Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

We are back in action! Welcome to Intruder Sunday! In the circle this morning da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Genny, Marc, Kanuk, Red, Barbra, & RayH, thank ya Jesus for this beautiful day!

After some current events, and a prayer we headed off to H1 to Kunia. Red and I would be road guarding today, Haleiwa coffee corner first stop, and away we went varoomba varoomba down the highway the weather was perfect and the bikes were running top shape, made it to the north shore in good time, pulled into Haleiwa before traffic started pounding da road, everyone got settled, started talking story, an some cold drinks everyone glad to be back together, especially big island crew here this year so come out and ride! Hot today we got back on the road n headed into the north shore, next pull in was sunset beach 76, gas and more cold drinks, yep I had a moo drink, ok time for go! Zoom zoom we go, next stop lunch, Kailua shack, it was good once we arrived, everyone enjoyed and again I’m happy the Prez n Sparky and all who come out to make the rides special! Lunch was da bomb now we got to continue west some go to the right mahalo Intruders for another great ride! Mahalo to all my officers who help keep the club safe and all our Ohana who make the club whole! God bless! Until next week be safe! Check your rides! Show up on Sunday! Love ya! Da v/p Kimo