Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday ride 2018! My how time flies… when we arrived this morning at the spot was so surprised to see all da bikes in the stalls, Intruders to the right, intruders to the left, been  awhile…in the circle this morning “da Prez & lioness, v/p Kimo, Red, Marc, Geneva, Kanuk, Barbra, Bridgette, JimC, BobC, RayH, Ben, & Andie. After a lot of announcements, mentioning the elections coming up, and general membership meeting coming up on the 27th! Be there! We decided southbound Waimanalo first stop…Marc and I were road guarding back up was RayH & JimC thx guys! We headed for south beach routes and made our way thru town, nice to have a lot of bikes on the road again! We had a beautiful day to ride… the waters were blue, people out, what a difference a day makes….we pulled into Waimanalo plaza got parked,  shortly after our friends the “Kanakas” rolled up in force. We talked story with some for a bit then we got back on the road and headed for Kailua…. Went on all the back roads ended up in Lanikai, choke traffic, but we headed into the horn by the numbers single file,  people looking, varoomba varoomba we went.. We continued out of the loop and up and down by the beach. Aloha “HPD” officers on quads giving shaka on the right n tickets we kept going towards Akahi plaza n Andie bikes stalled…we pulled over n assed the situation….Got going again, going up Kaneohe Bay Dr up to Kamehameha and the bike crapped out again. We were scattered here n there but seemed to help out keep riding, Andie n Barb took off to get the bike home the rest of us went to Times Kaneohe for some good grind n talked story n some laughs! Welcome back to da Prez & Sparky! End of ride…Mahalo everyone! Remember check your bikes before riding, air pressure, gas n see ya next Sunday.  Aloha for now da veep Kimosabe