Aloha Intruder Family & friends:

This morning was beautiful day n Hawaii nay! In the circle this morning was da v/p Kimo, Marc, Henry, Genny, Kanuk, Dandy, and RayH. We went to FRA to meet the Prez & Sparky. Dean, Ted, & Kazu stopped by Zippy’s to say aloha. Once we were at the FRA more friends from other clubs were there and aloha’s to all! Then it was time to ride, south shore was decided. So varoomba, varoomba we went up Nimitz onward to Waimanalo first stop. Nice ride, there no incidents! After break, we went to Times Coffee Shop in Kaneohe for lunch. We continued around the island n stopped at Kahuku Sugar Mill. Now there are close on Sundays. The Pacific Knights were there getting ready to peel out. We talked to all, and then part of our tribe turned back, the rest of us continued around the island. It was a beautiful day! Mahalo for all of you who made it special! Ok riders, check your bikes, keeps it going! Hope to see more riders come out this year! Until next week be safe! N GOD BLESS. Mahalo n aloha da v/p Kimo