Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Here we are again…welcome back to Intruder Sunday! Today’s spot was Mililani Hele’ gas station. In the circle today was da V/P Kimo, Henry, Marc, Ben, Coop, and Bridget. Today’s route was opted to H3 to Maunawili mountain roads to Waimanalo. Had a break then small kine then back on the road. Sandy Beach was packed. There were squads of bikes lined up with the Buffalo Soldiers as we blew by waving “Aloha”, stayed on the road. We decided no lunch as we were waving aloha to riders peeling off here and there. Some rides have been fast during pandemic not trusting large gatherings just yet. We pulled over on H3 because da professor (Ben) was far behind. We talked about it and decided no more pulling over. If a rider falls behind, know next stop and will have to catch up! Pandemic is still alive and taking victims so stay smart, stay safe, wear mask, no touch face, no touch nothing except your throttle.

Ok my friends each week it’s different. We see the perspective of how the people are protecting each other, our beaches and parks. Thank you everyone who came out to ride. It’s our choice to ride safely as possible on Sundays. We’re alternating between Kalihi and Mililani. If anyone’s interested to ride, call Kimo! That’s all I got right now, boy did we ride like the wind Sunday! Looking forward to next week’s ride and its only Monday.

Until then stay safe,

Aloha and Mahalo,

V/P Kimo