SUNDAY MAY 15, 2016

Aloha Intruder Family & friends!

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Intruder Sunday! First of all happy birthday to May b-day members Genny’s today! Haouli la Hanau! N da Prez on the 21st, congrats to all the grads families too! In the circle today were da Prez, Kimosabe, Genny, Marc, Red, Dmann, Dandy, Skully, Henry & Ben, Tony friend of Henry’s stopped by to say hi. After a short meeting and prayer, Prez asked Genny to pick the route being her b-day, she choose Southside roll. Waimanalo break stop…We had a nice cruise thru Nimitz hwyway thru Ala Moana n into Waikiki…sure looking different these days with all the new construction…the beach was packed tourists snapping pics, as Elvis said girls girls girls waving here n there passing Kapiolani park and approaching Diamondhead Rd. I went for the block, Dmann was my road guard partner n away we all went. Da Prez pulled over at Diamondhead lookout to make sure all of us made it out of Waikiki. Headcount good, we took off once again thru Kahala n onto Kalaniananaole Hwy. The cliffs n ocean on our right, I especially love this scenic route very beautiful. Around Makapu point Sea Life Park and the beginning of Waimanalo we passed a big gathering of the Tatau and another group busy talking eating and enjoying. Next we were pulling into Yokozuna plaza break time Kanakas were making a pit stop there too at one of their favorite watering spots. Genny and I went to say alohas to Killer Bee, Black Jack, and a couple other homies. We had our break it was hot hot hot and the Prez, Marc and Red had been up since 4am triathlon duty, so end of ride was declared. Some Intruders went to the left, we went to the right waved at the Prez at the beginning of H-3 and away we went. Nice ride and 4 of us headed west. Mahalo Dmann and my back up road guards as always, we do our best to ride safely. Mahalo to you all who came to ride! Until next week stay safe! Aloha to all our out of town Ohana. And be ready for next week’s ride for the fallen come early a lot of bikes expected.

Mahalo n aloha da v/p