Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Grey skies on this Super Bowl Sunday…When we pulled up to the spot there were no bikes to be seen, early for once, I smiled! To my right Tugboat was there having breakfast with his wife. Mark “drove up” in 4 wheels attired in shorts. So in the circle da V/P Kimo, Genny, Kanuk, Kipp and Ray. The Prez was at SBU meeting so he wasn’t riding today. We made our plans to head south to Sandy’s Beach. Being Super Bowl Sunday, most people wanted to see the game…

As we headed south, we made our way to Sandy’s Beach for a quick break. Tripp from the Pacific Knights pulled up with his girl so we talked for a bit, then we continued on to our next stop in Waimanalo. While we were there, in pulls da Prez on his way home from da SBU meeting. None of the riders seemed to care about the game and the weather was being nice so I said how bouts next stop Kaneohe Heeia Pier!?!

It was nice n cool out, no sun we were doing just fine. When we got there the store was closed and everyone was getting ready to go somewhere to watch the game. Not us though, so we decided to continue next stop Laie Point and it was beautiful! We chilled out, took some pics, and then time to fly towards Kahuku Sugar Mill, the next stop for gas.

What a nice ride. Not too many bikes on the road. As we chilled for a mini second, we decided to continue to Haleiwa for coffee and a bite or two. It was busy in Haleiwa but we managed to get our needs met and relaxed under a tree before long and had a nice break. After that, the plan was head to Waialua using the backroads to get to Snake Road n back to town that way for end of ride when we passed Schofield.

Mahalo for all of you who came out to ride! It was a nice ride again with the “Intruders of Hawaii”! Just a quick note: 2 riders have stepped up for road guard training “Kanuk” has been in training, now Kipp would like train…so great day!

Thank Ya Jesus! Until next week be safe! Check your bikes! Come ride on Sunday

Mahalo n Aloha, Your V/P Kimo