SUNDAY JUNE 17, 2018

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there! This morning in the circle were da v/p Kimo, Geneva, Mark, Kanuk, Ben, Skully, Dmann, Ray H, Henry, Kipp and his wife n daughter, nice lil morning gathering! We huddled up and had a blessing for the day. Myself, Kanuk, Mark and Dmann to handle road guarding. We headed out to Nimitz, to Bougainville heading up thru Pearl City, back roads enroute to Kunia with first stop Haleiwa market. By the time we hit the freeway, there was only 6 of us but that’s enough! Away we go varoomba varoomba! We merged onto the freeway in Pearl Ridge area and headed for Kunia. Everything was going smooth, I could see our caboose 2 miles behind zoom we went into Kunia and cruised thru the farmlands, golf course, army base turned up by Schofield n headed for snake road….. varoomba varoomba we blazed a trail thru snake road and made our way into Haleiwa first stop. Ahh yes no issues with the bikes, we relaxed for a manizzle under a tree then we announced Sunset gas station next stop….boom….bam… bop….away we went into the Northshore! Beautiful day today as it’s been very voggy past couple dayz with today was perfect. Plus I’m thinking being on our bikes made more bliss! Made the gas station n got zoo zoos n wham whams! Then time for go, Kahuku Sugar Mill next stop. Oh boy we got there fast!  Pulled in anyway, had a break made a motion for Times Restaurant for kau kau, all agreed except Ben had family plans. Away we went, nice ride to Windward side! Was hungry when we pulled into Kaneohe shopping center, got a nice round table for us and had a great lunch. Nice day with most of us heading back west to H-3.  Mahalo everyone who came out today from meet n greet into the ride! Until next week stay safe, check out your machines for maintenance and come out next Sunday! Aloha, your ever lovin v/p Kimo!