Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday! Today is the S.B.U. fund raiser n poker run. Da Prez wanted us to show up early. When we arrived, he and all the crews had it going on, everything was set,

the poker sheets were going out tents going  up for the food, the bar inside was busy, the Prez told us Intruders do the run enjoy the party if he need us he know where to find us.

The day was great, good weather for the ride, a lot of friends, music, food, good fun mahalo Prez! The SBU board all that helped makes the event smoother n fun!

Please tell all members next week we are meeting at Kapolei theater parking lot next to K-Mart 09:30am, bikes roll out at 10 to Waimanalo beach park, should be big train!

Anyway all mahalo so much! Prez and Sparky for all you do for all of us! Please have a wonderful vacation! In da Americas, will keep the tribe riding like the wind!

So from the circle today Da Prez & Sparky, da v/p Kimo,Genny, Henry, Marc, Kipp & guest riders Mike & Micki be safe, and God Bless !

See ya next week in Kapolei! Mahalo & Aloha da v/p Kimo