Sunday March 4, 2018

Aloha Intruder Family & Friends!

Welcome back to Intruder Sunday!

It was a peek a boo day cloudy but dry….In the circle this morning was da V/P Kimo, Dmann, Geneva, Kanuk, Barb, Ray H, Coop, Bridget, and da Professor. SBU meeting today so we will be going to the F.R.A. to meet up with da Prez Ray. Dmann, Kanuk and I were road guarding with Kanuk

training so off we went. Staged out back of Zippy’s and hit the road enroute to meet the Prez! Nice start to the ride, all bikes running smooth. Traffic was light as we merged onto Nimitz under the viaduct cruzin free. I was strutting my new Lic plate “IOH VP”, so proud. We pulled into the FRA parking lot spotting da Prez outside talking with some riders. A lot of alohas all around for the first Sunday of the month at the meeting place.Then it’s down to

business and time to decide ride. Da Prez said let’s head Kaneohe bound so it was H-3 way and we cruised thru the mountains to the other side and pulled over near Kaneohe HPD in a school parking lot while da Prez went pick up the first lady “Sparky” one more for the ride! They pulled up shortly and away we went next stop Kahuku Sugar Mill. Kanuk was helping with road guarding so moved into primary position as Dmann had to leave at Kaneohe.

She’s doing fine and I’m glad for the help. As we pulled into Kahuku, some family of Ray & Sparky’s pulled in followed up with Roy and da Mo’opunas so we chilled there for a minizzle. Then it was time for lunch with the girls deciding on Turtle bay. So that’s where our next stop was. Light traffic and we cruised into Turtle Bay for lunch which went without a hitch. Everyone had something to hit the spot. After lunch da Prez, Sparky and Barb headed back Kaneohe way with the rest of us headed on around the island. The ride to the North Shore wasn’t too bad with traffic, although my wrist clutch hand says different! Ok now, we headed past the surf spots, Sunset Beach, Foodland, Pupukea, and Waimea and passed Ted’s Bakery making our way to Haleiwa. After passing the bridge we veered right n cruised to Waialua. I put Geneva and Kanuk up front while I rode next to Ray H all the way home! What a nice day! Thank you everyone who came out to ride.

Until next week stay safe and check your bike!

Mahalo n Aloha oi da,

V/P Kimo

P.S. sorry about last week everyone I was out and didn’t ride so any bio was posted…my bad! We are back Aloha!!!!