Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday, before I get started, prayers n blessings went out to Bambi Wong, Tiger, and the rest of their Ohana. We joined the MooPunas and Family to celebrate Parker Wong’s Life. Mahalo to all who could attend, prayers out to Skully and family, he lost his father n Mother this past month. God bless them all! Today in the circle were da v/p Kimosabe, Red, Marc, Ben, Ron, Henry, Barbra & Dandy, Skully stopped by in his truck.  Today we would head out for Kunia and cruise to the north shore, Haleiwa first stop. The bikes were running great, varoomba varoomba no incidents as we approached Kunia there were a squad of people on the left hand side with flowers due to a crazy accident that had happened there, lost two young people, got to be safe out there! The weather was cool as we passed Scofield and proceeded into the pineapple fields, Hiway to snake road, we made a right at Waialua approaching the circle to Haleiwa and into our spot for a break, as we pulled in our friends Zeus and the Pacific Knights were just getting their bikes parked, Aloha Knights, we had our break and zoomba zoomba off we went next stop was Kahuku Sugar Mill. Weather started changing and as we continued our ride, the rain came, we went all the way to Kaneohe Times Coffee Shop.  The rain was refreshing due to being so darn hot, still yet, we had a nice lunch at our old spot. Nice to see everyone there, they send aloha to da Prez & Sparky. After lunch, end of ride, still had to ride back west. Red & Dandy and I went forward, Marc n Barbra peeled off the other way. Want to say mahalo for all of you who help us continue to be a great club! Your efforts and aloha keep us going forward! Prayers out to Safford! See ya soon alohas to the Americas where our Prez n first lady stay! Some of us are packing our bikes Wednesday to go to the big island run.  So if I don’t see ya till after Labor Day, be safe ride safe and will catch you all when we return! Mahalo n aloha da v/p