Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

There’s something about starting your motorcycle on a cool morning, feeling the engine heating up and all the expectations that come for each and every ride I take with my Intruder Family. Today is brisk, winds out of the NW 12 mph, sun on one side, clouds on the other, typical day in Hawaii. Meet up with the VP Kimo at the usual place, gas up and on our way to Zippy’s on Dillingham Boulevard. Good ride there, minus the pit holes, steel plates. For the morning meeting, Sparky aka Alicia is back in the saddle, riding shotgun with Ray the Prez. Henry, Ben, Marc, Cooper & Bridget, plus me “Kanuk” and Kimo. A decent turnout and we get down to business. senate Bills have been passed through, keeping our shoulder lane open and our exhaust pipes purring. I am officially given the okay to take over the job of writing our weekly ride and hope that I don’t disappoint . We decided on heading out towards Yokohama Bay and and left on time We made a beeline to get out of the area, skirting the endless upheaval of our roads, making it to the H1 heading west. All information given and we’re off with Ray and Sparky heading the club, Kimo and I as road guards, we got ourselves up to cruising speed. Today we were planning on doing the back roads, Nanakuli, Waianae, Malaya, Mamuad Valley and beyond. We pulled into the parking lot, and stretched our legs, took in the sights. What a beautiful island we live on, the aina is with us today! For lunch we were heading to the harbor, but the place was closed, we regrouped and decided Mexican in Waipio. With half the club heading for home instead, the rest of us headed to Acapulco and had a very relaxing meal, even some local talent was there to serenade us. I hope that I covered all the necessary things that I should, and if not, well come talk to me. May your week pass peacefully and those that you love stay by your side. Kanuk over and out