SUNDAY 7/16/17

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

It was a “Crazy day in Hawaii Nei”! While it was beautiful on our side, I received reports of downpours in town but we headed to our Intruder meeting place anyway. Marc, our Road Guard Captain was having problems with his bike at the gas station off Booth Road. Today at the spot was me the V/P, Genny, Ray H., Kanuk and Henry. The Mo’Opuna’s annual Bike Blessing is today at the F.R.A. while the Pacific Knights are having their School Supply Drive at the same time. After hearing from Marc who let us know he was having his bike towed home so we headed out to the event. It was a very good turn out! We got signed in and found that it was a Q & A mystery ride till the blessing started. We took off heading for the spots to get our answers for the sheet. It was crazy and Henry and I went off the route twice. We then got headed to Kakaaka  but looking at our time, it was almost 11:00  so I told Henry we needed to head back so we can get a good parking spot for the blessing n festivities. Lunch was bbq short ribs, rice and corn with refreshing bottled water, yum! Marc had showed in his 4 wheels to deliver his school supplies as he got his wristband yesterday! Hot hot hot! Jus as we got our food the kahu started the blessing so we went to our bikes for the ceremony. It is another year as we all stand together no matter who, shoulder shoulder and receive our blessings for this year! Met a cool guy “Eric”, who road a real nice soft tail deluxe with flames n tiki graphics. Even tho there was only 2 of us Intruders there, we represented our club and our patch that has been around a long time! Hear! Hear! Intruders! Mahalo everyone who keeps the faith going every week that’s you! Mahalo and Aloha Da V/P Kimo