Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:
In the circle this morning was da Prez, Kimo, Marc, Henry, Kanuk, Jim C, Bridget, Capt. Ron, Ben and Dmann. After our meet and greet with alohas our route today was to head up to H-3 to Kaneohe Bay Dr and up to Kailua, first stop Jack In The Box in Waimanalo. It was a nice cruise and didn’t take us long to get to Waimanalo. Jim C and Bridget pulled off on the Kailua side, Happy Birthday Jim, as they stopped to visit some family over there. After a brief stop we continued heading town bound, went around Koko Head to Hawaii kai and as everyone peeled at their off ramp, the rest continued west central and windward. Great ride. Mahalo everyone who came out! Aloha! Super Bowl Sunday coming up next Sunday, Aloha!! Intruder’s General Meeting was held tonight, Jan 26, 2020 at Zippy’s on Vineyard. Prez Ray and Bridget as Secretary, were voted in for another two year term respectively. A great dinner with some laughter then club business new and old discussed as well as reports given.

Aloha, see ya on aany given Sunday da VP Kimo