Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! In the circle this morning was da v/p kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Marc, RayH, Ben, &  “Tugboat”!  We had our morning alohas, I reminded everyone it SBU day so we would be heading to FRA to pick up our Prez n first lady… after announcements which were small n a prayer we mounted our bikes n started staging out back “Kanuk and I “road guarding today. JimC and Bridgette pulled up I told them were meeting da Prez at SBU… they opted out and went on their own…so the rest of us went to FRA. And waited for the Prez to get done with the meeting. Members and all but they have enough bikers involved inside the meeting… we roll in to collect our Prez, we get the info on our ride,  Gen and I had a family obligation to attend but wanted to wait till the club had da Prez at the helm…when the meeting was pau we all regrouped, let him know we had to go back Mililani so he made the ride H-1 to H-2  and we would peel off at Mililani town, they continued to the north shore, next stop would be “Teds” go team go! I talked with “Kanuk” later she said the ride went great! They had lunch at “times” Kaneohe….ok Intruders the weather is changing so come out and ride! Prepare for big island! Those who enjoy our off island rides! Until next week aloha …da v/p Kimo