SATURDAY January 26, 2019     Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,

We had our 2019 membership meeting, we say aloha to all former members that are turning in their patches good luck! We have voted in a new sgt of arms “Jim Cooper” was voted in! Good job Jim..da Prez is hanging in as chief! The rest of our the officers are the same! Patched a new roadguard,  Leslie “Kanuk”!  Good job! Kudos to all members of the club keeping the spirit alive and still “ riding like the wind”… we send out heart felt prayers to Scotty Fong n family! Big island trip poc is Kimo, lmk if you plan on going by June..Bob Chambers healing up from a foot surgery, can be reached at his house! That’s all have from da meeting 2019 here we come!

SUNDAY January 27, 2019    Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! In the circle this morning da Prez Ray & Sparky, Kimo, Geneva, Henry, RayH, Mark, Tugboat, Skully. We rode to Kunia and headed to the north shore Haleiwa coffee gallery bound … it’s cold out this morning jus seems to be getting colder! We made a quick stop in Haleiwa then continued into the north stop was at sunset Texico  gas up for some…burrrr we continued up the road passed Kahuku Sugarmill, pulled in Laie point Mcdonalds the Prez had a little issue shifting gears and I decide to turn around and head back the rest of the group went to Kaneohe “times “ for lunch ! Want to thank all who came out to ride! See ya next week aloha da v/p Kimo