Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

This morning under the tree was da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Genny, Marc, Red, Henry, RayH, Kanuk, Ben & Dandy. Henry was sporting his new black charger, yes da hemi one beautiful car congrats Mr H., Beautiful day, after brief announcements n a prayer, we took off heading Northshore bound by way of Kunia. First stop Dillingham airfield. Great ride, we stopped by IOH memorial and paid our respects to our fallen bruddas. Then it was off to the glider place for a pit stop n some laughs! Off into the north shore we went varoomba varoomba Intrudes ahoy!  Pulled into sunset chevron to regroup, some got gas; lunch was called at turtle bay for lunch and a great lunch we had! After lunch the crew continued around the island windward bound a few of us headed back to central side! What a great day! Mahalo for all who came out to play today! Until next week be well! Have a blessed week! And check your tire pressure, oil and signals! A little bike maintenance goes a long way! Mahalo n Aloha da v/p