Sunday March 18, 2018

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday!

In the circle this morning were da Prez, Sparky, V/P Kimo, Geneva, Kanuk, Ben, Marc, Kipp, Coop and Ray H. After greetings and talking story, announcements made and a prayer, we set off for Ewa Beach! Kanuk and I would be the primary road guards once again. Haven’t been to Ewa in a

while, so we’re off heading west. We hit some weather after Pearl City but once in Ewa we dried off. We followed the rail towards Makena shopping plaza. Veered left n headed to the end of Fort Weaver, the beach park. We pulled in and everyone had some kind of story to tell. I helped tighten a signal on Kanuk’s bike and after joined in the story fest, then it was time to roll, next stop North Shore. Haleiwa by way of Kunia but sad to say, as we approached Kunia the squall was there and rain rain rain so the Prez made a field decision signaled to the right n we merged onto the freeway and headed to the

North Shore H-1, H-2 to Schofield then onto Snake Road, nice ride …. Zoom ….zoom….. And into Haleiwa we went. We got to the spot and parked our bike and it was decided it’s back to Breakers for lunch. Lunch was awesome as usual. During lunch we saw “Hui Makai M/C” pull up n park. I noticed one of the other riders left their bike light on, so I went shut it off so they wouldn’t have a dead battery. It turned out to be Jeff’s bike. It seems he’d like sell the bike for $12,000.00. Nice cruiser, 120 motor all the extras. We talked with the Hui Makai riders before we left. All of them our friends, like us, were a baker’s dozen. After lunch our end of ride ride took us up and over Snake road, up thru Schofield n on to the freeway for some and some of us peeled right to Mililani. Another great ride! We pull in home and got a text from da Prez. Seems they broke down on H-3, raining cats and dogs on them. They had to be towed. They got help and got home safe, Thank you lord and also those who towed them. Looked like they got it lifted up into the back of a pick up! Mahalo to you all who rode today! U made it special! Until next week stay safe, come ride next Sunday! Please mark on your calendars, Christmas Party has already been reserved at the Willows this year on December 9th, 2018. Aloha n Mahalo, V/P Kimo