Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

These mornings in the circle were Da v/p Kimo, Red, Marc, Dmann, Genny, Kanuck, Barbra, Ron, Skully, RayH, Snaxx and Ben. After a brief discussion and a blessing we headed out south towards downtown enroute to Waikiki n Diamondhead.  The Kanakas were having a lunch fundraiser at fisherman’s Warf. We waved as we went by aloha we would be back of all went as planned. We made it to Waikiki and headed up Diamondhead road. Red and I in the lead pulled over at Diamondhead lookout to inform the crew we would be riding straight to Waianae coast Maili to pay MS Tami a visit, she’s one of members, but is moving to the mainland to take care of family. So around Kahala we went turned left at the bridge and got on the freeway and rode all the way west, nice ride, little shower blessings along the way but nobody cared. We stopped and said our alohas to Tami and Alex, Justin was at a meeting, before any tears we peeled out. Red recommended we go Kapolei to barbers point n up fort weaver rd. to freeway. It was a good back roads ride, then back on the freeway heading back to town to the fundraiser. The ride was great getting little blessings here and there nothing major. But I should know every time I take my jacket off or don’t wear my chaps I get rain, not too bad this day. Heard some scuttle butt about bikes to big island. Kanakas going to Kawaihae due to Hilo shutdown, but I got one confirmed rider today looks like Snaxx, Bob, Genny n I  are the group this year small but mighty! So back at the fundraiser a good showing different clubs enjoying the chicken fest, we had our share! After we pulled out and rode thru magic island then made a left up Ala Moana to the freeway, most of us were heading back westward, what a beautiful day once again with the Intruders of Hawaii ! Until next week stay safe n be well, love your bike n check Ur oil, air pressure and safety stickers!

Mahalo n aloha da v/p