Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

This morning in da circle was da V/P, Genny, Henry, JimC, Bridget, Red, & Ben. gave a prayer for the day n off we went, south bound. Red and I in the lead doubling as road guards too. We headed up Nimitz to Waikiki, Diamondhead, we stopped to regroup for a few minutes, then zoomba zoomba off we went thru Kahala n onto Kalaninanaole Hwy heading thru Hawaii Kai, Portlock n up to Hunama Bay ocean cliffs all the way blowhole. Sandys a lot of bikes were huddled around a tree, windy Makapu side rolling. Tatu Crew passed us heading Sandy’s direction. We continued to first stop Waimanalo, and here we come! Had a short break, then called lunch at Times Coffee shop! We rolled thru Kaneohe n stopped at our spot, lunch was great as usual. Mahalo everyone after 3 rides went back towards H-3. Other 3 continued north shore bound, hide ho and away we go! Mahalo to all who came out to play, until next week aloha da v/p