Aloha Intruder Family n Friends:

In the circle this morning were Da Prez, Kimo, Red, Marc, Genny, Kanuk, Henry, Mark & Didi, and MarkF & Ben. Today we went H-3 to the lookout on the right side, glad to be out riding today! Brought out the newest bike in da fold the road king I was riding. Rode in secondary position while I get use to the ride. Mark n Red road guarded today. Mahalo guys good job! The day was beautiful, after our break we headed towards Kailua n ended up at our spot in Waimanalo, ran into some of friends from the Hui Makai and talked story for a little bit. We continued towards the south coast way Makapu, Sandy, n up the coast hwy, again blue waters blue skies just wonderful! Lunch was called at MickeyD at Aina Hina so we all pulled in there, some of us continued west while the rest enjoyed lunch another great day! Mahalo to all who came out to ride! Until next week stay safe! Check your bikes and show up for Sundays ride mahalo n aloha Da v/p Kimo