Aloha Intruder Family &Friends!

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! Its SBU day. I called Marc and asked him n whoever else was at Zippy’s to meet Gen n I at the F.R.A. which was very cool. Said alohas to our other club friends then it was time gather our plans in the circle were da Prez, Kimo, Genny, Red, Marc & RayH. Announcements n a blessing n we were off to the H-3 windward bound, when we reached the other side we stopped at Swany’s 7-11 and low n behold, Ben and Ron were standing across the street, they had family obligations and were doing their own little ride! God bless Big Ron n family! So after the break we headed north shore bound. Pulled into our stop at Kahuku sugar mill. Talked story with a cool couple from da “Sons” after that, da Prez n Marc n da couple headed back Kaneohe bound, Red & Ray, Genny n I continued to go thru the north shore. Stopped for lunch at “killer Tacos” after snake road and end of ride! Whohoo another great adventure with the wild ones! Mahalo for all who came out to ride! Dues are due for you late bloomers! Until next week be well n god bless! Aloha da v/p Kimo

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