Aloha Intruder Family and Friends
I want to start this Bio by thanking my Intruder family, for the support that we show, not only to each other, but especially all the people that we come in contact with. During this pandemic, we have each had to shoulder the impact of lost jobs and income, for ourselves and our family members. There are those of us with medical issues that are at greater risk, and continue to stay home, rightly so. We have and continue to struggle with the repercussions of isolation, not just from each other, but from friends and family members. Sometimes at night when everyone I love is home safe and sound I am humbled by how much that means to me. There was a time early on in this pandemic, where I had to forbid my daughter from entering our home, and it caused me a great deal of heartache. I haven’t had the chance to talk. Or text to all of my Intruder family members, but I wanted to let you know that I am keeping all of you close to my heart, and if there is anything that I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Alright, let’s get this ride on. This past Sunday was special. Because we, eight members showed up to ride, and I think that says something in itself. For those of you, who can’t or won’t ride, please know that your presence is missed, but understood and accepted. Today we have our president Ray and his wife Sparky riding, Kimo our vice president and his faithful companion Genny who gave up a morning to sleep in, thank you. Then we had our sergeant of arms Cooper, our secretary Bridget, and then Henry and myself. I was the first person at the new meeting place, which I refer to, as the same bat place, and same bat time. As the riders showed up, I found myself with a very happy grin on my face, knowing that my love of riding, especially with The Intruders of Hawaii, was reawakening! We spent a little extra time sharing our experiences during the last month or two, and then decided on our route for the day.
Well we got ourselves into some order of riding, yet I ended up going in the opposite direction, and had to make a few quick turns through the parking lot to get back in place as a road guard, sorry about that. Yet, soon enough we were humming right along, heading north on Kamehameha Highway. Our first stop was to be Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, the same place for the last couple of weeks. We got there safely, regardless of the ever present potholes and deteriorating state of our roads, which we all has to deal with. But we pulled in and found a shady spot to park our bikes, drink some water and confirm our next stop. This weekend was the first time when all restrictions on our local parks and beaches were lifted. Yes, there were more people out, more traffic on the roads, but at least we were together, and doing what we love.
Our next stop was to be the gas station, right by the turn off for Laie Point lookout. Well it seemed as if Henry’s bike was still acting up, and we pulled off by Shark’s Cove amidst the congestion of people vying for parking spaces. After a short stop Henry’s bike was returned to working order, and off we went. The weather was heating up, the traffic was returning to its normal pace, and we just kept riding on. At our next stop, where we hydrated, very necessary at this point, we agreed that we would continue on to Kualoa Regional Park. Bridget was pleasantly surprised to find an “Intruder blue” face mask at the gas station there, which she purchased and showed to the rest of us. Ya just never know what you’re going to find, or run into. We proceeded around the back side of the island, and at some point traffic was coming to a standstill? Unsure as to the cause, we held tight and were inching our way with everyone else, then out of nowhere, there were hotrods, dune buggies, classic VW’s and souped up trucks that were seemingly everywhere. My eyes were literally popping out of my head; too many to see at once, especially while trying to control my motorcycle. It was an incredible road show, and for what reason. Maybe just for the love of being outside again! Anyway, we got through that with only a quick separation of bikes, and proceeded on to our next destination.
This was to be our last stop, with each of us pairing up and going our separate ways. We all had a great time, riding and socializing with each other. This is what it’s about, sharing and being a part of something greater than you. We had our first official ride together, and hopefully will continue this coming Sunday. I want to thank everyone who showed up, and let them know that I appreciate their company, and their friendship. For the members of our Ohana who weren’t there, please know that we were thinking of you. Your spirit is alive and well, and we look forward to when we are all back on the road, together. May the Gods continue to watch over each of us, and our families, keeping us safe and healthy during this time?

Aloha and Mahalo,
Leslie aka Kanuk