Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Aloha on Intruder Sunday! This morning in the circle were da v/p Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Mark, Kipp & Ray H, small group but mighty. Road guards today are Kanuk road guard in training Kipp. Freeway to H-3 Kaneohe bound with first stop gonna be Kaneohe pier. Once on the H-3 that leg of the journey cool, crisp and beautiful as we roared up thru the mountain and into the tunnel. As we shot out the other side, cloudy skies greeted us as we headed to Kahekili Hwy. We were going up the road near the stop light and HPD pulled up to Mark and started talking to him thinking he was someone else no hoohoo! We made it to the pier unscathed 🤗! People were all over, scurring around, jumping on skipps to hit up the sand bar out in da 💦. We chilled for a lil bit as Kanuk had decided to give Kipp her old saddle bags. Kipp was working on tying them down better they were flying around on H-3! After our break, next leg of the journey to be Laia Point. Clouds are out and looks like rain coming, so after a few pics we mounted up and cruised to our regular stop at Kahuku Sugar Mill. We arrived, regrouped, gassed up and away we went, Haleiwa bound planning to try out Stormy’s again. When we arrived there, it was packed so we went to L & L and had a bite to eat. Aurightttt after some chow, we headed out to Wailua thru chicken road and the back way to snake road, we road up up and awayyyyy….end of ride. Mahalo for all you who made it out to ride. Alohas to our family out on the mainland..until next week! Fathers day steak fry with da Alii’s M/C in Waimanalo be there! Check the bikes for air pressure loose connections and plenty gas. Aloha your ever lovin v/p Kimo