Aloha Intruder Family and Friends
Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! We have had a few rainouts due to bad weather, but we’re back in 2020 and ready to ride da roads once again! Number of members have dropped but we still have members ready to ride and support our club and the other island clubs rolling around da island.
In the circle this morning was da Prez, Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Marc, Dmann, Kipp, Jim C. Bridget, and da Professor. After da meet -n- greet, we decided to roll around the island by way of Kunia, so off we went. The roads around our meeting spot were congested with construction as we headed backway to via King St. to the freeway and varoomba varoomba!
Road guards were Kamillion and Kanuk …heading west to kunia went without a hitch. All bikes running well with Genny on her bike, first ride with the rebuilt engine for her bike. All was well as we headed up Kunia to Schofield and on our way to Snake road, it was beautiful. The North shore view was “off the hook” as we made our right to head towards Haleiwa. I blocked the right then headed up the road ready for my next block at the circle. Didn’t think about it twice when I saw a car in the circle, as we were about to merge. Me and my bike blocked had the car but it didn’t stop and went around me and the bikes. It was scary and I was lucky not to have been banged, thank you Jesus. We made it to our first stop in Haleiwa coffee stop. The Prez and Road Captain had a few words of concern for me and mahalo. After our brief stop we continued to the North shore to Sunset Texaco stop for gas, all was good. Da troop decided lunch would be at Times in Kaneohe so we continued our way into the north shore. Roads on the otherside of the hwy were littered with cones and equipment due to beach erosio, at this time on our island. On the other side, Diamond head side of the island we were notified via text of active shooter by Diamond Head. We lost 2 of our own HPD, God bless them and their families and all first responders! We continued around the island to Kaneohe and finally to Times coffee shop for lunch, mahalo Prez! He treated the pack to lunch today! Great ride even though it ended on a sad note for everyone. End of ride as we all peeled out, those turning off their own ways and home with 5 of us heading back to Central side! God Bless all!
Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Happy New Year! Aloha da v/p Kimo