Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

In the circle this morning da Prez & Lioness, Kimo, Kanuk, Geneva, Henry, Marc, Ben, RayH… after announcements and a prayer for all we headed out going towards Kunia Northshore bound “Teds” bakery first stop, the roads traffic light the weather chilly and away we went. The idea was to get into the Northshore before big traffic hit. Due to the wave action…we stopped at sunset station for gas, then up the road “Teds”! We chilled for a little bit…Jim C and Bridgette pulled up and joined the group for the next leg of the journey…after our break a couple riders wanted to stop at pap oles for lunch, we will regroup once we get there….upon arrival Jim and Bridgette keep going we pulled in papa’s, a lot of people were there. Da Prez decided to keep going…Henry, Marc and Ben ordered lunch, 4 of us from Westside n central decided to keep going so we said our alohas and continued our way to west n central side…good ride! Mahalo to all who came out next week! See ya next Sunday! Aloha da v/p Kimo