Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

This morning in the circle were da v/p Kimosabe, Mark, Spiderman, Dandy, Kanauck, Mark & Didi, Skully, Steve & Dee, it was a SBU day, we would pick up the Prez n whoever else was attending the meeting. After our group meeting n a prayer we set off to FRA to get the Prez, as we were approaching I saw JimC, n MS Bridgette. So now all together we waited a few minutes for the Prez to end the SBU meeting. He came out and we decided to roll to Kunia n first stop would be in Haleiwa. The game is on today basketball so some riders were peeling out early, it was a nice ride to the north shore, got to Haleiwa fast had a break then decided to head towards sunset beach Teddy’s, was the place we were losing riders as miles went on they had things to do by the time we got to Ted’s there was the Prez, me & Skully. We decide end of ride the Prez headed around to Kaneohe, Skully and I hung out for something to drink then he went to the right I headed back the way we came. Another beautiful early ride it was noon so I would have lunch at home with my sweetie! Mahalo for all who came out to ride today! Get Ur bikes ready for next week’s adventure! Those who like try n make a big island trip from the Kona side let me know! Until next week stay safe, thank you Jesus for another beautiful day! See ya at Zippy’s next Sunday! Prayers out to all!

Aloha N Mahalo da v/p