Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

It’s Super Bowl Sunday so I didn’t expect too many riders at the spot, but I knew a couple of people would and da Prez and Kanuk were at SBU meeting. So I did my straggler duty to make sure if any riders showed at our regular place, we’d ride to the F.R.A. and meet up with everyone at SBU meeting. In the circle were Marc wasn’t riding, da v/p Kimo, Capt Ron and da professor Ben. After Alohas exchanged, the 3 of us headed to F.R.A. Once there, da prez and Kanuk joined us and we talked about a plan for our ride. The prez left to go get sparky and the 3 of us headed south east. I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic in Waikiki so we stayed on the freeway east all the way to Waimanalo. Once there we had a break at our spot. A friend of ours, Smoky Girl was in Waimanalo walking to where we were. I went to get her and brought her to the spot as we’ve been friends for years! She hitched a ride to Kailua “Creekside” and it was on our way so zoomba zoomba we went as we got to Kailua pretty fast and pulled up to the Creekside and Smoky jumped off for a Super Bowl party there, have fun aloha! We zoomed away and headed towards H-3 heading west then central. Ben was going Likelike way, us 3 braving the beautiful H-3 views of Koolau mountains and the enormous tunnel coming up….its very wild going thru the tunnel at 60 on a bike….but we did well and every one made it to their respective exits end of ride!
I want to say Mahalo to you all who rode today. Those of you of have read the bio’s all these years that I have written then proof read by Sparky or da prez then to you. It’s been my pleasure writing to you all these years! The torch has been excepted by “Kanuk “ to continue the bio’s of our club rides and activities! I will still send in photos with aloha and remember “lets ride like the wind”!

da v/p Kimo da “Kamillion …..shakalaka