Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday. Happy New Years! When we pulled up to the spot, no bikes, no people, Zippy closed, we parked n walked around, found 2 bikes at country Inn, so we joined in an had a coffee. I went out to see if anyone else showed up, 2 more riders, in the circle today were da v/p Kimo, Red, Genny, Kanauck, Barbra & RayH. We decided to go south, Waimanalo first stop, nice n cool today. We rode thru Waikiki and all the places we roll heading towards Portlock n up to Hunama Bay cliffs and around Sandy’s. The Pacific Knights were at Sandy’s. The bathroom where we stop was under construction, we continued to Waimanalo. We pulled in our spot had a break, one rider was peeling out the rest of us continued. Had lunch at Turtle Bbay country club, then continued around the island…beautiful ride Mahalo to you all for all you do Aloha n Happy New Years from da Intruders Ohana! Da v/p