SUNDAY January 6, 2019   Aloha Intruder Family and Friends,

First ride of the new year! And it is a beautiful one…at the spot this morning were da v/p kimo, Geneva, Marc, Dmann , RayH, da Professor! Half a dozen into the wind on this new years! Haouli maka hiki ho! To everyone! We took off south Waimanalo  first stop…weather was great… had a nice break, we were ready to continue, next stop was called at Swanzys Beach 7-11, those that needed gas filled up, the rest was across street at the park…lunch was decided at killer Tacos Haleiwa …from Kahuku Sugar Mill to Haleiwa we went….had a nice lunch, after headed for snake road and hele`d up da mountain up thru Schofield  and peeled off our different exits to home…mahalo everyone for coming out to start the new year! General membership last sat on the 26th at Zippy’s vineyard be there! Aloha and see ya next week! Da v/p[ Kimo