Aloha Intruder Family and Friends

It’s another chilly morning, about 60 degrees out with winds NE 3 mph. I’m up early again, so it’s still dark out. I grab a fresh cup of coffee and return to my room, checking the news, and the weather reports. I saw on my email that the Senate Bill needs further attention, and submit another testimonial. As a motorcycle rider, it’s important to stay in the loop, of what’s going on in our state, and the laws that are being passed. This year I decided to become more active, and do what I can to help our motorcycle community.

I finished up my coffee and started to gear up. I am meeting Kimo the VP at the gas station, the same bat time, same bat place! We will gas up and ride to Zippy’s as usual. The ride in was brisk and there seemed to be more people on the highway, then usual. But, we made good time and found the rest of the Intruders awaiting us. Today the group included Ray and Sparky, Mark, Henry, D. Mann and Marcie, Cooper and Bridget, Ben, Kimo and me, Kanuk. What a nice surprise to see Marcie, and we are all praying for her health to improve. Henry is in the process of submitting a request or shall we say, reimbursement for his damaged rim, from last week. I would think that there is a long list on that one, but ya never know. We had our meeting , determining that we would ride around the island, and figure out where to eat lunch later. Henry took off for home, and D. Mann and Marcie were heading out to breakfast, which left eight of us to ride today.
We made our usual detours around the growing pot holes and steel plates, and headed west on the H1. We zimmed and zoomed down the road, keeping together and making our way to the H2 going north. With the Ko’olau mountain range to my right, and the Waianae range to my left, I hoped that we would be spared the rain that seemed to hang atop the mountains. We got off at the Wahiawa exit and got on Kamehameha Highway heading north. We were almost through Wahiawa when we got separated at a red light, but got it all figured out soon after. We got back into our formation and proceeded towards Haleiwa.

We had our first stop, break at Ted’s Bakery and discussed our lunch options. Kimo was heading back home early, family obligations. And Ben was leaving early as well, but the rest of us were up for more. We made a quick stop to gas up, then heading down Kamehameha Highway, enjoying the costal scenery. A lot of people were out today, especially by He’eia Kea Small Boat Harbor. Both sides of the road were packed with trucks and trailers ! They have been redoing the back roads around there, so the ride was that much more enjoyable. We continued on into Kaneohe and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. After lunch we all took off separately for home. Another great day, great ride, and thankful we live Hawaii.

Aloha and blessings.
Kanuk over and out.