Aloha Intruder Family and Friends


Welcome back to Intruder Sunday! In the circler this morning were da Prez & Sparky, Kimo, Marc, Kanuck, Ben, Tugboat, & Bob chambers! Good to see Bob, He still healing his leg but can walk with a cast! Since RayH, didn’t show up, Westside ride seemed agreeable to everybody so west it was…Kanuck and I road guarding primary, and after a prayer for all …varoomba varoomba we went Westside bound…I like this route cause west goes west to the end of the island…we had a great ride to Waianae 7-11 our usual spot…I called RayH and told him we were in the area. He called after we made yokohamas. Let us know of bad roads going home so we rerouted our way back…stopped at Waianae harbor new lunch spot “spinners” and had lunch mahalo “Tugboat” said he like treat today! Good man! I had chili dogs… after we made our way out of the west and back towards town! Kanuck and I peeled off at Kam hwy waved aloha to the crew we headed back to central…mahalo to all who came out today!  Until next week stay safe, check your bikes next Sunday come ride! Happy birthday Prez! on 21st…gen on the 15th haouli la Hanau! Aloha always da v/p Kimo