Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Another beautiful day in paradise, and that’s all complimentary when you live in Hawaii. The summer weather is upon us, with temperatures in the 80’s and a bit of the trade winds to keep us cool amidst the rising humidity. I arrived at the Bat Station, at the usual Bat Time, as we are rotating our meeting place every other week. Today we met up at the Hele Hele gas station in Mililani. I just took a moment to find the definition for hele ( pidgin english : move, come, go) and ( Hawaiian to English: pathway,  route, road, way to go) and here’s an obscure one (Wiktionary: a girl with a high voice). With that out of the way, today’s riders are Kimo , Kanuk (me), Marc and Henry. We decided to head north, and then who knows.

We left Mililani and hopped onto the H2 going north towards Haleiwa. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, but then every Sunday, there seems to be a bit more than the previous one. With just the four of us riding, we made good time, and had no problems along the way. Our first stop was at the 76 gas station, where Marc gassed up, and we decided our next stop. The roads were beginning to fill up with more traffic, beach goers and surfers, and what have ya(s). This is all kinda expected when you live on an island. So there is no use in complaining, or trying to avoid, it’s just part of the deal. We put our water bottles away and got back on our bikes, ever ready to continue our ride.

La’ie Point State Wayside was our next stop, which we haven’t visited in awhile. It is a popular place that is easily missed, due to being located in a quiet neighborhood, off the regular road. It has a spectacular ocean view, along with a small offshore island sea arch. Kimo took his usual club pictures, along with the selfie group shot. We hung out for a few minutes, enjoying the view, and deciding on the next stop.

Swanzy Beach Park was to be our next stop, but we bypassed it due to the crowds of people, and some other reason ! So, we continued on down Kamehameha Highway until we pulled into Kualoa Regional Park. We have stopped here a few times, and there is usually ample parking, and plenty of space, so we can keep the “ 6 foot “ distance from other groups of people. This park is opposite the Kualoa Ranch, which was one of the filming locations for the Jurassic Park movies, definitely one of my family’s favorites. No dinosaurs today, but there were hordes of people to avoid. This place is also popular for the small basalt island Mokoli’i, also known as Chinaman’s Hat. While there, we took our pictures, drank our water and decided the next destination.

We have a tendency to stop at the same places, on our Sunday rides, and so Jack In The Box in Waimanalo would be next. This made for a nice ride, going down Kahekili Highway, and bypassing most of Kane’ohe and then reconnecting with Kamehameha Highway, then Kalaniana’ole Highway. We arrived in Waimanalo with our appetites beginning to stir, and picked up a snack “mini tacos” at Jack In The Box, which weren’t that bad. The day was beginning to heat up, the temperature was rising, and with our bikes beckoning , we got back on the road. This had been our last stop, and instead of reversing, and going home via the H3, we decided to continue on around the island. At least while you’re moving on a motorcycle, it isn’t as hot, and that always improves the mental mood of the club. Because until you have had the opportunity to sit in traffic for a while, as your motorcycle’s engine heats up, and you begin to feel like your cooking, moving is very important. So we moved, and with only four of us, we could move faster. We passed Sandy Beach Park, where there was a lot of action going on, with the waves giving as good as they got. It’s a very popular place for boogie boarders, if that is the correct term to use ? Anyway, we continued on, enjoying the views as we passed the many lookouts along Koko Crater. I noticed that Hanauma Bay State Park was still closed, unlike the rest of the island beach parks, that are currently open and packed. We continued on through Hawaii Kai, Kahala, and then onto the H1 west bound. Henry veered off when close to home, then Marc made for his exit, which left just Kimo and me. We hightailed it through town and then Aiea, and Pearl City, getting off at the H2 interchange, heading north to Mililani Town. I rode back with Kimo to his place, wanting to check in on Genny. We filled her in on the ride, and talked about the ongoing situation.

This pandemic has been going on for a while now, and as the different stages play out, we all can’t help but wonder when it will be over. As I witness the openings of more and more stores, businesses, and restaurants, and let’s not forget my favorite “bars”, I can only pray that we haven’t jumped the gun here. Because every day when I read the news, local or national, I’m hearing that the number of people testing positive for COVID-19, is growing. Now I like my freedom as much as the next person, but at what cost does it come down to? This coming holiday weekend, July 4th, will probably determine the answer to my question. Because on Memorial Day weekend, the crowds of people seemed endless, there wasn’t a parking place to be had on the North Shore, and I would assume that it was like that island wide. So this weekend, I am holding up at home, with my immediate family. I will ride this coming Sunday, because there is no issue of a six foot distance, between me and any other motorcycle rider. I hope and pray that you and your family and friends stay safe this coming week, and that we don’t find ourselves having to be ordered back inside. Please remember to be respectful to those that you meet along your path, we are all in this together. Leslie A.K.A. Kanuk