Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

This morning in the circle were our Ohana from Ohio Sparky’s sister Melanie riding with da Prez, Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Marc, Ray H, Jim C, Bridget, Ben and Dmann. After our morning “Aloha’s” to all, we gathered and talked about the route. Southeast was chosen and away we went. Up Nimitz, we turned into Ala Moana Beach Park past Magic Island 🌴 and into the Waikiki area heading towards Diamond Head. Varoomba varoomba bikes running good, it’s beautiful out! Kanuk and I are road guards with Marc as back up. It was a busy day in Hawaii Nei with a lot of people out enjoying the day. We made it to Waimanalo without any mishaps! Yeahhhh, after the break some had things to do so the rest of us continued around the island, next stop Kahuku Sugar Mill. Something happened to Ben’s bike at Waimanalo and he ended up heading back. We waited a couple stops for him, called him later to find out he had made it home. We had a small pit stop at Kahuku deciding to have our next stop at Greenville Coffee Mill in Wahiawa, 4 corners area just outside Schofield, heading towards North Shore. Had coffee and snacks while we talked with a gentleman on a moped traveling around the island as the roosters are running all over free range! After that we headed homeward bound another beautiful ride with da Intruders of Hawaii! Mahalo and Aloha, da V/P Kimosabe