SUNDAY MARCH 11, 2018              Aloha Intruder Family & Friends,

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday on this cold n cloudy day! In the circle this morning were da Prez & Sparky (aka Alicia), V/P Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Red, Ben, Marc, Ray H, Coop, Bridget…. Alright, said a prayer for all, chose south for the route. I was Training Kanuk as road-guard, so away we

go! Headed up Nimitz, getting our bikes running in harmony as we made our way into Waikiki. After passing beach side of the Keys, we were turned around at Diamond head Rd.; we took alternate route thru to Diamond Head Kahala then merged onto Kalanianaole Hwy and continued to Portlock Koko Head area. We then headed up the cliffs overlooking the blue waters approaching cacaroach beach blowhole then we pulled into Sandy Beach for a pit stop. After talking story and a few laughs we continued on to Waimanalo. The wind was picking up as we passed Makapu and Rabbit Island so nice cool day.

Got to Jack ~N~ the Box and pulled in to regroup! Next stop was to be Kahuku Sugar Mill. Beautiful ride, still cool breeze n cloudy so we weren’t being baked along the way. The cold reminds me of riding on the big island! Let’s get our trip on my friends! I’m taking names for Labor Ride 2019 on the Big Island.  Let me know if you’re interested so I can reserve containers! So back on the road we got to Kahuku in good time. Traffic wasn’t too bad but when we were at the mill we got report traffic was choke in Haleiwa. Some riders were turning around heading back to H-3 with the rest of us continuing north. We didn’t hit any hold ups and had lunch at Breakers in Haleiwa. Great lunch, after we headed for Waialua Snake Road to head homeward bound. Mahalo to you all! Great job Kanuk! Thanks for stepping up! For now until next week stay safe, Love deep and check your bikes for routine maintenance, tire pressure, oil, battery terminals, etc. Check before you go on a ride! Aloha da V/P Kimo aurighttt. God Bless!!