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I start this bio with an apology for not being able to perform my duties for the last two weeks. The first Sunday ride on June 7th I had family obligations and had to bow out, which I did after some guilt-tripping from my eldest daughter. I must have taught her well, because there are very few things that come between me and my motorcycle. The second Sunday ride on June 14th was due to “issues” with my bike. I was awaiting a new rear tire that I ordered online, to be delivered. It arrived on Thursday June 11th, and I contacted my mechanic to let him know it came in. I was trying to coordinate this with the 40,000 mile service needed. So, once given the okay to bring in my bike, I arrived the following morning. I always try and get these service calls taken care of, as soon as possible, cause ya just never know. So I left my motorcycle there along with the new tire, and the two saddlebags that needed to be reinstalled, thinking it wouldn’t take too long to complete. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again! I amaze myself that I go into these situations all positive and probably a bit blind to the numerous possibilities that usually happen to me and my motorcycle. Well, I received a call late Saturday morning from the mechanic, confirming the details for this service appointment, which I happily explained and then hoped for the best. I was reassured that I would hear from him, or one of the other mechanics when it was complete. So, the rest of Saturday passed, then Sunday, then Monday came and I was becoming more irritable by the minute. The last thing I needed was to piss off my mechanic, and have to find a new one. I did get a call, was told of a possible charging issue with the regulator, and that they would confirm and fix it as soon as possible. Late that Monday afternoon I received another call, all was good, it was a loose negative ground wire that was causing the problem. My bike was ready to go! Yeah, cause if you know me, and my motorcycle, you are intimately aware of the many issues I’ve had with it, over the last eight years. Now let’s get to the fun stuff, riding with my fellow club members.

It’s Sunday June 21st and I’m meeting up with Genny at the Hele Hele gas station in Mililani, with Kimo sitting out this Sunday. He too, is experiencing issues with his bike. He is also awaiting a new rear tire to be delivered, sound familiar? The first one sent was the wrong size, so now he has to wait for another one. I’m sure most if not every rider has been in this situation, waiting for parts to be delivered, and that’s if you can find a company that delivers to Hawaii.  Well I got to the gas station and found Genny just finishing up filling her gas tank. I pulled in and topped off my tank and we decided to take the H2 South into town, to meet up with the rest of the club, at Zippy’s on Dillingham. We pulled out and headed down Lanikuhana Avenue towards Meheula Parkway, when we saw Ben riding in the opposite direction. Well, with no cars on the road in front of us, we did a quick u-turn and returned to the gas station. Ben wasn’t aware that we were alternating our meet-ups every Sunday; good thing we passed each other on the road.

So with Genny and Ben,  we headed into town and made our way through the obstacle course of cones and plates that now comprise Dillingham Avenue. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and with green lights all the way there, what more could I ask for. We arrived to find Marc our Road Captain and Henry already there, eager to get their ride on.  After a quick discussion we decided to ride towards Diamond Head and then Waimanalo. Henry had forgotten his riding glasses at home, so we made a short detour there first. We took a lot of back roads,  which I always enjoy, but won’t be able to remember. After this quick stop, we headed out towards the backside of Diamond Head then got onto Kalanianaole Highway. The day was beautiful, with the summer weather upon us, temperatures in the mid 80’s, not that hot, at least if you keep moving. We made good time and had no problems on our way to Waimanalo. We enjoyed a nice little break there, filled up on liquid, and some shade. We decided to keep with our backroad theme and continue through Kailua and Kaneohe, then head home. It was Father’s Day, so we all kinda expected a shorter ride.

As Genny and I veered off towards the H3, which would take us home, we put some speed on it and flew up the mountain towards the tunnel. The Ko’olau Mountain range is incredibly beautiful, with tropical plants covering it’s sides, giving way to endless hues of green. I never tire of looking at this side of the mountain, and appreciate the view that it gives. Our ride ended at Genny’s house, where we shared our day with Kimo. It’s never easy being on the sidelines, when your heart aches for the road, to ride along with your fellow club members and enjoy all the little moments of each ride. Because every ride is different, even though it comes to riding this way around the island, or that way around the island. This island, as well as all the other Hawaiian islands seem to contain some of the most picturesque places in this world. We are all truly blessed to be able to live here, and experience the natural beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.

The pandemic is still alive and apparently thriving, whether it’s due to our inability to remain apart and isolated, or some other reason. There are many reasons to remain separated, and I try to do my part, yet still find myself missing the interaction with others. My family and I did dare to eat out this past week, and though it was nice to sit down to a hot, freshly cooked meal, by someone else, it felt very strange too. I’m not sure how all these new cases are going to impact us, and if we have to return to a more stringent isolation mode, yet we will all go through it together, with six feet between us. I will end this bio with my usual blessings to you and your family and friends. Stay safe and stay healthy, and be respectful of all those that you meet.


Warmest Aloha’s

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