Aloha Intruder Family & Friends

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Welcome to Intruder Sunday! In the circle today were Da Prez, Kimo, Marc, Henry, Ron, RayH, Ben, n Kimo Miguel joined us today!

Aurighttt! Papa G and Aka stopped by for a little while. We had our announcements and a prayer and it was off to the north shore.

Road to Kunia and cruised snake road onto Waialua and into Haleiwa the back way to the bridge, turn and passed all the beach goers n surf shops

got to the signal to make our left towards north, but traffic was backed up, was pass the light, field decision! Turn right! we rolled thru

Wahiwa and jumped on the freeway, heading to H-3 traffic was thick something going on H-3 was shut down, as was Likelike and the

Pali traffic was going every which way we stayed on freeway all the way to town pass Kahala and road to Hawaii KaiĀ gas station.

Regrouped decided to forgo lunch, end of ride some of us headed west, the rest went right, good ride regardless! Mahalo to you all who

came out to ride! Until next week stay safe! Check your bikes for issues and be ready next week! Mahalo and aloha da v/p kimo