Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

This morning we hit rain coming into town, the Doppler showed rain all over but riders were showing in the circle were da v/p Kimo, Red, Geneva, Kanuk, BobC, RayH, Kipp, & Marc drove to greet us. After announcements n a blessing we decided to head to Diamondhead for a short ride, due to weather and a few like see the games on so we headed into town.  Cruised up Nimitz to Ala Moana, road work finished …weather was holding, so we headed into Waikiki, rolled by the beach goers n volleyball players.  Then up Diamondhead Rd. we pulled up by our lighthouse spot for a couple minutes, weather was looking good, we took off to our next stop, Aloha gas station Kahala.  We pulled in and parked, got something to drink, aww lets go to Sandy’s. Then we will call the ride.  The weather still getting better…got to Sandy’s had some laughs, looked for whales….lets go to the shack, Bob remarked, eh sounds good everyone, but Kipp had to turn around. The rest of us went to the shack n had a great lunch watched the game, lunch was a hit, after Bob was close to home from there. The rest of us were heading west, end of ride. See everyone at the general membership meeting next sat at Zippy’s vineyard 6pm…Mahalo for all who came to ride, until next Sunday, be safe! Check your bikes out! N come ride! Aloha da v/p kimo