Aloha Intruder Family and Friends



Here we are again! Welcome to Intruder Sunday, in the circle this morning were da v/p Kimo, Kanuk, Ben, and Marc. The Prez texted we, would meet him on the other side of the island, first leg of the journey was to head up Likelike towards the windward side. Haven’t gone this way in a while, we will pull in burger King Kaneohe and contact the Prez… when we got there, called Prez, ended up picking up the Prez at his house! We got to say hello to Sparky who wasn’t riding, but the Prez tied his stuffed lion on the back of the trike for fun. Ben had chosen the route earlier heading to Waimanalo, so we headed there and would regroup there….when we arrived the “B” team was there Kazu, Warren, Kikaida, Dino, RayE.  We talked story for a little bit…the weather was looking good. We decided to head around the island instead of continuing east…we rode with our friends to the next stop Kahuku sugar mill. Got to say it was good riding with our amigos! Long time! We had a break at Kahuku! The guys headed towards north shore Da Prez headed back, Kanuk and I continued to Wahiwa, green world coffee farm for a cup of Joe n a snack…great day! Great ride! Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Until next week be safe, check your bikes! And god Bless! Aloha da v/p Kimo