Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

Good day family, and I hope you’re all ready for another fun filled day of Intruder antics.
Today’s weather forecast is partly cloudy with NE 16 mph winds, which means that we may or may not get rained on, and that there will be wind. Good to know. I am awake way too early, it’s still dark and a bit chilly. I shuffle down to the kitchen to make myself some java, that’s coffee in case you’re not from here, or there. Last night’s poker game has only left a few stranglers wandering around, possibly unaware of where they are. I get

my coffee and return to my bedroom upstairs, not really wanting to chit chat with hangover people just yet.I had notified Kimo our VP, last night, that I would meet him at Zippy’s instead of the gas station. So I hop on my Harley and warm her up, probably waking a few of my neighbors up as well. I rode to the gas station, noticing that there is definitely something going on in Mililani today. There are a few motorcycles, some souped up hotrods, and a whole bunch of pop up tents, party! I gas up and get myself to the H2 heading south. The ride in is uneventful for the most part, a little sprinkle of rain around Aiea, some nice gusts of wind by the airport, and the usual pot holes and steel plates waiting for someone (not me) to ignore and succumb to.I arrive at Zippy’s and find Ron awaiting his breakfast sandwich. In the next fifteen minutes the rest of the Intruders arrive. In our circle today, There is Ray (Prez), Sparky his faithful companion, okay wife, Henry, D. Mann, Cooper and Bridget, Kimo (VP), and me Kanuk (road guard extraordinaire). We discussed our options, where to ride, possible rest stops and anything else relevant, weather that seemed necessary. Today we decided that we would head to One’ula Beach Park, otherwise known as Hubush. We once again made our way out of town, trying to avoid the endless road construction, more like destruction, and hit the H1 heading west. We stayed in formation, keeping together and enjoying the winter weather. All went well, we got off at the first exit in Kapolei, or was that the last exit in Ewa? Either way, we made it there in good time, and proceeded to follow our trusted leader up and down too many roads to remember. Now like any good local girl, okay lady, I thought

I knew my way around, not! There is all this new construction that is going on, there are dead end streets too numerous to count, and so we just kept riding. I was beginning to get a case of the giggles, stopping, going, turning, repeat, again, that I completely missed a pothole from hell. Three of our riders went in, and yes, three of them came out again, but not the same. Henry, whose front tire was the narrowest, took the brunt of the damage. We all pulled over on Fort Weaver Road, to inspect, pound back in the lip of the tire’s rim, and decide what further action may be needed. We ended going all the way down the road, and pulling into Pu’uloa Beach Park. Henry decided to call it a day, and head home, Ron would follow him back, good man. The rest of us took D. Mann’s suggestion, and take an early lunch. We hopped back on our bikes, and rode to Dicky’s Barbecue Pit in Kapolei. We never did make it to Hubush, but we had a good ride, a very good lunch, and no one got hurt. I’d say that’s a win win in my book.Until next week, may your roads be clear, dry and free of distractions! Kanuk aka Leslie.