Aloha Intruder Family & Friends:

Welcome to Intruder Sunday!

In the circle this morning was da Prez Ray, V/P Kimo, Road Captain Marc, Kanuk, Kipp, Coop, Bridget, Tugboat, Dmann, Ray H and da Professor. Road guards today are “Kimosabe, Kanuk, Marc and Kipp. What a difference a day makes! It’s beautiful out! We headed towards Waikiki. The beach areas

were packed with everyone getting out for sunshine after all the rain. Our first stop would be in Waimanalo. As we cruised along, we encountered a lot of road traffic, a lot of tourists cruzin all over but we made it just fine pulled in ‘Nalo n had a break. After talking story and some refreshments grabbed, most riders had things to do so they peeled off. So off 3 of us went continuing on around the island, next stop being Kahuku. We had a nice slow ride with choke traffic in front n behind us but still a beautiful day. Once we cruised into the Sugar Mill I heard a couple bikes start up in back. I looked and it was our old Texan member and friend, Steve Lynch n friends. We talked story for a minizzle, he said Aloha to all, will catch up another time and off they rode.

We chilled for a couple more minizzle n decided on a lunch stop Konos in North Shore market place was chosen. It’s on the other side of Breakers Restaurant, counter order style with tables inside and couple picnic tables outside. I had pulled pork sliders with a few chicken n turkey wraps n a few shakes for all and we were set! We headed out enroute for Snake road and cruised our way home. Another great ride with the “Intruders of Hawaii”! Mahalo for all who came out to say hi n those who came to ride. It’s so nice to see everyone on Sunday! It’s like services on the road! Amen! Next week is Easter Sunday; bring a bunny for a ride! Aloha oi, da V/P Kimo