Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


In the circle this morning was da Prez, Sparky, Kimo, Kanuk, Marc, Henry, Ben,  “Happy Easter” everyone! Short ride today, Easter dinners are being readied! We headed towards Waikiki…it was a nice day the clouds grey, we stopped at Diamondhead for a few, then off we went…next stop was at Sandy’s. After we parked our sleds some of our friends from the Hui Makai pulled up, Dean and a few riders… after a few laughs we took off  to Waimanalo, traffic was choke once we passed Makapu…once we arrived at our spot the Prez’s trikes was having a charging issue so they  continued back home to Kaneohe. Ben planned to hit up Likelike the rest of us went back the way we came. Henry peeled off in Kaimuki, Mark headed for Pahoa and Kanuk and I continued west to central! Another fun time on our ride! Mahalo for you all that came out to play! JimC & Bridgette went to the 9th island good luck! Until next week be safe check your bikes and come ride! Aloha da v/p Kimo