Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Another adventure with the “Intrudersofhawaii” M/C… today was SBU day so after announcements, some storytelling, and a prayer we would meet the Prez at the F.R.A. n start our roll from there….roll call today… Da Prez Ray, Kimosabe, Marc, Kanuk, Ben, RayH, and away we went!!! North shore bound H-1 to H-2 thru Schofield and onto snake road to Waialua, we veered right at the fork good ale & Farrington and continued into Waialua sugar plantation area…made it around Waialua high school and left onto Alii Dr Haleiwa bound after we passed long bridge and “Kaiakas” beach park were “Ron Spencer’s” aka mush mush had his ashes spreaded there last year…ok we made it Haleiwa and were passing the bridge and was shut down by D.O.T. road closed we turned around cruised thru Haleiwa town made it to the turn around and got to Kamehameha Hwy and continued our way into the north shore…next stop sunset Texaco for some to gas up…rest of us pulled out to the side and parked. I met a man from Huntington beach who’s here on work rides bike liked our rides showed me some pics I send out a shout! Eh Bradda Aloha! Heard the bio up so our peeps can see our adventures again in real time! Mahalo Prez & Sparky! Lunch was called at” times” Kaneohe…so let the ride continue one stop by Swanzy beach. Ran into the pacific savages I know a couple of Dem Bradda Wessin n crew shoots! K quick break den back on the road, still good ride Kaneohe. I had our friend Cal in mind so in honor I ordered roast beef,   and my was it good! So 6 packs of us today are having lunch at a round table. It was a cool day so this warm lunch was well received. Ok everyone after we all headed the same way da Prez veered to the left…Marc same! The rest of us headed for H-3 homeward bound…Mahalo for all of you who came to ride! What a great day! Until next week god bless! Aloha da v/p kimo