Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Aloha! This morning in the circle was da v/p Kimo, Kanuk, Marc, Ben, RayH, JimC, Bridgette. Thank You Jesus! And off we went route chosen H-1 to H-3 to Kaneohe an onward into the wet lands….first stop Swanzy beach….da Prez was busy at the Hapalua marathon 2019 in Waikiki…. So off we went. I forgot my phone at home so I asked Marc and Kanuk to be contact points today…first stop was great thought we were in for a squall but weather held and we enjoyed the scenery…next stop Kahuku sugar mill boom! We were joined by some friends of another club there v/p  Ron, Jr n da trike n da alohas boys… after everyone left, they talked about lunch, Breakers or Stormy. I said Stormy and away we went, beautiful day, clouds keeping the sun in check…Stormy’s accommodated us once again, same server “Kimi” great service, good food friendly vibes! Great lunch…after, end of ride back to…snake road and zoomba varoom we went. Alohas as we reached the freeways and turn offs homeward bound, another great time Intruder style! Jim & Bridgette said their off to the 9th island next week, see us when they get back! Mahalo for everyone who came out today! Next week same time same place! Aloha da v/p Kimo