and with the birthday cake safely in hand went home. Let’s hope that next week the weather will improve, and I’ll see you all on the road. Be safe out there and keep things simple. Aloha, Kanuk


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

It’s another chilly morning, about 60 degrees out with winds NE 3 mph. I’m up early again, so it’s still dark out. I grab a fresh cup of coffee and return to my room, checking the news, and the weather reports. I saw on my email that the Senate Bill needs further attention, and submit another testimonial. As a motorcycle rider, it’s important to stay in the loop, of what’s going on in our state, and the laws that are being passed. This year I decided to become more active, and do what I can to help our motorcycle community. I finished up my coffee and started to gear up. I am meeting Kimo the VP at the gas station, the same bat time, same bat place! We will gas up and ride to Zippy’s as usual. The ride in was brisk and there seemed to be more people on the highway, then usual. But, we made good time and found the rest of the Intruders awaiting us. Today the group included Ray and Sparky, Mark, Henry, D. Mann and Marcie, Cooper and Bridget, Ben, Kimo and me, Kanuk. What a nice surprise to see Marcie,

and we are all praying for her health to improve. Henry is in the process of submitting a request or shall we say, reimbursement for his damaged rim, from last week. I would think that there is a long list on that one, but ya never know. We had our meeting , determining that we would ride around the island, and figure out where to eat lunch later. Henry took off for home, and D. Mann and Marcie were heading out to breakfast, which left eight of us to ride today. We made our usual detours around the growing pot holes and steel plates, and headed west on the H1. We zimmed and zoomed down the road, keeping together and making our way to the H2 going north. With the Ko’olau mountain range to my right, and the Waianae range to my left, I hoped that we would be spared the rain that seemed to hang atop the mountains. We got off at the Wahiawa exit and got on Kamehameha Highway heading north. We were almost through Wahiawa when we got separated at a red light, but got it all figured out soon after. We got back into our formation and proceeded towards Haleiwa. We had our first stop, break at Ted’s Bakery and discussed our lunch options. Kimo was heading back home early, family obligations. And Ben was leaving early as well, but the rest of us were up for more. We made a quick stop to gas up, then heading down Kamehameha Highway, enjoying the costal scenery. A lot of people were out today, especially by He’eia Kea Small Boat Harbor. Both sides of the road were packed with trucks and trailers ! They have been redoing the back roads around there, so the ride was that much more enjoyable.

We continued on into Kaneohe and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. After lunch we all took off separately for home. Another great day, great ride, and thankful we live Hawaii. Aloha and blessings. Kanuk over and out.


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Good day family, and I hope you’re all ready for another fun filled day of Intruder antics.
Today’s weather forecast is partly cloudy with NE 16 mph winds, which means that we may or may not get rained on, and that there will be wind. Good to know.I am awake way too early, it’s still dark and a bit chilly. I shuffle down to the kitchen to make myself some java, that’s coffee in case you’re not from here, or there. Last night’s poker game has only left a few stranglers wandering around, possibly unaware of where they are. I get my coffee and return to my bedroom upstairs, not really wanting to chit chat with hangover people just yet. I had notified Kimo our VP, last night, that I would meet him at Zippy’s instead of the gas station. So I hop on my Harley and warm her up, probably waking a few of my neighbors up as well. I rode to the gas station, noticing that there is definitely something going on in Mililani today.

There are a few motorcycles, some souped up hotrods, and a whole bunch of pop up tents, party! I gas up and get myself to the H2 heading south. The ride in is uneventful for the most part, a little sprinkle of rain around Aiea, some nice gusts of wind by the airport, and the usual pot holes and steel plates waiting for someone (not me) to ignore and succumb to. I arrive at Zippy’s and find Ron awaiting his breakfast sandwich. In the next fifteen minutes the rest of the Intruders arrive. In our circle today, There is Ray (Prez), Sparky his faithful companion, okay wife, Henry, D. Mann, Cooper ( sergeant at arms) and Bridget, Kimo (VP), and me Kanuk (road guard extraordinaire). We discussed our options, where to ride, possible rest stops and anything else relevant, weather that seemed necessary. Today we decided that we would head to One’ula Beach Park, otherwise known as Hubush. We once again made our way out of town, trying to avoid the endless road construction, more like destruction, and hit the H1 heading west. We stayed in formation, keeping together and enjoying the winter weather. All went well, we got off at the first exit in Kapolei, or was that the last exit in Ewa? Either way, we made it there in good time, and proceeded to follow our trusted leader up and down too many roads to remember. Now like any good local girl, okay lady, I thought I knew my way around, not! There is all this new construction that is going on, there are dead end streets too numerous to count, and so we just kept riding. I was beginning to get a case of the giggles, stopping, going, turning, repeat, again, that I completely missed a pothole from hell. Three of our riders went in, and yes, three of them came out again, but not the same.

Henry, whose front tire was the narrowest, took the brunt of the damage. We all pulled over on Fort Weaver Road, to inspect, pound back in the lip of the tire’s rim, and decide what further action may be needed. We ended going all the way down the road, and pulling into Pu’uloa Beach Park. Henry decided to call it a day, and head home, Ron would follow him back, good man.

The rest of us took D. Mann’s suggestion, and take an early lunch. We hopped back on our bikes, and rode to Dicky’s Barbecue Pit in Kapolei. We never did make it to Hubush, but we had a good ride, a very good lunch, and no one got hurt. I’d say that’s a win win in my book. Until next week, may your roads be clear, dry and free of distractions! Kanuk aka Leslie.


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

There’s something about starting your motorcycle on a cool morning, feeling the engine heating up and all the expectations that come for each and every ride I take with my Intruder Family. Today is brisk, winds out of the NW 12 mph, sun on one side, clouds on the other, typical day in Hawaii. Meet up with the VP Kimo at the usual place, gas up and on our way to Zippy’s on Dillingham Boulevard. Good ride there, minus the pit holes, steel plates. For the morning meeting, Sparky aka Alicia is back in the saddle, riding shotgun with Ray the Prez. Henry, Ben, Marc, Cooper & Bridget, plus me “Kanuk” and Kimo. A decent turnout and we get down to business. senate Bills have been passed through, keeping our shoulder lane open and our exhaust pipes purring. I am officially given the okay to take over the job of writing our weekly ride and hope that I don’t disappoint . We decided on heading out towards Yokohama Bay and and left on time We made a beeline to get out of the area, skirting the endless upheaval of our roads, making it to the H1 heading west. All information given and we’re off with Ray and Sparky heading the club, Kimo and I as road guards, we got ourselves up to cruising speed. Today we were planning on doing the back roads, Nanakuli, Waianae, Malaya, Mamuad Valley and beyond. We pulled into the parking lot, and stretched our legs, took in the sights. What a beautiful island we live on, the aina is with us today! For lunch we were heading to the harbor, but the place was closed, we regrouped and decided Mexican in Waipio. With half the club heading for home instead, the rest of us headed to Acapulco and had a very relaxing meal, even some local talent was there to serenade us. I hope that I covered all the necessary things that I should, and if not, well come talk to me. May your week pass peacefully and those that you love stay by your side. Kanuk over and out


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

It’s Super Bowl Sunday so I didn’t expect too many riders at the spot, but I knew a couple of people would and da Prez and Kanuk were at SBU meeting. So I did my straggler duty to make sure if any riders showed at our regular place, we’d ride to the F.R.A. and meet up with everyone at SBU meeting. In the circle were Marc wasn’t riding, da v/p Kimo, Capt Ron and da professor Ben. After Alohas exchanged, the 3 of us headed to F.R.A. Once there, da prez and Kanuk joined us and we talked about a plan for our ride. The prez left to go get sparky and the 3 of us headed south east. I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic in Waikiki so we stayed on the freeway east all the way to Waimanalo. Once there we had a break at our spot. A friend of ours, Smoky Girl was in Waimanalo walking to where we were. I went to get her and brought her to the spot as we’ve been friends for years! She hitched a ride to Kailua “Creekside” and it was on our way so zoomba zoomba we went as we got to Kailua pretty fast and pulled up to the Creekside and Smoky jumped off for a Super Bowl party there, have fun aloha! We zoomed away and headed towards H-3 heading west then central. Ben was going Likelike way, us 3 braving the beautiful H-3 views of Koolau mountains and the enormous tunnel coming up….its very wild going thru the tunnel at 60 on a bike….but we did well and every one made it to their respective exits end of ride! I want to say Mahalo to you all who rode today. Those of you of have read the bio’s all these years that I have written then proof read by Sparky or da prez then to you. It’s been my pleasure writing to you all these years! The torch has been excepted by “Kanuk “ to continue the bio’s of our club rides and activities! I will still send in photos with aloha and remember “lets ride like the wind”! da v/p Kimo da “Kamillion …..shakalaka


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

In the circle this morning was da Prez, Kimo, Marc, Henry, Kanuk, Jim C, Bridget, Capt. Ron, Ben and Dmann. After our meet and greet with alohas our route today was to head up to H-3 to Kaneohe Bay Dr and up to Kailua, first stop Jack In The Box in Waimanalo. It was a nice cruise and didn’t take us long to get to Waimanalo. Jim C and Bridget pulled off on the Kailua side, Happy Birthday Jim, as they stopped to visit some family over there. After a brief stop we continued heading town bound, went around Koko Head to Hawaii kai and as everyone peeled at their off ramp, the rest continued west central and windward. Great ride. Mahalo everyone who came out! Aloha! Super Bowl Sunday coming up next Sunday, Aloha!! Intruder’s General Meeting was held tonight, Jan 26, 2020 at Zippy’s on Vineyard. Prez Ray and Bridget as Secretary, were voted in for another two year term respectively. A great dinner with some laughter then club business new and old discussed as well as reports given. Aloha, see ya on any given Sunday
da VP Kimo


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends
Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! We have had a few rainouts due to bad weather, but we’re back in 2020 and ready to ride da roads once again! Number of members have dropped but we still have members ready to ride and support our club and the other island clubs rolling around da island. In the circle this morning was da Prez, Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Marc, Dmann, Kipp, Jim C. Bridget, and da Professor. After da meet -n- greet, we decided to roll around the island by way of Kunia, so off we went. The roads around our meeting spot were congested with construction as we headed backway to via King St. to the freeway and varoomba varoomba! Road guards were Kamillion and Kanuk …heading west to kunia went without a hitch. All bikes running well with Genny on her bike, first ride with the rebuilt engine for her bike. All was well as we headed up Kunia to Schofield and on our way to Snake road, it was beautiful. The North shore view was “off the hook” as we made our right to head towards Haleiwa. I blocked the right then headed up the road ready for my next block at the circle. Didn’t think about it twice when I saw a car in the circle, as we were about to merge. Me and my bike blocked had the car but it didn’t stop and went around me and the bikes. It was scary and I was lucky not to have been banged, thank you Jesus. We made it to our first stop in Haleiwa coffee stop. The Prez and Road Captain had a few words of concern for me and mahalo. After our brief stop we continued to the North shore to Sunset Texaco stop for gas, all was good. Da troop decided lunch would be at Times in Kaneohe so we continued our way into the north shore. Roads on the otherside of the hwy were littered with cones and equipment due to beach erosio, at this time on our island. On the other side, Diamond head side of the island we were notified via text of active shooter by Diamond Head. We lost 2 of our own HPD, God bless them and their families and all first responders! We continued around the island to Kaneohe and finally to Times coffee shop for lunch, mahalo Prez! He treated the pack to lunch today! Great ride even though it ended on a sad note for everyone. End of ride as we all peeled out, those turning off their own ways and home with 5 of us heading back to Central side! God Bless all! Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Happy New Year! Aloha da v/p Kimo


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Aloha! This morning in the circle was da v/p Kimo, Kanuk, Marc, Ben, RayH, JimC, Bridgette.  Thank You Jesus! And off we went route chosen H-1 to H-3 to Kaneohe an onward into the wet lands….first stop Swanzy beach….da Prez was busy at the Hapalua marathon 2019 in Waikiki…. So off we went. I forgot my phone at home so I asked Marc and Kanuk to be contact points today…first stop was great thought we were in for a squall but weather held and we enjoyed the scenery…next stop Kahuku sugar mill boom! We were joined by some friends of another club there v/p  Ron, Jr n da trike n da alohas boys… after everyone left, they talked about lunch, Breakers or Stormy. I said Stormy and away we went, beautiful day, clouds keeping the sun in check…Stormy’s accommodated us once again, same server “Kimi” great service, good food friendly vibes! Great lunch…after, end of ride back to…snake road and zoomba varoom we went. Alohas as we reached the freeways and turn offs homeward bound, another great time Intruder style! Jim & Bridgette said their off to the 9th island next week, see us when they get back! Mahalo for everyone who came out today! Next week same time same place! Aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! In the circle this morning was da v/p kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Marc, RayH, Ben, &  “Tugboat”!  We had our morning alohas, I reminded everyone it SBU day so we would be heading to FRA to pick up our Prez n first lady… after announcements which were small n a prayer we mounted our bikes n started staging out back “Kanuk and I “road guarding today. JimC and Bridgette pulled up I told them were meeting da Prez at SBU… they opted out and went on their own…so the rest of us went to FRA. And waited for the Prez to get done with the meeting. Members and all but they have enough bikers involved inside the meeting… we roll in to collect our Prez, we get the info on our ride,  Gen and I had a family obligation to attend but wanted to wait till the club had da Prez at the helm…when the meeting was pau we all regrouped, let him know we had to go back Mililani so he made the ride H-1 to H-2  and we would peel off at Mililani town, they continued to the north shore, next stop would be “Teds” go team go! I talked with “Kanuk” later she said the ride went great! They had lunch at “times” Kaneohe….ok Intruders the weather is changing so come out and ride! Prepare for big island! Those who enjoy our off island rides! Until next week aloha …da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

In the circle this morning da Prez & Lioness, Kimo, Kanuk, Geneva, Henry, Marc, Ben, RayH… after announcements and a prayer for all we headed out going towards Kunia Northshore bound “Teds” bakery first stop, the roads traffic light the weather chilly and away we went. The idea was to get into the Northshore before big traffic hit. Due to the wave action…we stopped at sunset station for gas, then up the road “Teds”! We chilled for a little bit…Jim C and Bridgette pulled up and joined the group for the next leg of the journey…after our break a couple riders wanted to stop at pap oles for lunch, we will regroup once we get there….upon arrival Jim and Bridgette keep going we pulled in papa’s, a lot of people were there. Da Prez decided to keep going…Henry, Marc and Ben ordered lunch, 4 of us from Westside n central decided to keep going so we said our alohas and continued our way to west n central side…good ride! Mahalo to all who came out next week! See ya next Sunday! Aloha da v/p Kimo


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Here we are again! Welcome to Intruder Sunday, in the circle this morning were da v/p Kimo, Kanuk, Ben, and Marc. The Prez texted we, would meet him on the other side of the island, first leg of the journey was to head up Likelike towards the windward side. Haven’t gone this way in a while, we will pull in burger King Kaneohe and contact the Prez… when we got there, called Prez, ended up picking up the Prez at his house! We got to say hello to Sparky who wasn’t riding, but the Prez tied his stuffed lion on the back of the trike for fun. Ben had chosen the route earlier heading to Waimanalo, so we headed there and would regroup there….when we arrived the “B” team was there Kazu, Warren, Kikaida, Dino, RayE.  We talked story for a little bit…the weather was looking good. We decided to head around the island instead of continuing east…we rode with our friends to the next stop Kahuku sugar mill. Got to say it was good riding with our amigos! Long time! We had a break at Kahuku! The guys headed towards north shore Da Prez headed back, Kanuk and I continued to Wahiwa, green world coffee farm for a cup of Joe n a snack…great day! Great ride! Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Until next week be safe, check your bikes! And god Bless! Aloha da v/p Kimo


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,


We had our 2019 membership meeting, we say aloha to all former members that are turning in their patches good luck! We have voted in a

new sgt of arms “Jim Cooper” was voted in! Good job Jim..da Prez is hanging in as chief! The rest of our the officers are the same! Patched a new roadguard,  Leslie “Kanuk”


Good job! Kudos to all members of the club keeping the spirit alive and still “ riding like the wind”… we send out heart felt prayers to Scotty Fong n family! Big island trip poc is Kimo, lmk if you plan on going by June..Bob Chambers healing up from a foot surgery, can be reached at his house! That’s all have from da meeting 2019 here we come!

SUNDAY January 27, 2019, Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! In the circle this morning da Prez Ray & Sparky, Kimo, Geneva, Henry, RayH, Mark, Tugboat, Skully. We rode to Kunia and headed to the north shore Haleiwa coffee gallery bound … it’s cold out this morning jus seems to be getting colder! We made a quick stop in Haleiwa then continued into the north shore..next stop was at sunset Texico  gas up for some…burrrr we continued up the road passed Kahuku Sugarmill, pulled in Laie point Mcdonalds the Prez had a little issue shifting gears and I decide to turn around and head back the rest of the group went to Kaneohe “times “ for lunch ! Want to thank all who came out to ride! See ya next week aloha da v/p Kimo


Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,


Sparky.  Nice to see the following Intruders today….Da Pres Ray Pagan, Da Vice Pres Kimo Napolitano, Mark Kodama, Leslie “Kanuk” Titcomb, Ron Kahapea, Jim Cooper, Bridget Orlando, Ben Tulchin, Henry Rodrigues, Jim “Skully” Barnes and Ray Hulama.

 Pres Ray announced our annual Christmas party will be held on Sunday, Dec. 9th at The Willows Restaurant…..more information will be released later.  Please everyone keep this date open to join at our annual holiday party.  Kimo shared our blessing prayer and the group headed north to Kunia and the Dillingham airstrip with a stop to visit with Intruder brother Santos.  After our usual pit stop at the

glider area, we continued our ride through Haleiwa and the North Shore, stopping for gas at the Sunset Texaco.  Once gassed up lunch was decided at Times Restaurant in Kaneohe.  Vice Pres Kimo pulled out from the group at Kahuku Sugar Mill and rode back to Waialua to meet up with Genny.

 Heard everyone had a great meal and conversation during lunch.  End of ride was called and the West and Central crew headed home.  Until next week everyone stay safe and remember to check your bikes out before our next ride.

 Mahalo and Aloha, Da Vice Pres Kimo Napolitano



SUNDAY May 27, 2018  Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Today in da circle was da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Red, Geneva, Ray H., Kipp and Ben. After some alohas and discussions on today’s route, Big Island Labor Day Ride came up. Because of the lava flow activity and dangerous air conditions it was decided the trip is put off until further notice! Next week’s

normal ride on June 3rd is instead to participate in the semi annual SBU Party helping our Prez with the event. See you at FRA to help with set up of poker run and party. Today was a short ride. We were on our way east and the Prez noticed his trike was running hot. We made it to Hawaii Kai boat ramp when he pulled off as his gauge was almost red line. We circled back around so we could help and performed normal “man down moves” and escorted

the Prez ~n~ Sparky home. After the west side crew hailed to H-3, it was homeward bound. Had a nice ride back, a little rain up da mountain but dry by the time we got to H-1. Mahalo to you all who came to ride today! Until next week stay safe…check your bikes before Sunday! Mahalo and Aloha, da V/P Kimo

P.S. Many thanks from the Prez and Sparky for riding around the island and traveling with them to their house insuring their safety home!!


SUNDAY May 13, 2018  Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Short ride today, in the circle were da Prez, Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Dmann, Red, Ray H, and a blast from da past Tammy and son Justin stopped in. After announcements, Alohas and a few laughs, prayer said to bless all and we hit the road. We rode out to H-3 and headed up the mountain to the Koolaus,

into the tunnel and rode to the Kaneohe lookout before Kbay Marine Base. We had a nice break, some pics taken and more laughs then it was end of ride! We all cruised to the guard-shack, made our u turn and most of us continued up H-3 while for some it was back to the Westside and central for

others and one going Waianae. Da Prez pulled off at Kamehameha Hwy homeward bound. Everyone have a great Mother’s Day! Mahalo for coming out to ride today! Till next week stay safe, clean da bikes and check for loose objects! Aloha oi, Da V/P Kimosabe


SUNDAY May 6, 2018   Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome welcome to Intruder Sunday ride! In the circle this morning was da V/P Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Ray H, Dmann and Skully. It was SBU day so after the day’s blessings, we headed out to check out da Prez. Dmann was leading with me, the girls in primary road guard position, but Dmann and I

road guarded. We hit up the SBU and caught up with da Prez and Sparky. We talked a little bit after the meeting broke up. They were headed out to a birthday party, so we headed out to ride, aloha all! We charged up H-1 to H-3 heading to the Kaneohe pier. Oh how beautiful was the weather, the blue waters of the ocean, the sandbar could be seen while people were fishing. It was a nice break and I met a cool parrot at the store, typical Hawaii Day. Our

next stop was Kahuku with no one needing pit stop. Then it was Kaaawa 7-11 park side for emergency as we got hit with rain when we came around the horn. It was a pretty good small, wet all over. It had stopped by the time we hit the Kahuku Sugar Mill. We were mostly dry and all smiling glad that the sun had broken out. Always good at Kahuku with all having a nice break, next stop Haleiwa with “Killer Tacos” for lunch. It was good to have Dmann riding with us today. His bike, being newly transformed, was running tops. We had a nice lunch, no waiting time. Then back up the road, backside of Waialua, up snake road then up up up n away, homeward bound. It’s end of ride! Mahalo for you all who came out today! Until next week, stay safe, check your bikes and “Always keep smiling”! Aloha n Mahalo, da V/P Kimosabe



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:  Welcome to Intruder Sunday!

In the circle this morning was da Prez Ray, V/P Kimo, Road Captain Marc, Kanuk, Kipp, Coop, Bridget, Tugboat, Dmann, Ray H and da Professor. Road guards today are “Kimosabe, Kanuk, Marc and Kipp. What a difference a day makes! It’s beautiful out! We headed towards Waikiki. The beach areas

were packed with everyone getting out for sunshine after all the rain. Our first stop would be in Waimanalo. As we cruised along, we encountered a lot of road traffic, a lot of tourists cruzin all over but we made it just fine pulled in ‘Nalo n had a break. After talking story and some refreshments grabbed, most riders had things to do so they peeled off. So off 3 of us went continuing on around the island, next stop being Kahuku. We had a nice slow ride with choke traffic in front n behind us but still a beautiful day. Once we cruised into the Sugar Mill I heard a couple bikes start up in back. I looked and it was our old Texan member and friend, Steve Lynch n friends. We talked story for a minizzle, he said Aloha to all, will catch up another time and off they rode.

We chilled for a couple more minizzle n decided on a lunch stop Konos in North Shore market place was chosen. It’s on the other side of Breakers Restaurant, counter order style with tables inside and couple picnic tables outside. I had pulled pork sliders with a few chicken n turkey wraps n a few shakes for all and we were set! We headed out enroute for Snake road and cruised our way home. Another great ride with the “Intruders of Hawaii”! Mahalo for all who came out to say hi n those who came to ride. It’s so nice to see everyone on Sunday! It’s like services on the road! Amen! Next week is Easter Sunday; bring a bunny for a ride! Aloha oi, da V/P Kimo


Sunday March 18, 2018

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday!

In the circle this morning were da Prez, Sparky, V/P Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Ben, Marc, Kipp, Coop and Ray H. After greetings and talking story,

announcements made and a prayer, we set off for Ewa Beach! Kanuk and I would be the primary road guards once again. Haven’t been to Ewa in awhile, so we’re off heading west. We hit some weather after Pearl City but once in Ewa we dried off. We followed the rail towards Makena shopping plaza. Veered left n headed to the end of Fort Weaver, the beach park. We pulled in and everyone had some kind of story to tell. I helped tighten a signal on

Kanuk’s bike and after joined in the story fest, then it was time to roll, next stop North Shore. Haleiwa by way of Kunia but sad to say, as we approached Kunia the squall was there and rain rain rain so the Prez made a field decision signaled to the right n we merged onto the freeway and headed to the North Shore H-1, H-2 to Schofield then onto Snake Road, nice ride …. Zoom ….zoom….. and into Haleiwa we went. We got to the spot and parked our bike and it was decided it’s back to Breakers for lunch. Lunch was awesome as usual. During lunch we saw “Hui Makai M/C” pull up n park. I noticed one

of the other riders left their bike light on, so I went shut it off so they wouldn’t have a dead battery. It turned out to be Jeff’s bike. It seems he’d like sell the bike for $12,000.00. Nice cruiser, 120 motor all the extras. We talked with the Hui Makai riders before we left. All of them our friends, like us, were a baker’s dozen. After lunch our end of ride ride took us up and over Snake road, up thru Schofield n on to the freeway for some and some of us peeled right to Mililani. Another great ride! We pull in home and got a text from da Prez. Seems they broke down on H-3, raining cats and dogs on them. They had to be towed. They got help and got home safe, Thank you lord and also those who towed them. Looked like they got it lifted up into the back of a pick up! Mahalo to you all who rode today! U made it special! Until next week stay safe, come ride next Sunday! Please mark on your calendars, Christmas Party has already been reserved at the Willows this year on December 9th, 2018. Aloha n Mahalo, V/P Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends,

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday on this cold n cloudy day! In the circle this morning were da Prez & Sparky (aka Alicia), V/P Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Red, Ben, Marc, Ray H, Coop, Bridget…. Alright, said a prayer for all, chose south for the route. I was Training Kanuk as road-guard, so away we

go! Headed up Nimitz, getting our bikes running in harmony as we made our way into Waikiki. After passing beach side of the Keys, we were turned around at Diamond head Rd.; we took alternate route thru to Diamond Head Kahala then merged onto Kalanianaole Hwy and continued to Portlock Koko Head area. We then headed up the cliffs overlooking the blue waters approaching cacaroach beach blowhole then we pulled into Sandy Beach for a pit stop.

After talking story and a few laughs we continued on to Waimanalo. The wind was picking up as we passed Makapu and Rabbit Island so nice cool day. Got to Jack ~N~ the Box and pulled in to regroup! Next stop was to be Kahuku Sugar Mill. Beautiful ride, still cool breeze n cloudy so we weren’t being baked along the way. The cold reminds me of riding on the big island! Let’s get our trip on my friends! I’m taking names for Labor Ride 2018 on the Big

Island.  Let me know if you’re interested so I can reserve containers! So back on the road we got to Kahuku in good time. Traffic wasn’t too bad but when we were at the mill we got report traffic was choke in Haleiwa. Some riders were turning around heading back to H-3 with the rest of us continuing north. We didn’t hit any hold ups and had lunch at Breakers in Haleiwa. Great lunch, after we headed for Waialua Snake Road to head homeward bound. Mahalo to you all! Great job Kanuk! Thanks for stepping up! For now until next week stay safe, Love deep and check your bikes for routine maintenance, tire pressure, oil, battery terminals, etc. Check before you go on a ride! Aloha da V/P Kimo aurighttt. God Bless!!


Sunday March 4, 2018

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! It was a peek a boo day cloudy but dry….

In the circle this morning was da V/P Kimo, Dmann, Geneva, Kanuk, Barb, Ray H, Coop, Bridget, and da Professor. SBU meeting today so we will be going to the F.R.A. to meet up with da Prez Ray. Dmann, Kanuk and I were road guarding with Kanuk training so off we went. Staged out back of Zippy’s

and hit the road enroute to meet the Prez! Nice start to the ride, all bikes running smooth. Traffic was light as we merged onto Nimitz under the viaduct cruzin free. I was strutting my new Lic plate “IOH VP”, so proud. We pulled into the FRA parking lot spotting da Prez outside talking with some riders. A lot of alohas all around for the first Sunday of the month at the meeting place. Then it’s down to business and time to decide ride. Da Prez said let’s head Kaneohe bound so it was H-3 way and we cruised thru the mountains to the other side and pulled over near Kaneohe HPD in a school parking lot while

da Prez went pick up the first lady “Sparky” one more for the ride! They pulled up shortly and away we went next stop Kahuku Sugar Mill. Kanuk was helping with road guarding so moved into primary position as Dmann had to leave at Kaneohe. She’s doing fine and I’m glad for the help. As we pulled into Kahuku, some family of Ray & Sparky’s pulled in followed up with Roy and da Mo’opunas so we chilled there for a minizzle. Then it was time for lunch with the girls deciding on Turtle bay. So that’s where our next stop was. Light traffic and we cruised into Turtle Bay for lunch which went without a hitch.

Everyone had something to hit the spot. After lunch da Prez, Sparky and Barb headed back Kaneohe way with the rest of us headed on around the island. The ride to the North Shore wasn’t too bad with traffic, although my wrist clutch hand says different! Ok now, we headed past the surf spots, Sunset Beach, Foodland, Pupukea, and Waimea and passed Ted’s Bakery making our way to Haleiwa. After passing the bridge we veered right n cruised to Waialua. I put Geneva and Kanuk up front while I rode next to Ray H all the way home! What a nice day! Thank you everyone who came out to ride. Until next week stay safe and check your bike! Mahalo n Aloha oi da, V/P Kimo  P.S. sorry about last week everyone I was out and didn’t ride so any bio was posted…my bad! We are back Aloha!!!!



 Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome back to another adventure with the” Intruders of Hawaii”! Some of our biker girls were on the “5th Annual Girls Ride” today. We plan to meet up later today! What a great morning. Making up the Intruder circle today was da Prez & Sparky, V/P Kimo, Red, Marc, Kipp, RayH, Da Professor and guest rider Linda. After our Aloha’s and prayer, we headed out taking the roadways to H-1 …time for rumble…varoomba varoomba as we hit up the H-3 up up

up and into the tunnel we charged. We made our way to Kahekili Hwy n continued to our next stop which was at the Hula 7-11 for a cool beverage n a few laughs. And off we went to our next stop Kahuku Sugar Mill for us few to grab juice for da bikes. The day was beautiful! Thank you Jesus! Made it to the sugar mill in good time, took care of business and we continued towards the North Shore, keeping in mind we wanted to meet up with the girls’ end of ride at the Harley shop with an ETA of 1:00 p.m. The next stop was at Ted’s Bakery…love that place. Got a text from Geneva and a pic of all the girls. I noticed

they were at Swazi beach area which was right behind us. Then I knew we would be on time to meet up with everybody in town. So we leave Ted’s… a few snacked, no lunch and we head to Waialua and onto Snake Road heading town bound. Next stop, Harley shop direct pulling into the Harley shop at 1:00 p.m. on the button.  We were directed to where to park and from that point girls girls girls! Good grind…hot as hell….a lot of awesome prizes to be won choke. We hung out winning a couple cool items! All in all another great day with da Intruders M/C… Want to welcome Kanuk and Kipp to our road guard in training! I did it and still road guard, but the club can always use more to help keep our Intruder pack safe!  Mahalo and aloha for now. Be great!

 Da V/P Kimosabe



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends

What a general membership meeting we had last night! Mahalo to the Prez staying on board! Congrats to Kimo as v/p another term and Stafford as Treasure 3yrs term aurighttt…Good morning after a big night we were pulling up to the spot a little late (I did text the Prez n let him know) and to my amazement there were a giant Intruder circle bike to the right bikes to the left. As I was getting off I had to fend off tardy comments! 🙂 Happy to see

everyone, but it’s been awhile since we had a good turnout, 18 bikes this morning! In the circle were da Prez Ray, Sparky, Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Barbra, Andie, Marc, Kipp, BobC, JimC, Bridget, Red, Ben, Dmann, RayH, Scotty (Killa), n guest rider Bill…after prayers going out to Ms. Ulu, then a blessing for the tribe n day we headed off to the Westside, Kunia bound as usual staged out back, road guards Red and I, and away we go….we alternate left to right

as the Prez guides us thru the highways (road guard comment)…long tail, have to haul ass to back in line and ready for next lane change …but we were flowing down the roads in union…we made good time to Dillingham airstrip, cruised the service road to the end and gathered for a pic at our memorial spot of Santos. We freshened up the post of honor…took a couple pics,  made a little video, cruzing out of the airstrip n on to the glider stop. For a trip to the lua. At the glider spot the Prez noticed parts of his trike blew off on the freeway when we started…he had a plan. We continued to the north shore,

thought we were heading for Kaneohe but ended up pulling in turtle bay resort! Yeah! Nice to have a healthy pack on the cruise how exciting! Lunch was great and the Prez Bought! Mahalo Prez! But!  he had a plan, like us ride all-round the horn to Likelike back to H-1 n see if we could find some of his parts.  So that’s what we did. It was a beautiful ride going thru Haleiwa, Waimea, Sunset Beach, Kahuku, Kaaawa n on to Kaneohe n to the H-3 n Likelike.

 3 riders merged onto H-3, aloha oi we waved! The rest continued to the spot n helped looking for the cover that flew off his bike. After a little searching the Prez gave us a thumbs up n 3 of us continued west….end of ride….what a ride…..Bravo!  Scotty (eagle eye) found the cover on the side of freeway. It was prefect. Want to thank everyone who came out to ride today! Also thank you for your support! Until next week stay safe! Check your bikes out! Come ride on Sunday mahalo n Aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder family & friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday Ride! It was a cool ride in from Mililani this morning perfect riding weather. This morning in da circle was Da Prez, da veep, Geneva, Marc, Red, Kanuk, Ben, JimC and Bridget. We send prayers to heal our first lady Sparky “speedy recovery” n god bless! Had a blessing

for the day, route was called H-3 to Kaneohe to the pier. Was a little wet coming thru the tunnel on H-3 but all made it safely! While at the spot one of my good friends Eric road to the pier and visited with us on his newly acquired bike, good to see him! We had a nice first stop break then back on the road next stop Kahuku sugar mill, oh boy did we get it on the way to Kahuku it rained cats n dogs all over da place. We stopped in Kaaawa to do foul weather

gear, but still it came down cleared a little by the time we made it to Kahuku. We decided to have lunch at turtle bay country club. It was a good time thx Prez for surprising us with lunch on him aurighttt. After da kau kau, we headed thru the north shore making our way to snake road.  I blocked the road at snake mistakenly blocking a  HPD in a truck who knew as I was holding up traffic he blared his siren but let us go when he saw what we were trying to do, thank ya Jesus for no ticket! Aurighttt we headed up n out of snake road, passed Kemoo farms schofield base n waved aloha as some peeled right the rest merged onto the freeway “ end of ride” still in progress be safe my family! Mahalo to those who came out to ride! Always special Sundays with you! Aloha da v/p Kimo



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

This morning it was crazy weather, wet n windy, when Gen n I pulled up, only Red was there. Da Prez had S.B.U. business with another club out in Aiea. So we called “rainout “when da Prez got in touch I told him pau due to rain. Well as usual riders started pulling in.

Well 3 more this morning in da circle, was da v/p Kimo, Geneva, Red, Kanuk, JimC, Bridget, Dman. I said since we had A.W.R. all weather riders, so I called south shore way, stop at Diamondhead, then onto Waimanalo, once there Jim & Bridgette went on their own, Da Prez pulled up, but he was going to take care of Sparky! Hi Sparky! Heal fast love you! Well after the Prez went, us 3 decided to go around instead of heading back …next stop Kahuku somewhere in between, we got hit by a torrential storm for a few miles when we pulled into Kahuku we were wet! Onward we go Haleiwa next stop, we had kaukau at killer Tacos!  After lunch we hit up snake road and into Mililani end of ride. Another great ride! Mahalo to all who came to ride! Until next week be safe and god bless to all! Da v/p Kimosabe



Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! This morning as I pulled up, the club was already moving to stage up. I joined in as road guard and we went to Lava Riders event at Cycle City. The Prez had SBU business to attend to. We got there and no one got poker sheets, meaning we do our own ride then go

back if we want to join at Cycle City. Those present da Prez, Red, Marc, Henry, Dmann, Bridget, Cooper, Barbra, RayH, and Da v/p.  I bought a shirt. I looked at the spot where we had parked n the bikes were moving had to run in get started n catch up to the club. We were heading to Northshore Teds was called. We ended up at Haleiwa coffee spot. The Prez had to turn around n go back to event SBU business so him and a couple riders went back, we were going to continue to Teds. The rest met up at Ted’s, the group decide to hale to times Kaneohe for lunch. I opted out and went my own way, thanks for everyone who came out to ride until next week be safe mahalo n aloha da veep Kimosabe


SUNDAY OCT 1, 2017

Aloha Intruder family & friends: This morning in the circle were Da veep, Geneva,  Kanuk, Marc, Red, Ben. This morning is SBU day and da Prez said to come by, didn’t know if he was riding or not, but we gathered our bikes after alohas n a prayer for all n proceeded to Nimitz to the F.R.A. Once there we

got parked then chummed with all the other clubs gathered there. I talked with Donavan of the Koas, Zeuz  n da Pacific Knights Gerald from Worldwide Tigers! Too many more to name…the Prez came out and after not seeing him a couple weeks we all gathered around n talked story, his hand was mo betta n he could ride…we  went north shore way , first stop coffee shop in Haleiwa , ohhh what a good time … good break weather great we talked for a

minizzle then time for go , Sunset Texaco next stop , anyone need gas  can then we go Ted’s for pit stop, their after a snack and more Riga more, lunch was voted in at papa oles Laie ,and away we went … varoomba varoomba ….got to papa oles and much to our surprise n pleasure not too busy! Everyone got something for lunch after a little rain started a few of us decided to go back to central the rest would go right continue towards the windward side… we hit some traffic but made good time thru the north shore, we bypassed Haleiwa and cruised thru da pineapple fields to schofield n up to Mililani…another great ride mahalo everyone who came out to ride! Until next week pull out da ol tire inflator check da tires…. Check safety check n registration … check oil …. Take flashlight n inspect break pads…now Ur cooking! Until next week mahalo n aloha da v/p Kimo






Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Today is our annual toys for tots parade. Kanuk, Genny and I pulled up at Magic Island at o dark thirty.

The Prez & Sparky rolled up next, good morning already time to get tents up.

Members started rolling up and joining in getting ready for all the bike clubs coming. Andy Bumatai and da Captain were the DJ’s.

We had the Marine Brass Band rocking as usual. Roland and da H.P.D.were out in force, helping traffic, food, truck, Tshirst and water stations.

Toy drop, bikes getting lined up the toys for tots 2016 was Rollin! A squad of friends from Japan rolled up each year, more n more joined this year they came in force.

Wanted to say mahalo to all who helped, our crew, Mo’opunas, Pacific Knights and everyone else you’re the best! A lot of fun before the start of the parade,

once commenced we paraded thru Waikiki waving to all the people lined up along the street, aloha! Aloha! varoom varoom the rain started but it was dry all morning so it’s a blessing.

We cruised to the shell dropped off toys and for some of us, smiled, our worktime was pau, the parade was a success.

 Mahalo to you all, happy holidays! And much love to you and your families aloha da v/p k.