SUNDAY JUNE 11, 2017

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Another beautiful day in Hawaii nei! This morning’s ride was a little different we were meeting in Kapolei to meet up with the Koa Punas and other clubs gathered to do “Tigers” run! As Genny and I merged from Mililani freeway to H1 Waianae bound,  I saw Intruder colors ahead so we sped up and joined 3 of our riders so 5 of us so far first stop gas station Kapolei, then we headed to Cinemax movies theater parking lot. A lot of clubs in each row as we rolled up and parked next to Red’s bike he walked up same time Pacific Knights next to us, alohas people cruzin all around greetings of aloha n what nots the run sheet was lagoon drive park , Kapiolani college Diamondhead ,Waimanalo beach park ,we cruised all the way to Hawaii Kai marina gas pulled in for a drink, rest of the riders wanted to peel out so end of ride for some gen and I continued to the party, it was a good time for everyone especially :Tiger, we left the park shortly after tiger got there, we had another stop up the road to attend . Mahalo for everyone who came out to play Da v/p Kimo, Genny, Marc, Red, Henry, and Barbra….until next week stay safe! Check your bikes its summertime! Mahalo for today! Alii steak Fry next week see ya at Zippers! Aloha da v/p Kimo p.s. Aloha to our Prez & first Lady traveling in da Americas