Aloha Intruder Family and Friends
I’ll start this bio by explaining the need for all of us to be responsible out there. As a motorcycle rider, a six foot distance from others isn’t too hard. This morning would really prove no different than any other for me. The weather was clear, with a splattering of clouds floating around, and the roads outside were dry. I met Kimo at the gas station, and we continued to Zippy’s on Dillingham. When we got there, Henry was the only one there. We checked with Ray and a few others to see if they were planning on coming out, all declined and we chose our route. We decided to ride out towards the north shore, going down H1 west, then onto Kunia Road. There were few cars on the road, but still, people were going somewhere. We went through Haleiwa, noticing that all the city and county parking lots were chained off. Yet, this was no deterrent to the many surfers that thrive here. The roads were filled with cars parked on the sides, then the surfers probably walked to their favorite beaches. As we continued through Haleiwa, Sunset and on, the roads were filled with the parked cars of surfers. We stopped at Ted’s Bakery during one downpour, trying to decide, whether to turn around, or not. We decided to continue, and the rain eventually tapered off. I noticed that as we continued riding around the island, that a lot of businesses were closed, or only doing take-out, and that all the public restrooms were closed! This proved more problematic than anything else. But, there were still people driving around, surfers surfing, some families enjoying the beaches, and bikers riding. Yet, there were no crowds, as is usually the case on the weekends. Things were beginning to change. Our next stop was at Heeia Kai Small Boat Harbor, where we found a few people fishing off the docks, and a couple tourists mulling around. We didn’t stay long, just a quick stop, and hopped back on our bikes. Our next stop was at Jack In The Box, for a quick take-out lunch. This was nearing the end of our ride, when we would separate and head home. We cut through Hawaii Kai, Aina Haina, then back onto the H1 heading west. Once again we got caught in the rain, yet it was still good to be out and about. Henry got off at his exit, and Kimo and I headed for Mililani. I’m not sure how much things will change between this week and next, but I hope to keep riding. We are each dealing with this “social distancing” in our own ways, and yet have to find a way of keeping ourselves healthy and sane. For me, my family and friends are a huge part of my support plan, and I am thankful to each and everyone of them. But, if I’m honest here, riding my motorcycle has become almost a necessity for my own personal well being. So, as long as I don’t pose a risk to myself, my family and friends, as well as my island family, I WILL continue to ride. Thank you all, and may all our Gods protect us, and keep us safe. Aloha Kanuk