Aright then, I will attempt this bio one more time. I finished the first only a few hours earlier and proceeded to push the send button, and it went somewhere? Who knows and at this point I’m tired of looking into the “cloud”. Let us just accept the fact that I am not very computer literate. With that being said, I will apologize for taking so long to submit this bio. Though I have no valid reason, and apparently I’m not being graded for this, so I say that, we should all be happy that it gets done.
The morning was brisk, with bright blue skies and cumulus clouds lazily hanging above the Koolaus Mountain range. The weather forecast is the same as it usually is, possible rains, possible not, throw in a bit of the trade winds and you got yourself another day in paradise. I got my usual cup of coffee, dressed and made my way to the garage. My Harley was there along with the Dyna, and a broken down Vespa, don’t ask, it’s not mine and I’d sooner have the extra space. I started my bike, and hopefully not disturbing those who like to sleep in, left my neighborhood. I arrived at the same gas Bat station, at the same Bat time. This will be explained sooner or later.
Kimo our valiant VP and Genny arrived filled their tanks and we took off for town, to meet the rest of the club. We took the H2 south, then the H1 East, and got off at Dillingham Boulevard. The roads have not improved any, and if anything, have been spreading out in no particular pattern. But we anticipated this and weaved through the endless pot holes and steel plates, arriving safely at Zippy’s.
Today’s group included Ray and Sparky, Kimo and Genny, Henry, D.Mann, Ben, and me. We decided to pull a chip out of a bag with a member’s name to determine where we would ride today. D. Mann won. The ride would take us through Waikiki, past Diamond Head and out towards Waimanalo. With so many decisions on where to go, ride this direction or that, the choices are endless. Okay, I know my sarcasm is a bit much, but sometimes ya just want to ride a road you haven’t ridden a thousand times. But in defense of my own self here, at least the views are priceless, and I “never” get tired of our mountain ranges. We saddled up, a common riding term, even if you’re not riding a horse and made our way towards Waikiki. Henry was happy with his new front rim, wider than the one that was damaged a few weeks ago, and hopefully better suited to our constantly changing road surfaces. We rode down Kalakaua Avenue, through Waikiki, stopping and starting, and I believe to the lookout, for our first rest stop, so far so good. There seemed to be a lot of action down there on the beach, at least from my vantage point, and wished all the surfers a good day. We got back on our bikes, now heading to Kahala and getting on Kalanianaole Highway. We could now pick up a bit of speed and cruise for a few minutes. As we approached Hanauma Bay we got into a single file and made our way around the point. Sandy Beach was hopping and popping, giving those body board riders a righteous time. We continued on to Jack in the Box in Waimanalo, for our next rest stop. Henry took off, back to town, Kimo and Genny would soon take off for family obligations, which just left five of us. We now headed for Kaneohe Marine Base Lookout, via Enchanted Lakes and the back side of Kailua. Another quick rest stop, then we took off for Windward Mall in Kaneohe for lunch at Big City Diner. One good thing about Windward Mall, they have motorcycle parking, close to the entrance we normally use. We were seated fairly quickly, given our menus and drink orders taken. This is when things start getting amusing, at least in my eyes, cause things never, hardly ever go according to plan. I’ll make this quick, I ordered ice water; I received a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. D. Mann ordered a coca cola, he received colored water, cause at that moment all the soda dispensers decided to stop dispensing. Then Ben ordered Loco Moco, and when the waitress removed the menus from the table, she left a trail of gravy that a garden snail would be envious of. But, we’re not finished yet. Ray ordered a chicken sandwich with fries and while eating his chicken sandwich, proceeded to pull a piece of paper out from it. Though the piece of paper was missing a corner, with teeth marks telling all those at the table, that he had already eaten some of it. The waitress was very apologetic, and removed this offending dish, then replaced it with another, along with a very large helping of fries. Fries being the universal food that tames us all, maybe. The ride ended after lunch, with all of us heading in our separate directions. I made it home safely, and emptied my pockets to find that day’s treasures. If you don’t know me well, I am a scavenger at heart and today’s treasures consisted of one drill bit, a glass marble, and a small gold pendant in the shape of a feather. I wish you all a wonderful week, and that you and your family stay healthy and happy. Aloha and Mahalo until next week, Kanuk