Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome back to another adventure with the” Intruders of Hawaii”! Some of our biker girls were on the “5th Annual Girls Ride” today. We plan to meet up later today! What a great morning. Making up the Intruder circle today was da Prez & Sparky, V/P Kimo, Red, Marc, Kipp, RayH, Da Professor and guest

rider Linda. After our Aloha’s and prayer, we headed out taking the roadways to H-1 …time for rumble…varoomba varoomba as we hit up the H-3 up up up and into the tunnel we charged. We made our way to Kahekili Hwy n continued to our next stop which was at the Hula 7-11 for a cool beverage n a few laughs. And off we went to our next stop Kahuku Sugar Mill for us few to grab juice for da bikes. The day was beautiful! Thank you Jesus! Made it to the sugar mill in good time, took care of business and we continued towards the North Shore, keeping in mind we wanted to meet up with the girls’ end of ride

at the Harley shop with an ETA of 1:00 p.m. The next stop was at Ted’s Bakery…love that place. Got a text from Geneva and a pic of all the girls. I noticed they were at Swazi beach area which was right behind us. Then I knew we would be on time to meet up with everybody in town. So we leave Ted’s… a few snacked, no lunch and we head to Waialua and onto Snake Road heading town bound. Next stop, Harley shop direct pulling into the Harley shop at 1:00 p.m. on the button.  We were directed to where to park and from that point girls girls girls! Good grind…hot as hell….a lot of awesome prizes to be won choke. We hung out winning a couple cool items! All in all another great day with da Intruders M/C… Want to welcome Kanuk and Kipp to our road guard in training! I did it and still road guard, but the club can always use more to help keep our Intruder pack safe!  Mahalo and aloha for now. Be great!

Da V/P Kimosabe