Sunday January 7, 2018

Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

Back again in 2018, welcome to Intruder Sunday! In the circle today were da v/p Kimo, Marc, Geneva, Kanuk, RayH, JimC, Bridget, boy it was chilly for those us riding in from central. Not as bad as da Prez is suffering thru.  Ok we said prayers for all the people down with the black majoog, the Bombay flu and mumps and set out south side, Waimanalo first stop…it was a chilly day, anyway but nice conditions….had a little congestion up Diamondhead road, but other than dat we were good to go. The  coastline was beautiful I noticed 3 riders at Sandys and we waved n continued up the road got to watch out for road conditions potholes all over.  We pulled into Yokozuna plaza, parked by Jack’s, as we put kickstands down, some bikes pulled up. Roy n da Mo’opunas smiling “Happy New Years!” talked story for a little bit, nice to see them! After break the regulars continued around the horn.  Next stop  Kahuku sugar mill. We encountered a few blessings along the way, got hit by some sideways rain, then stopped. Cool day…started raining, so we jumped on our bikes n headed to Haleiwa….some weird traffic in Kahuku, a van from BYU was upside down on opposite side.  Once pass that we made good time…had lunch at Killer Tacos, was a good time I tell ya! Ok riders we headed for snake road in up pass Schofield army base n pau, end of ride the rest of us headed for Mililani! Mahalo for you my friends who came out to ride today! God Bless all our other members still out drome the holiday’s n sick call list until next week get your flu shots! If Ur under 60 get a mumps shot! Feed your souls Amen! Grateful to be Grateful aloha da V/p Kamillion