JULY 10, 2016

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

What a day what a day! It was a beautiful day in paradise! In the circle this morning was da v/p Kamillion, Red, Marc, Ron, Mark & Didi, Snaxx, Kanuck & Dandy….I was so happy that the rain went away for a little bit thank you Jesus…we all gathered after a few laughs….God Bless the Day! I told the club the Koolau state farm was happening might be a little traffic lets go south to Waimanalo then hele around the island, everyone said yeaa so that was the plan. Road guarding was myself, Red n mark as well as Red n I in the lead, we know each other’s riding skills and work good together, we rolled thru town with the greatest of ease, we continued onward up Kahala Ave an onto the onramp to Kalanianeole Hwy, once cruzin towards Hawaii Kai, good job guys one way to go now! Onward Getty up Getty up we cruised by the coastline of Sandy’s choke bikes there we wave aloha as we pass. Yokosuka shopping plaza on our minds! As we pulled in the spot got parked, I grabbed an ice cream coming out varooba varooba “Kanakas”Ahoy, they arrived with a tremendous yhunda! The b team Ted Kazu, & Dean and a bunch of other riders passed by varoomba varoomba be safe my friends! We had our break then time to ride next stop Kahuku sugar mill, as we approached Kaneohe Kahekili Hwy way was chocked with traffic so we opted to turn right on Hamakua and went the back way bypassing what traffic was bottle necked there, good call made a right at the hygienic store,  north shore bound, there was a lot of traffic at Koolau ranch but that’s was expected, a lot of people attending, but got passed it n away we went onward to our next stop! A lot of bikes at the sugar mill as we pulled in, shakas here n there noticed some regulars I knew, and then I saw tiger on ricks old trike! He had the colors of the “NAKIPI”M/C Club, god bless him! N the club! Especially ours lord! 🙂 Turtle bay was our next stop lunch was fabulous! Had a few more laughs. Before long we were in traffic stuck in sunset beach “Red” looked over at me and said” I’m turning round partner and him, Marc, Ron & Snaxx. “End of ride” I continued thru the north shore into Haleiwa, Waialua and ending back in Mililani, what a day! What a ride! Mahalo to all who came out to ride today, it was a great ride, until next week stay safe! Check your bike! And Sunday come ride mahalo n aloha! Da v/p